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4/10/2013 8:20 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF


8:22 AM PT -- A rep for MTV tells TMZ ... "Given Shain's tragic passing and essential presence on the show, we felt it was not appropriate to continue without him."

The rep adds, "Instead, we are working on a meaningful way to pay tribute to his memory on our air and privately."

MTV says ... this weekend, it will have a "day of programming dedicated to Shain in which we will air the entire first season of 'Buckwild'."

MTV is pulling the plug on "Buckwild" -- canceling the reality series that was rocked just 8 days ago by the death of cast member Shain Gandee ... TMZ has learned.

Sources connected to the show tell us MTV decided to stop production in the middle of the second season of the show ... which followed the lives of young people in a rural West Virginia town.

We're told MTV didn't give the cast and crew any specific reason for the cancellation. An official announcement is expected Wednesday morning.

Gandee died of carbon monoxide poisoning in his Bronco last week ... when the vehicle got trapped in mud during an off-road excursion.

There were other issues since the show debuted in January -- the arrests of 2 other cast members ... Salwa Amin for drug possession and Michael Burford for DUI.

According to our sources, 4 episodes of Season 2 were shot, but will not air -- however, a special that was taped 2 months ago is expected to air.



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Figures. Time for another show about boring cookie cutter Noo Yawkers,

525 days ago


I'm glad they canceled that piece of sh*t. I miss Music Television.

525 days ago

MTV Sucks - Where did the music go?    

This show was long overdue for cancellation, I am surprised it ever made it past a pilot episode to be honest. Don't we have enough drunken rednecks causing themselves bodily harm on Youtube to watch already? There was no entertainment value just what alcohol induced behavior that MTV paid for and hyped up. That is MTV for you though exploit the "stars" as long as they can then unceremoniously dump the cast once all the alcohol and bad judgement starts getting criminal - as the old saying goes "its all fun and games until the cops show up". Unfortunate for the 3 cast members affected but I guess MTV and the viewing public got what they asked for. Wild and drunken behavior ending in young lives ruined.

525 days ago


Great, this idiot gets drunk and kills himself thereby costing everyone else their job.

525 days ago


Really a death would make MTV cancel the show? Shocking, i thought it would take something like low ratings.

525 days ago


I don't know what the big fuss is over this kid. He wasn't famous at all. He's been on tv for a few months and you celebrate him like he actually matters. face ity... he is just another kid who unfortunately died young. that's all... no need to go all boo hoo over him. just because he died on MTVomit's dime doesn't make him a mega star. hey let's do this for EVERYONE who dies tragically young. seems fair.

525 days ago

Fred Farkel    

My GOD just look at those morons that you 20-something J A C K A S S E S adore so much. Are you all out of your FRIGGIN' MINDS??? Turn off the FLIPPIN' TV and go get a job you worthless pieces of garbage...

525 days ago


This is BULL****!!! This will be a great show when the suits at MTV finally pulls their heads out of their asses and reverse their decision. Cara said on Twitter that Shain was yelling "Buckwild" constantly for about a week after he learned they were going to be on the show. He obviously loved the show and he would be pissed at what MTV is doing. Hey MTV, bite me.

525 days ago


About time a network take responsibility for glamorizing bad behavior. Now cancel the rest!

525 days ago


Put ****ing music back on the air you dip****s.

525 days ago


So they're going to blame a dead guy for why everyone else is out of work? Classy.

525 days ago


I don't get it. How come TV shows always gets canceled when someone dies....

525 days ago


Good. Now cancel that wreck of a show about the teen moms and put on the to do list never to do another Jersey Shore show.

MTV has devolved so badly over the years it should be used as some kind of cautionary tale to other networks.

I recently saw the early years of Real World, which I loved watching when they first aired, and the difference between those early shows and the ones they have now are like night and day. The early shows had plenty of drama. Issues addressed were racism, AIDS, addiction, etc., but if someone got violent, they were dealt with either from the cast or producers.

MTV promotes violence and horrible behavior to get ratings. They have no guts when it comes to good programming.

525 days ago



525 days ago


Its a shame, Shane was a key member of the show and was truly likable type of person, This show would have gotten bigger than jersey shore show, It showed youth living in rural south and unlike jersey which was around them going to a bar everyday and trying to get laid by bar whores . I really liked this show to bad it wont be on anymore! I thought it was a good show for my kids verse jersey shore!

525 days ago
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