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Lindsay's Rehab

Next-Door Liquor Store Can't WAIT to Booze Her Up

4/11/2013 4:20 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0409-lindsay-lohan-wine-tmzLindsay Lohan will have plenty of temptation just down the road when she goes to rehab on Long Island -- TMZ has learned, the nearest liquor store is willing to serve her anything she wants.

The owner of Six Corners Liquors -- just a quarter mile from Seafield Center -- tells TMZ, "If Lindsay came in we would treat her like a normal customer. If she wants to buy something of course we will allow her to buy something. I would never say no to her."

Of course, Lindsay is forbidden from leaving the facility once she starts her 90-day sentence on May 2nd -- and could be thrown in jail if she does -- but let's face it ... she's got a history of skipping out of rehab for field trips.

While the liquor store owner tells us he's "rooting for [Lindsay] to succeed and drink in moderation" ... he also says she can get a 20% discount if she buys a case of wine.

Enabling ... it's not just for Lindsay's family.


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@Jim...Oh please, read between the sarcasum.

568 days ago

Tammy LM    

And word to the not-so-wise Lindsay. TMZ is letting you know by this story they HAVE talked to that store and it's obvious they've secured a source there that will be ready willing abd able to rat you out the second you step onto that property so go ahead. You'll be reported by TMZ for violating your rehab and put right back in front of the judge.

568 days ago


Seriously TMZ? Even I have to agree this is a lame-ass story for hits. Yeesh.

568 days ago


Oh boy!! 20% off!

568 days ago


This story is wrong on so many different levels. To trash a small business owner as an enabler? What the heck is wrong with you guys at TMZ? What - you want Lohan to not have responsibility for her actions? Or have the freedoms the rest of America has - to screw up one's life if one wants to? I am disappointed in TMZ.

568 days ago


TMZ is just waiting on their 1am story...Lohan Late for Premier or whatever crap.

They have nothing else to work on. It will be another TMZ Non-Exclusive.

568 days ago

Sue from jersey    

You won't make any money from her she likes to steal her goods

568 days ago

Mumra the Ever Living    

I didn't want to wait for Lohan to make her "IT's all about me" entrance, so I left for a while. WTF did she do at the red carpet other than be unfashionably late? Did she had some kind of hissy fit?
I did look at a couple pics of her. Is that a Fredrick's of Hollywood haute couture designer dress she's wearing? It looks like she can go right from the premiere to the Mustang Ranch.

568 days ago


@Mumra...No just being unprofessional as usual. She got her photos. Sheen waited aroud for her and they both did the token photos.

Sheen did not look thrilled but was professional and you can bet damn well the producers were pissed.

Lohans blame was that "they" left her dress in NY. To me Lohan looked a little wasted.

568 days ago

Rogue Warrior    

Wad up all you rode lizard douches? I'm happy to see trailer court is in full session trying to find ways to convict Liloliplicious!!!!!!!!!

Go fvk yourselves!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Read it and weep!!!

568 days ago


Harv... ? For real?! Please hire me to write stories ...

568 days ago

Rogue Warrior    

These douches need to be SHUTDOWN!!!!!!!!!! Moronic !!!!!!!!!!

568 days ago


1. People, don't even waste a word criticizing TMZ. You came to this site under your own control. If they simply had boring stories about people making the right decision, then they would go broke.
2. Rehab centers near liquor stores is not uncommon, because there are an abundance of liquor stores. One rehab I went to was across the street from a liquor store. In another place, a grocery store was 3 minutes away walking. I even know of an AA center that was above a bar in a 2 story building. But, I will not argue that they should have sent her to a secluded rehab center. They're expensive, but considering her history, and the fact she can afford it, that's where they should have sent her.
3. If I was one of her friends that cared, I'd say, "Lindsay, you're going to die. Either literally or spiritually. I'm not gonna sugar coat it. I'd tell her dozens have died doing exactly what you're doing right now. After all your rehab attempts, you've probably heard every addiction story under the Sun. That sad thing about them is that they are true."

568 days ago

Grandma Cracker    

Why in the world should a legitimate business not sell liquor to an adult?
It is not a stores responsibility to keep Lindsay sober. That is her job. This story is stupid, and so is the Milo thinks she is going to fail story. Duh Milo, what was your first clue? IDIOT

568 days ago


So TMZ, did you have one of your slackers call this liquor store to get this blazing hot news?? Surely, you didn't send someone to NY on your shoestring budget!! Well, the good thing is that since Blo has been known to send donuts to win friends and influence people at the morgue, if she decides to do the same at rehab, she'll know where to get a case of wine! (send the bill to Charlie.)
While you're digging up crap, tmz, find out who's gonna pay for this rehab debacle. It sure as hell won't be her since she has nary a pot to pee in!

568 days ago
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