Lindsay's Rehab Next-Door Liquor Store Can't WAIT to Booze Her Up

4/11/2013 4:20 PM PDT

Lindsay Lohan Rehab Facility -- Next-Door Liquor Store Can't WAIT to Booze Her Up

Lindsay Lohan will have plenty of temptation just down the road when she goes to rehab on Long Island -- TMZ has learned, the nearest liquor store is willing to serve her anything she wants.

The owner of Six Corners Liquors -- just a quarter mile from Seafield Center -- tells TMZ, "If Lindsay came in we would treat her like a normal customer. If she wants to buy something of course we will allow her to buy something. I would never say no to her."

Of course, Lindsay is forbidden from leaving the facility once she starts her 90-day sentence on May 2nd -- and could be thrown in jail if she does -- but let's face it ... she's got a history of skipping out of rehab for field trips.

While the liquor store owner tells us he's "rooting for [Lindsay] to succeed and drink in moderation" ... he also says she can get a 20% discount if she buys a case of wine.

Enabling ... it's not just for Lindsay's family.