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Kris Humphries

No-Show In Court

In Deep Doo Doo

4/12/2013 9:20 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Unless the Concorde was taken out of mothballs last night, there's no way Kris Humphries is going to appear for a MANDATORY settlement conference with Kim Kardashian today ... TMZ has learned.

Sources connected with Kris tell us ... he was in NYC at 1 AM today, and looked "extremely upset."  As we reported, he's supposed to be in an L.A. court today for a settlement conference and his attendance is required.

The first flight out of JFK today is at 6:00 AM ET, arriving at 9:15 AM PT.  Here's the problem.  The settlement conference is set for 8:30 AM PT.  Even if the flight is on time, he'd be at least 2 hours late.

We checked with JFK to see if flights were cancelled because of weather last night -- maybe Kris could use mother nature as his excuse.  But the airport was operating, so it looks like he's screwed.

The judge is going to be REALLY pissed off.

Meanwhile, Kim K is punctual as ever ... she just rolled up to the courthouse.

 8:58 AM PT -- As we told you, Kris was a no-show at the hearing.

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No Avatar


If he shouldn't show up Kim should get her divorce, eh wasting people's time.

529 days ago


Does nobody else think it's weird that as soon as Kim learned she was spending money faster than she was making it she ends up pregnant with kanyes baby. Money hungry slut!

529 days ago


If you know you have to be on the other side of the United States first thing in the morning, don't you think you should make arrangements before there are no flights left? He must have been out partying with Lindsay Loser!

529 days ago


You guysnat TMZ are such Kardashian apologists you should be ashamed...what are you guys, her publicists? Seriously, I'm getting so sick of seeing story after story by you guys kissing Kim's big fat booty that I'm about ready to stop reading & watching TMZ anymore...do you guys even realize how blatant your Kartrashian love has become?!?

529 days ago

Tim C    

He is such an idiot but I sure do enjoy any inconvenience to Kim that he can do.

529 days ago


Maybe he REALLY is there but Kim is SO BIG no one sees him!!!

529 days ago



529 days ago


he's got lawyers..this is total B.S. straight from Kris Kardashian. I'd say her agreement with TMZ is that she provides info and availablity for pictures, as long as she approves the writeup (or writes it herself) and then TMZ must put one of them on the front page 5 days a week. I wonder when she'll put Bruce on the table with his cross dressing?

529 days ago


Go figure tmz is lying again. I hear he is in Indiana playing. he is a basket ball player you dipsh*ts. you really think people wont find out about your lies and if it was mandatory that he would be there, I'm sure he would be because he is the one who wants to get rid of the dumb b*tch already. you guys don't know sh*t, you have no credibility. Just like Lindsey Lohan was going to be in all this trouble because you immature idiots know so much about the law? Stupid as hell, I guess you want your site to tank to sh*t just like Perez Hilton's, losers.

529 days ago


Wait a minute. An LA judge pissed because someone shows up late? Since when?

529 days ago


TOLD him not to use LL's travel agent, does he listen?

529 days ago


Sock it to her Kris!!!!

529 days ago


I guess technically he was no show but it doesn't mean anything. Could you at lest TRY to be just a tiny bit accurate? Baby steps...

529 days ago


Give me a break...Humphries has millions, he could have got a private jet for the trip...he's going to miss the hearing because he was too cheap to pay $10,000 for a charter??

529 days ago

Mess Anger    

Who cares? I am sick and tired of this stupid Kardashian nonsense. Joan Rivers was right about the title ZERO DARK THIRTY describing KK: ZERO FOR THE TALENT SHE HAS, DARK FOR THE COLOR OF MEN SHE LIKES AND THIRTY FOR THE NUMBER OF MEN SHE WENT TO BED WITH...Let it go!

529 days ago
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