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Kris Humphries

No-Show In Court

In Deep Doo Doo

4/12/2013 9:20 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Unless the Concorde was taken out of mothballs last night, there's no way Kris Humphries is going to appear for a MANDATORY settlement conference with Kim Kardashian today ... TMZ has learned.

Sources connected with Kris tell us ... he was in NYC at 1 AM today, and looked "extremely upset."  As we reported, he's supposed to be in an L.A. court today for a settlement conference and his attendance is required.

The first flight out of JFK today is at 6:00 AM ET, arriving at 9:15 AM PT.  Here's the problem.  The settlement conference is set for 8:30 AM PT.  Even if the flight is on time, he'd be at least 2 hours late.

We checked with JFK to see if flights were cancelled because of weather last night -- maybe Kris could use mother nature as his excuse.  But the airport was operating, so it looks like he's screwed.

The judge is going to be REALLY pissed off.

Meanwhile, Kim K is punctual as ever ... she just rolled up to the courthouse.

 8:58 AM PT -- As we told you, Kris was a no-show at the hearing.

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Do you mean to tell us , he's pulling a "Lindsay?"

559 days ago


Radaronline has a much more reasonable story. He didn't have to be in court, he has a game tonight.

559 days ago


I bet Hump's lawyer is saying to Kimmie right now "Mrs Humphries, you do realize that if you don't agree to the annulment, you WILL be put on the the stand and questioned and you do realize that you'll be testifying under oath and if you lie you'll be guilty of perjury"

559 days ago

Jamey Hunter    

Nothing will happen, as usual. These pseudo-celebrities seem immune to the regular rules that you and I must follow. His attorney will be granted a continuance for his moron client, and that will be that.

559 days ago


You know what makes me laugh so hard about these stories? You other commenters can't just focus on kris h - you have to make some snide remark about the Kardashians lol. It's so sad. Immediately because tmz posts a bad story about kris h, they must be funded/supported by the Kardashians. You ppl are idiots and sheep. Tmz is just posting the story. People are allowed to not like or not support kris h. Doesn't mean we love the Kardashians, it just means we don't like kris h. Period. Get over yourselves, if you hate her so bad, stop wasting time and effort talking about her then. I can't even get over how pathetic this is. Even better watch how much hate I get for this. I'm gonna make this clear: I don't like the Kardashians, but I don't like kris h. Either. He is a fame wh0ring d0uchebag. I'm not picking sides, they're both idiots. Kris didn't show to this court thing and he's a ****ing idiot for that. End of story.

559 days ago

Miss. Priest    

K.k. has only spent 3 weeks w Kanye since he announced shd was knocked up on Jan. 1. Lol. Stupid bitch dlut got preggers on putpose, now he doesnt want It. Men tend to be like that with whores that have a black soul. She had to fly to. Europe to see him. That must sting. :-D

559 days ago


RO reporting he won't be in court for the proceedings because the Brooklyn Nets are playing the Indiana Pacers later in the day.

559 days ago


Other outlets are reporting, and rightly so, that he is not there because the Nets play the Pacers tonight. How could he go from the courtroom to the basketball court in so little time? Answer. He couldn't. I'm certain the judge was made aware and arrangements were made. They are not questioning Kris at this time, they are questioning other witnesses. TMZ will do anything to make him look bad. Shame on them for twisting the truth. And of course he looked upset. he was duped by this kreature. The guy has feelings, unlike that beast he married. Most people with a soul are upset when a marriage is over. They don't get impregnated by other men and refuse their husband an annulment.

559 days ago


To all you Kris lovers......You clearly and obviously never watched the Kardashian show when he was on it..........He was a HUGE HUGE HUGE douche bag who had the maturity level of a 12 year old. I am not a huge fan of Kim at all but he did treat her and her family so bad and had absolute no respect for them. He was completely selfish and rude and thought he was gods gift. I never knew who KH was until I watched the show and I was so embarrased for the kid. Kim is very mature and has a very old soul, I had noo idea what she was thinking when she married that lil boy. Anyways I hope he gets nothing from her, karma is a b*tch and he deserves f*ck all.

559 days ago

Miss. Priest    

I wish that all the Kardashian whores were sterile, like fat Khloe. They need to stop breeding.

559 days ago


Kimmy is so use to getting what she want's when she wants it. Getting her way. Humphries wasn't going to make it easy for her. Why should he. I agree with Humphries.

He's got nothing to hide and all the time in the world. Kim doesn't.

An annulment and his ring back. Done. It's Kimmy that wouldn't do it. Humphries is just making her sweat. Good for him.

559 days ago


Must not have been that important to him after all.

559 days ago


So I wonder if Harvey/TMZ will update this thread to report that right after Kimmie got to the courthouse an AMBULANCE pulled up. How convenient...is today the day she has her "miscarriage"?
Kim, having a miscarriage in a courthouse when you're there as part of a trial is a bit over the top....even for you.

559 days ago


Omg... Sources tell me that Kim just went into labor and a half Chinese baby popped out! There are doubts it's even kanyes baby. Doctors are still trying to determine if the baby is male or female. Stay tuned!

559 days ago


Is Fat Mike having one of Kanye's babies too ? :)

559 days ago
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