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Al Capone

War Brewing

Over Gangster Reality Show

4/17/2013 12:15 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Will the real Al Capone relative please stand up?

A man claiming to be Al Capone's grandson wants new ReelzChannel reality show "The Capones" to sleep with the fishes ... telling TMZ there's no way anyone in the cast carries the gangster's DNA.

Chris K. Capone
says if the network doesn't pull the show his legal goons are prepared to go to war ... "Al would be rolling over in his grave right now if he knew something like this were to actually air on TV," he told us.

Chris says he hired a genealogist who couldn't find any direct relation between AC and the show's star Dominic Capone.

Reelz is sticking by its story -- claiming Dominic is a bona fide descendant, and that his great-great grandfather was Al's uncle ... though they're not offering any proof.

It's worth mentioning ... Chris has never proved he's Al's grandson either. In fact, his name was Chris Knight until he changed it to Capone in 2008.



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Oh geeze. They both look like a doofus. I wouldn't watch a show with either one of them in it. Besides, neither of them was even alive when Capone was. They don't know squat about the man.

553 days ago

take that    

Capone did have one son, and both the wife/son changed their last names after Al died. . I never knew what they changed it to, but they did not keep the last name Capone. Interesting, nonetheless!

553 days ago


Al Capone had one child. That child had 4 children. All four of those children are girls. Al Capone has no male grandchildren.

553 days ago


It's not real unless they are related to the gangster. Otherwise, it could be anybody acting as if they were. I had gangsters in my family, should I be featured? If they are not by blood That equals rating failure, unless people want fanatsy.

553 days ago


I know someone who is related to Al Capone. One of my best friends who I have known since I was in 3rd grade was adopted by her step-father who is is Al Capone's great (maybe great-great) nephew. Guy turned out to be a major ass and she hasn't spoken to him in years, but until she got married she had the Capone last name. Maybe I should tell her about it, so she can get in on the $$$ action.

553 days ago


Ask Terry Capone in Palo Alto, CA. She is Capone's granddaughter.

553 days ago


Memo to the "original" Capones: You don't own the name and your going to lose.

553 days ago


W/E. Pay your taxes.

553 days ago

Tina adams    

dominic is the spitting image of al capone and if dna was done it would clearly show that dominic is kin to al capone chris needs to back off i think al capone would be honored dominic is doing this

553 days ago

Tina adams    

dominic looks more like al capone than chris does chris needs to back off

553 days ago


2 SLOBS that need to cut back to just 3 meals a day!..or divorce 'Sara Lee'..and I wouldn't believe anything they'd say or claim!.

553 days ago


I typically do not respond to things like this but I find it crazy that the known fraud Chris Knight would be asked for an opinion on anything. If you search his story on the internet you learn that there is nothing that suggests he is related to Al Capone other than his ramblings. His DNA was compared to known family of Al Capone and proved “100% without a doubt” that he is not related. Known/Confirmed Family of Al Capone have rejected completely any of his claims. Once again lets reference science and point out the DNA does not match!!! I do not know much about reality TV but it’s clear that Dominic Capone is a relative of Al Capone. I mean first and foremost that seems to be a question. Known genealogy and known/confirmed family do not dispute the relation. Now the show will have to speak for itself. But Chris Knight is trying to get his 15 minutes of fame he should do it with something else and not smearing someone else who actually is what he seems to desperately want to be and that is related to Al Capone.

553 days ago


How about all of you get your own life!! Who the heck would ever watch a stupid show with these losers involved? Who cares if they are related to Capone? It's not like they took over his gang and are still running it. Idiots!!

553 days ago


Chris Capone trys to dis credit Dominic Capone probably because he wanted so badly to have his own show. Sometime ago in 2007 i remember seeing some hype about Chris Capone hiring Dominic Capone and Dominics best friend Carmine Di Pasquale to be on this show. The show I believe had a title. But One thing i know about that show is that the plot was for chris to be tough and Dominic and Carmine was brought in to make him tough. At that time Chris posted many comments on their public pages about this show. There were pictures taken as well as it was filmed.I recall one particular photo of Carmine making Chris walk through a car wash in New York City naked while the car wash employees watched and laughed. It was a car wash where you can watch your car be washed from the automatic whips behind a glass window pane. Well Chris got whipped by them whips and i seen photos of him naked wearing only an oil funnel over his pee pee. The funny thing is, Chris called Dominic his friend and cousin all over the internet then. Now that Chris has no show, because it went sour i guess, and Dominic does, its very clear why this would make Chris want to do anything he could to make viewers turn away from Dominics show. The show has nothing to do with Al so why bother hating? it also has nothing to do with Chris or Diedra Capone. Its simply a show about a relative and his life. I Know one thing, No one made any type of comment about Chris show because no one cared and Dominic was in that show as well. But now Chris has something to say. and Diedra, heres another one, you were seven when you supposedly met Al Capone. I was seven. I can barely remember my relatives then to whom i seen everyday let alone what you claim to have remembered about Al have only seen him a couple of times at seven yrs old if that is even true. For the record i searched this. Al Capones father Gabrielle had a brother. That brothers name was Michael Capone. Michael had Ralph, who had Ralph Angelo, who had Dominics Mother, who had Gabrielle, Als father had Al, Matt, Ralph, Ralph had Ralph who had Diedra. Dominics from the other side...And for Chris...i dont even give you a credit of being a stain on anyones matress now or then...Wow. Haters

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552 days ago

Rikki Doxx    

How many more of these "effing" reality shows will be produced? Remember that one about training dogs? Neither do I. Now they have Splash. How many take-off's on talent shows have started and then dropped? Dancing With The Stars, okay. But some of the copies are ridiculous.

550 days ago
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