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Al Capone

War Brewing

Over Gangster Reality Show

4/17/2013 12:15 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Will the real Al Capone relative please stand up?

A man claiming to be Al Capone's grandson wants new ReelzChannel reality show "The Capones" to sleep with the fishes ... telling TMZ there's no way anyone in the cast carries the gangster's DNA.

Chris K. Capone
says if the network doesn't pull the show his legal goons are prepared to go to war ... "Al would be rolling over in his grave right now if he knew something like this were to actually air on TV," he told us.

Chris says he hired a genealogist who couldn't find any direct relation between AC and the show's star Dominic Capone.

Reelz is sticking by its story -- claiming Dominic is a bona fide descendant, and that his great-great grandfather was Al's uncle ... though they're not offering any proof.

It's worth mentioning ... Chris has never proved he's Al's grandson either. In fact, his name was Chris Knight until he changed it to Capone in 2008.



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I am a confirmed "blood" relative of Al Capone and I have spoke with Chris, who contrary to popular belief, is a nice guy for all intentions and purposes. No...he is not a confirmed family member, but he believes that he is and is on a quest to find the truth. Very admirable if you ask me. I have also met Dominic and his family. Very good bunch of people! Even-though he isnt from the same side of the Capone tree as me or my brothers are, he is still family no matter how distant. Very good man and I think that everyone is entitled to his/her own opinions, that's why I posted mine. Lets watch the docu-series, if it sucks, Ill be the first to interject, until then, lets just wish him the best of luck, Chris also, and let the chips fall where they may.

548 days ago

Ric Dickinson    

I'm a genealogist and I have studied the Capone family tree. Al Capone had only one uncle, Salvatore Capone who married Serafina Gallo, they had 5 children, all of which died before their first birthday. Dominic "Capone" can not be Salvatore's great grandson!

543 days ago


If this show actually succeeds dom's so called "ex-girlfriend's" wrap sheet is going to be on TMZ!!! in fact i thought she was still wonder she only has a nick name so far because if you google her real name your gonna find a heroine addicted crack head who has been to busy selling her body for drugs to ever date Dom..which btw is completely false..this is funny as hell

511 days ago


Dominic's last name isnt Capone either..unless he recently changed it for the show. Nothing about this show is true. The house they film in isnt anyone in their family's. Dominic and his "gf"-who has cheated on him for years, which he is aware of-have never owned a house. This show is a ploy for broke people with NO TALENT to make money.

447 days ago


Where do I begin on this phony show, the girlfriend Staci, the known whore of berwyn, lmao, I have lots of bar videos that I should let everybody watch, or the house they live supposedly live in on the phony show, I know where the hillbilly wanna be italians live! Who would even believe these morons to have a show im shocked! Broke hillbillys with no money who will never own there own home , I hope u people do watch one episode to see what losers with no talent look like fools.

446 days ago

Lyentch Supterpins    

Both look like a coupla fat s***bags to me.

317 days ago

Tony C    

The show is a fraud! There are many people with the last name Capone but does not mean they are related to Al! And this guy Dominick is not!

296 days ago


DIERDRA CAPONE is the only true living relative Dominic Capone and Chris Capone are frauds end of story, Italian, wanna bes both of them and they make Italians look bad, stop connecting your self to Mob people it doesnt make you tough these 2 dont even speak Italian such a joke. They are hillbillys

279 days ago

C P B from Michigan    

i dont think chris knight is related to al capone at all and he should watch what he says about the real ancesters of al capone they just might sue his butt.the people on the show the capones are from als brother ralph capone thats how they are related domincs mother is ralph capones daughter.which is do***ented and backed up by the capone family.also al capone had only one child a son and it wasnt this chris nights dad capones only son fathered 5 daughters and died well into his older years.chris should be investigated for fraud .if i were a blood relative of the capone family i would sue his butt and prove through DNA testing that he is not related.

266 days ago


this is hilarious...instead of making up a bunch of they OWN a home-much less in Barrington(which happens to be where the director lives...hmmmm)..maybe they should stick to the truth. They should make a show about all the men Stacy has cheated on Dominic with...or all the different jobs Dominic has tried UNSUCCESSFULLY to pursue in the past couple years..starting with meter maid of Cicero. Bunch of losers trying to do anything to get enough $ to move out of their parents basement.

262 days ago


Lmao. .. maybe I should pull out Stacy's pictures of her at her favorite barsuckingdick in the parking lot

262 days ago


Ralph Capone's direct descendants took on the last name Gabriel generations ago. From what I heard, Dominic is not a blood relative. Dominic is even quoted as saying his great great grandfather is Al Capone's uncle. He never mentions Ralph. Ralph's descendants were approached to be on the show but they declined.

259 days ago


i think the show is a shame i never thought a "capone" would hit a car of Spanish people and run ! to me big al would be looking up shaking his head in shame . the whole thing is just just to help get more people to eat at there restaurant. its a embarrassment to the italian /american citizens. im sure big al had alot of kids out of wedlock . im sure they can find a relative closer then a person who great-great grandfather was Al's uncle . what a joke anything for the dollars .!

245 days ago


The Wall Street Journal has the best article on the [alleged] Capone descendants and the battle for the family name. The only one who comes out likeable is Corey Hart, the great-grandson of Capone's brother. He got an education, became a noted physiologist, and refuse to exploit the name for any gains. And he condemns other family members for doing so. Unlike other members, he doesn't outright denies Chris' claims. Instead, he condemns for glamorizing the gangster lifestyle.

Here's an excerpt:
Corey Hart is the great-grandson of Al Capone's oldest brother, Vincenzo, who later changed his name to Richard Joseph Hart. Corey Hart says he conferred with his father and grandfather about the request. Corey Hart says he was troubled by materials he found on the website for Chris Knight Capone's book, including a photograph of the writer wearing a suit and hat that resembled gangster attire. The three men all agreed not to provide DNA samples, says Mr. Hart, 34, a sports physiologist in Idaho.

"So what if he is an illegitimate son of Al Capone?" says Mr. Hart, referring to Chris Knight Capone. "Are you going to dress up like a gangster and act like an idiot? It's not something to glamorize."

214 days ago
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