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President Obama

I'm Not Jay-Z's Travel Agent

4/17/2013 7:50 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

President Obama
is squashing Cubagate once and for all -- and it seems he's had it up to here with Jay-Z.

When POTUS was asked about the trip on "Today" ... you could see him bristle.  At first he tried being diplomatic, and finally in a moment of frustration groused, "We've got better things to do."

Jay-Z sparked controversy when he rapped in "Open Letter" -- "Obama said chill ‘You gonna get me impeached' ... We don’t need this s**t anyway chill with me on the beach.'"

The question now ... Is Jay-Z persona non grata at the White House?  That tends to happen when you embarrass the Prez.  If that's the case, Michelle's 50th BD is gonna be awkward, because Beyonce is slated to sing ... or lip sync.


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agree w/busskill....he's not his travel agent, he's his bitch...dam n bad all four won;t go back to cuba and stay there.....SOB and his wife have a lot of nerve hosting a welcome america concert in philly in may....they are disgusting.....

493 days ago


Obama is mad that Jay-Z Knowles spilled the beans.

493 days ago


Rappers all live in a fantasy world. They all think there Scarface or some Mob boss. They even change there name to a former Mob Boss name.
Good job Mr. President putting Jay Z in his place.

493 days ago



493 days ago


Obama does not nor probably ever knew how to tell the truth about anything.

493 days ago


Barack Simpson strikes again! "I didn't do it! "
So Obammy, you are calling Jay Z a liar. Jay Z, what is your response to this? Are you going to write a rap about how your guy is throwing you under the bus like he does to everyone else? Nah, you'll just sit there and take it like the other cowards in this country.

493 days ago


It is hard to believe so many goobers think the President actually okayed J & B's visit. They went thru legal channels like all visitors. And for those cubans in Florida, the only reason they are making something about it, is because J & B supported the President. Why folks are taking words in a rap song literally. These are justs words. You all have no problems with other rappers words. Why J's?

493 days ago


Mr. Thin Skin himself! What a joke!

493 days ago


Obama's makin' a list,
He's checkin' it twice,
Gonna put Jay-Z on ice.

Not really. Obama's star-struck, he's not gonna cast anyone out.

493 days ago


oBAMa- "We've got better things to do."

Like what? Host another Jazz party at the white house?

493 days ago


Why no poll?

493 days ago


Call me a racist or an idiot all day long. It still does not change the fact that this President has done nothing to move this country forward.

493 days ago


So stupid to think the Prez would have anything to do with this. People need to REALLY get a life.

493 days ago

MJB's #1 Fan    

Jay-Z and Beyonce need to go away for a while. perhaps, they should have stayed in Cuba. Including the POTUS in your controversial song and your controversial trip is DISGUSTING. If they really respected Obama, they would do nothing to bring negative attention to him and his position. Obama needs to cancel any future plans that includes these two. They're becoming a poison that needs to be vaccinated.

493 days ago

Glen Cannon

493 days ago
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