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Boston Marathon Bombing

Suspect #2 Remains

in Serious Condition

4/20/2013 5:10 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0420-Dzhokhar-Tsarnaev-APDzhokhar Tsarnaev -- the 19-year-old suspect in the Boston Marathon bombing -- remains in serious condition at Beth Israel Deaconess Hospital in Boston following his capture last night in Watertown, MA.

Tsarnaev was found hiding inside a boat that sat in the driveway of David Henneberry, who became suspicious when he saw the boat's tarp flapping in the wind. Henneberry's stepson told CNN he went out to investigate when he noticed the tarp had been cut ... and a closer inspection revealed it was stained with blood. 

Henneberry investigated further and, according to his stepson, "He basically stuck his head under the tarp (and) noticed a pool of blood."

Upon his capture, Tsarnaev was not read his Miranda rights because the authorities instead invoked the public safety exception to question him extensively about other potential explosive devices or accomplices and to try to gain intelligence.

Tsarnaev's older brother, Tamerlan, died following a gunfight with police early Friday morning.


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Too bad his legs weren't lost like a lot of his victims.

554 days ago


Hope he doesn't die so he is punished for what he did

554 days ago


He is innocent beyond a doubt, his miranda rights were not read and also he is a suspect that has not been found guilty in a court law. INNOCENT UNTIL PROVEN GUILTY.

554 days ago


Let's hope the coward pulls through. We need to extract information and hopefully get the victims some answers. It won't give lives or limbs back. But it's a start...

554 days ago


Dying is much too easy for him. Let him live and suffer for the pain he caused so many innocent people.

554 days ago


We are now spending tax dollars to give this muslim terrorist medical treatment. Then house and feed him. Then pay his legal bill. Then fly obama over to Saudi Arabia to bow to the Saudi King again.

554 days ago


Hope the FBI stuck their fingers in those bullet holes to get answers.

554 days ago

Miss. Priest    

Turn him over to the victims if the bombing. Justice.

554 days ago


Question time….

Why doesnt the fbi “suspect” book bag match the exploded book bag??
Why were craft international photographed before the blast? Why were they there? Were the involved?
Why are the israeli police aiding in the investigation?
Who was the Saudi Arabian arrested? Why deported for “national security.”
Why have they not shown the “suspects” placing the bomb bags down?
Why are the suspect images so grainy? Only 4/5 pictures?
Why did they announce not to panic before the blast, claiming everything was ok and this was a drill?
Was there a third bomb in the library as first reported?
Why are there no nails at crime scene?
Where is the full unedited 7/11 tape?

Not adding up. Think for a second and ask yourselves these questions. WE MUST DEMAND ANSWERS.

554 days ago


Although I agree he should be questioned....this lynch mob mentality is scary. Not sure who is more frightening..the alleged bomber or you people talking about torture and suffering.

554 days ago


I know you have civil liberties but when will you see Islam is a cancer eating away at your culture, slowly trying to suffocate you. When you realize what it's done to your world it will be to late.

554 days ago


Whatever happened to innocent until PROVEN guilty?!?! If the government is so sure they did this..then show me the damn video that shows them putting those backpacks down & leaving. They say they have the video but don't want to show it bc it's too disrespectful..give me a fkn break!! I pray none of you all who are judging and wishing harm on this man without the solid proof ever have to go through this. How can we even begin to heal with all this hate?!?!

554 days ago


Good. I hope justice moves swiftly and he gets what he deserves.

554 days ago


Miranda smiranda -- They have enough on him that they don't need any statements he might have made.

554 days ago


No need. He'll end up like Lee Harvey Oswald. Some person dressed as a Doctor or Nurse will enter the room and put his lights out before he can talk...wait for it

554 days ago
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