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Rapper T.I.

T.I.cked Off Hip Hop

Was Dragged Into Boston

4/20/2013 5:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

is pissed ... telling TMZ he has no connection to the hip hop website frequented by dead Boston bombing suspect Tamerlan Tsarnaev ... a site that prominently featured the rapper's mug.

T.I. had no idea his pictures were posted -- he'd never even HEARD of -- and he's upset that the hip hop genre is now connected to the bombers.

"Hip hop narrates the activity and conditions of our culture," he tells us. "It doesn't create them."

T.I. is frustrated: "Hip hop ain't never been about hurting innocent people," T.I. said. He feels Boston "was a horrible tragedy and my prayers go out to the families involved."


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He's upset that hip hop was connected to the bomber? It's not like hip hop isn't already connected to thugs and murderers.

551 days ago


I am a white male who loves country music rap is not for me. here is my view the terrorist who attack this country want to divide us dont let something stupid like this matter we are all americans white black country or rap lets stick together. liking rap music dose not make you a criminal just as liking country should not make you a racist. God bless america

551 days ago


The point T.I is making is that one article made it a point to make the statement that the guy liked hiphop. Not once or twice, but as an article by itself. Which kind of make no sense. These guys were radical muslims. No matter what they listened to, what food they ate, what stores they shopped in. But for an article to be posted that calls out hiphop specifically is a bit suspect. There were no articles detailing what clothing stores they shopped at exclusively or what food they ate. So why point out hiphop specifically? Probably just a racist POS reporter trying to get people riled up.

551 days ago


If any of you had a brain and actually listened to hip-hop you would know that none of them actually talk about hurting innocent people. They talk about getting people that disrespect them, when have you ever heard a rap song talking about blowing up a building with innocent people? Obviously the idiots who are writing these comments never listened to rap. Ex-con, so what he has changed, don't sit here and act like you never did anything wrong.

551 days ago


Well he is right and TMZ started this damn mess of involving hip hop. u guys need to find new jobs

551 days ago


The eternal shame is that blacks are so brainwashed and self-hating that they don't even realize that the same rappers who speak out on the taking of innocent WHITE lives in Boston, ENCOURAGE the endless shootings of innocent BLACKS all across America. Black males who slaughter their OWN PEOPLE are simply following the violent lessons taught by the TI's of the world. While safely ensconced in his all-white neighborhood, TI revels in encouraging ghetto blacks to KILL EACH OTHER, then has the audacity to be upset when WHITE Bostonians are killed. Why? Because he knows any association with WHITE DEATHS affects his ability to make crossover deals. But BLACK death means absolutely NOTHING to him. And Black Americans who idolize him have lost every shred of intellect they ever possessed. Rampant ignorance permeates the race.

551 days ago


As far as I can tell, only TMZ dragged hip hop into this in the first place.

551 days ago


TMZ says hip hop was "dragged into" the boston bombing.. The last time I checked the only blog or "news" that reported this was TMZ. Slap yourself TMZ please and thank you

551 days ago


I am pissed off to music is here to entertain and unite us not as a weapon to tear us apart

551 days ago


Damn skipp'n RIGHT! T.I. Is right!

551 days ago


Ok white folks I'm a make this quick and simple. Just because u hate rap do t try to use it as an excuse for the violence in the world cause your favorite movie stars do the samething they do it on video but cause u love movies and they make millions at the theater then that's ok. Rappers talk about violence toward their enemies or its a thing of competition toward the next rapper I don't think rappers have enemies amongst marathon runners or school kids and when they call women bitches its for the girls that deserve to be call that cause of how their living

551 days ago


Rap doesn't create bombers but it creates music that should be blown up, repetitive , nonsensical "look at me" lyrics to the beat of recycled songs. Just terrible music. Anyone can be trained to rap; not everyone can actually learn an instrument or sing.

551 days ago


These are just racist commentators, because I know a lot of white people that love rap music. White people the reason rap still exist because they're the only ones that's buying the albums. Fu-- what y'all racist ass saying.

551 days ago


We are a sad bunch of folks when all we see is tail in a relationship.

550 days ago

DJ Blur    

"I'm a boss and you a worker, listen here boy don't make me hurt you
You want trouble I got plenty, how you want it full or semi" T.I.

*finds out bombing suspect visited hip-hop site that features T.I.*

"Hip hop ain't never been about hurting innocent people." -T.I.

#bipolar #hypocrite

546 days ago
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