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Lil Wayne


For Another Seizure

5/1/2013 10:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

11:40 AM PT
-- Weezy just tweeted that he's fine.

Lil Wayne
was hospitalized again for a seizure ... TMZ has learned.
Sources close to Wayne tell us ... the rapper was taken to Cedars-Sinai in L.A. late Tuesday night by his bodyguards.   We're told he suffered a single seizure and was treated and released early this morning.

As we first reported, 30-year-old Lil Wayne spent a week at Cedars back in March after suffering multiple severe seizures that nearly killed him.  He spent 6 days in ICU.

Wayne subsequently went on the radio and explained he's an epileptic, and has been suffering from seizures since he was a kid.



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he won't be around much longer

506 days ago

Edward Serio    

**** the *****

506 days ago

Edward Serio    

Love it if a black person uses the word ***** it is social accepeted but if a white person uses ***** it is racial,*****s make it racial so what the F over

506 days ago

Edward Serio    

**** ******s

506 days ago

Edward Serio    

Only good black person is a dead black person,death to all blacks,Afro American

506 days ago


Epilepsy my butt. He's. Back on the sizzurp.

506 days ago


The grim reaper just needs to scoop him up already. Lil Pain errrr I mean Lil Wayne doesnt care to be here for his kids and his wack career anymore. He's on that sizzurp again!

506 days ago

Dr. Cornelia J. Dogbarker PhD    

Ha ha ha, his days are short.

506 days ago


It ain't weed that's giving him seizures it's the cocaine and syrup Willie Nelson is 80 years old and has been smoking pot for 50 years and never had a seizure so to the dumb asses out there saint it's the weed it ain't

506 days ago


Hurry up and die you dumb pos!Tired of you fake ass ...... some bitches you aint no real musician your just garbage.Hey doc do us all a favor and pull the plug on this idiot next time

506 days ago


i knew nothing about this guy except that he was a rapper, but the headline that "he had another seizure" was enough to catch my attention. i was diagnosed with epilepsy when i was 11. now, 27 years later, it's only progressively gotten worse. (although not much of a drug user, i did learn that smoking pot and the medication depakote tend to negate each other) facts: the "flashing lights" are only a trigger mechanism for a very small percentage of people who have sezuires, and is only caused by a very small bandwith of flashing lights. medication can only control or regulate seizures, not stop them completely. neurologists still have no idea as to what causes epilepsy, although studies show it is more common among people with higher I.Q.'s (stick that in your crack pipe and smoke it). seizures are very physically taxing, and can cause serious injury (i myself over the years have required countless stitches, numerous staples to my scalp, a few broken bones, and even ten days in a coma). if you don't like the man, fine. but if you want to use your ignorance of a valid medical condition as an excuse, may you die horribly and painfully from one.

506 days ago

et√raw kwg    

GD! Lil Wayne...I was going to say The Lord is trying to wake ya up bro. But The Streets are Yelling at you! You not King of the world! Ya not Super Human... Chill! Take your meds! Ya want get no pitty for being a silly thug with a big mouth and a disability

506 days ago


Call it what it is TMZ..It's a drug overdose again. The seizure comes after the overdose you idiot. Stop misreporting the true facts Harvey! Lil Wayne apparently doesn't enjoy life..He's throwing his away..

506 days ago

Michelle G    

I understand he has epilepsy since childhood but all the drinking and drugs now are killing him. Go to rehab L Wayne.

506 days ago


why so many people want him to die just because of what he does? i mean you guys dont want your family or fans telliung you to die do ya?

506 days ago
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