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Lindsay Lohan

Rehab Plan May Be

Up In Smoke

5/1/2013 8:50 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Lindsay Lohan has less than 24 hours to hightail it to Seafield Center in New York ... but even as she packs her bags she's telling people she may bail on the rehab facility because they won't let her smoke.

Sources close to Lindsay tell TMZ ... she doesn't think she can hack not smoking for 90 days.

We're told Lindsay asked her lawyers to try and convince Seafield to make an exception and, failing that, find a facility that would let her puff away.

Sources say Seafield was unbending -- no smoking, no exceptions.  So lawyers triggered Plan B -- we've learned they contacted Morningside Recovery in Newport Beach -- a place Lindsay once rehabbed at for a short time in 2010.

Morningside staff tells TMZ ... they DO allow smoking.  Problem is ... we've learned the City Attorneys for L.A. and Santa Monica haven't signed off on Morningside.  We're told prosecutors had no idea Lindsay is thinking of bailing on Seafield. 

Lindsay is acting like she's going tomorrow ... She Instagrammed this photo of herself packing, saying, "90 days and 270 looks."

Lindsay's lawyer is supposed to appear in court tomorrow with proof of enrollment -- and the expectation is that she'll have enrolled at Seafield.

FYI -- Lindsay is packing 270 outfit changes, but if she goes to Seafield, she'll have to leave 263 behind.  They only allow 7 changes of clothes.


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484 days ago


Kemper County Sheriff James Moore says an AMBER ALERT has been issued in Mississippi and Alabama for 6-year old black female, Jashayla Hopson, who was apparently kidnapped from East Kemper Elementary School Tuesday. Jashayla was last seen with an unknown woman, described as a black female, wearing a black and white dress, with tattoos of stars on one foot, and a butterfly tattoo on the opposite leg. The woman had hair braids pulled back in a pony tail and wrapped with a brown head scarf. Authorities say they may traveling in a gray four-door mid-sized sedan. Kemper County Sheriff James Moore told Newscenter 11 that the woman came to the school library and called the child by name and left with her. The librarian did not know the woman had not followed procedure and checked the child out through the office.

484 days ago


Ha! I knew it was going to be the no smoking that was going to freak her out.

484 days ago

Lindsay Lohan's Drug Dealer    

Sen this dumb bitch to jail already.

484 days ago


44 days later and LL finds out now that it is a non smoking rehab? Now wants an exception to the rules?
Team Heller for the saving of Lindsay isn't doing too good.

484 days ago


It appears Milo's pissed on twitter that Side Show Heller is getting a 'referral fee' for MS and there goes Milo's 'fee' for Lukens. . .

Rut roh Nicole, if Milo is telling the truth (I know, I know) theres NO SMOKING at MS either . . . .

484 days ago


JOKE....hahhahaah....she'll be on the beach tomorrow smoking and drinking TMZ just post a pic of it now and beat yourself to your own true story.....she has the best pr in the business....sad...they are going to kill her....

484 days ago

Its Nikki Bitches    

Hope they tell her she has to go to Seafeild. It will be a BAM !!! to her and that sh!thead Nicole

484 days ago


They want the facility to make an exception for that bag of nuts? Screw it. Just lock the bitch up. Done with her ass

484 days ago

the artist formerly known as hand turkey    

Oh, I'm sure making an exception for her highness the non-drug addict would have gone over well with the other patients. "Oh, no biggie Linds gets to smoke every 5 minutes and we can't, we understand Lindsay is special and we're not special." Pffft.

484 days ago

Its Nikki Bitches    

Start the betting, how long before she fuks up?

484 days ago

judy jetson    

Who cares. I doubt if there is one person on earth who smokes that could go 90 days without smoking because they are addicted. They let patients in mental hospitals smoke they can let Lindsay smoke. I am sick of the Lindsay drama and TMZ trying to make something out of nothing.

484 days ago


It's called a ecig. Even the nurse at my dr office smokes hers in the office. I started using mine 9 weeks ago and haven't had a real cig since and don't want one.

484 days ago


Well, after all, it's all about what Lilo wants. She IS the bright and shiney center of the universe.

484 days ago

the artist formerly known as hand turkey    

Oh and this 270 looks crap should tell the judge how "serious" Lindsay takes this vacation, oops, I mean rehab.

484 days ago
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