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Lindsay Lohan

Chooses Fry's Over Rehab

5/2/2013 11:03 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Lindsay Lohan
's lawyer lied in court today when he said his client was already ensconced in a rehab facility ... she was actually roaming the aisles of an electronics store.

Lindsay was at Fry's Electronics in Fountain Valley, CA at 9 AM ... the same time her lawyer, Mark Heller, told the judge she was confined to Morningside Recovery in Newport Beach.

Fact is ... this post went up at 11:10 AM PT and she's still not at Morningside.  Lindsay's SUV arrived at the facility a short time ago but she didn't get out ... the vehicle left with Lindsay still inside.

It's unclear if the judge will allow Lindsay to do her 90 days at Morningside.  TMZ broke the story ... the facility had its license REVOKED and it can no longer provide treatment.  It's just a sober living facility, and it's doubtful that's gonna cut it with hizzoner.


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she has defied the judge's orders but she won't pay for it- she never does.

547 days ago


how on earth does she get away with it? why is her lawyer not held in contemt for lying to the judge? I could not even get out of a fix it ticket for tinted windows...bottom line, who cares anymore, even if the Judge get's pissed and gives her 90 days in jail for not being in rehab, the Sheriff wil let her out in 2 hours due to over crowding and then what, house arrest in Malibu with an ankle bracelet again. The L.A. county justice system is a national joke, if you have money or fame there you can & they have gotten away with murder.

547 days ago


Here is my question. If Lindsay has not yet enrolled in the program then didnt she not comply since she was supposed to be enrolled by the court hearing this AM? If she did enroll in the program as of today isnt she in violation because she enrolled but she isnt there? Isnt she supposed to stay? Is it just that she did enroll but didnt check in but is she suppose to by the court hearing?

547 days ago


You do realize that when they make this movie, Joe Pesci has GOT to star as Mark Heller!

547 days ago


OMG this is just comical now...she needs to be in jail for being her and her lawyer needs to be in jail for LYING. What the eff is going on?? I can't believe they are getting away with all of this DISGUSTING

547 days ago


This spoiled rotten brat needs to have her behind kicked several times. What a disrespectful little piece of crap she is. Give her to me for one day - I'll straighten her up.

547 days ago


who the hell does this skank think she is..
this woman is such a immature loser for someone pushing 30. she dresses like she is 17 not near 30.. she trapped in some emotional immaturity syndrome of rebellion that 15 year olds may do..
she is always alone always. no one wants to be seen with her or even be her friend. any seen with her probably afraid the cops come and arrest her or have a bench warrant out for her and cause a media embarrassment. how can she enjoy media negative stories about herself and nothing but bad press or bad movie reviews like liz and dick and attending coachella with her 16 year old brothers. cant she tell no one wants to be near her and maybe she should go into hiding for 90 days until people in society find her acceptable enough to be seen with her over a lunch date?

what a grown woman pig skank

547 days ago


I hear she's dating Keiffer!

547 days ago


I miss Judge Sautner...

547 days ago


Hey Judge...Hear that?............................
That's the world laughing at you for not upholding your own orders!

547 days ago


hahaha I use to get upset at hearing these stories about her being able to pretty much do as she pleased. Now I'm relieved to see her able to get out and stretch her legs without any fear in her heart - She's a fearless woman and should be respected for that - She's a G. You may not like it or her but respect the swag. It's NOT HER FAULT that the judicial system in california regarding "celebrities" is nonexistent. It's not her fault that she's allowed to constantly get away with her crimes. This only shows the weakness of the california law system and as others have said it goes to show you it's only for the poor and for the minorities - as other have said if this was you or I we'd be in jail cell so fast it would make our heads spin.

547 days ago


I have gone through FAR MORE than this twit. Abuse, rape, etc and I still know how to act like a person with some respect. This little twit can't play the Mommy and Daddy card anymore. It's sickening seeing people get put away for far less while she gets to be above the law. Welcome to America. Where the rich get free stuff and are above the law, while the poor get blamed for it all.

547 days ago

Fred Farkel    

My god. She walks around IMMUNE to any consequences - and folks??? YOUR CHILDREN ARE WATCHING THIS...

547 days ago


In reference to Black Dog's post and the responses I have this to say.
I agree that she needs to help herself-however when someone is constantly in trouble with the law and it is deemed to be a result of an addiction -I feel we as a society have an obligation to try to protect society as well as the individual. If after jail/rehab does not work then oh well but sometimes people have to be saved from themselves and the public needs to be protected from her.

547 days ago



547 days ago
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