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Lindsay Lohan

Safe And Sound

At Betty Ford ... For Now

5/3/2013 7:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Lindsay Lohan is safely ensconced at the Betty Ford Center rehab facility in Rancho Mirage, CA ... TMZ has learned.

Sources familiar with the situation tell TMZ ... Lindsay checked in late Thursday night ... barely dodging a looming arrest warrant.

We broke the story ... Lindsay has re-hired Shawn Holley, who then negotiated with Santa Monica City Attorney Terry White to make the deal that Betty Ford was an acceptable rehab joint.

It's ironic Lindsay is at Betty Ford -- you'll recall back in 2010 Lindsay got into an epic fight during her rehab stay with a staffer.  The police were called and civil lawsuits were filed.  It's amazing Betty Ford took her back.

We're told prosecutors will back off their promise to seek an arrest warrant today ... although they still have to get the judge to sign off on Betty Ford, but it looks like that will just be a formality.

Can Lindsay make it for 90 days?  Let's be serious.


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Funny how Lohan wasn't on TV.

Just the same token bullshyt interview. Repete from 7-8 years ago. Only change is the date.

537 days ago


"mistakes that I made, that I would change, but I don’t regret them at all, because I’ve learnt from them." Interpretation... Learned how to work the legal system with celebrity justice and Shawn Holley

537 days ago


@Zephyr...Lohan is pure as the drivin snow. Everybody knows that.

Who the hell is she still trying to kid. No telly for Lohan.

Probably took 90 takes for a 3 second spot. Lohan got new hair extensions and stole whatever she could.

Doesn't matter what country. Lohan is still a no talent nasty drunk, druggie, lier and god knows a thief.

537 days ago


When I read Lindsay's explanation of her drug and alcohol use I am reminded of the episode of MASH when someone asks Hawkeye if he drinks and his response is " only to excess."

537 days ago


I wish Piers would have asked her, if she didn't do all these drugs...then what happened to her teeth? I really doubt bad hygiene in a 26 year old would cause that much decay.

537 days ago

Black Dirt Goodness    

So tell me idiots. How do you know for a fact what drugs she's taken or not taken. Or how often she's done them. You get all your info from gossip rags. You don't know this person. Go save someone you really know with your holier than thou loser selves.

537 days ago


Black Sphincter Hamster X has just announced to the entire hamster community that he will be entering hamster-hab to treat his lifelong addiction to chewing on soiled underwear and snorting Dirt.
The only conditions he insisted on were
1) the facility must not have a squeaky wheel, and 2) he gets final approval of the brand of sawdust used to make his bed.

537 days ago


The interview...did I miss the parts about why Blo:

-is homeless
-is in debt
-has a penchant for Arab Sugar Daddies
-can only get "work" in cameo roles that parody her criminality and alcoholism/drug use
-why all of her "new" NY friends have drug convictions
-and why, FTLOG, she is always covered in bruises??

537 days ago

Black Dirt Goodness    

I see a bunch of nonsense trash talk, but no one can answer my simple question.

537 days ago


maybe piers didnt ask all the questions we would have, because he is exposing her to the court as the crazy delusional druggie liar thief that she is. but i really think she should have a no contact situation with her carbon copy pimp/mom. cuz dina has failed as a mom but rallied as an enabler.

537 days ago


Morgan did a fluff interview for the British Daily Mail.

Lohan spewed forth the same old crap from 7-8 years ago. But this time she really means it.

Not a Dr.Phil McGraw fan but I caught Dina Lohans interview that she pushed for. This man had a friggin list. Not only Lindsay Lohans legal stuff but all of her crap she pulled on sets.

Dina Lohan was wasted on whatever and played dumb.

537 days ago

Frank H    

What a waste of everyones time and money. Let's work with someone who wants to get well.

537 days ago


does anybody know..has dina the grifter ever had a real job? or has she always been suckin the money out of her.meal ticket lindsey?

537 days ago


you learn from example...and she is her mothers daughter

537 days ago


Hey Dirt -here is a simple question for you. If Squeaky is drug free and doesn't drink to excess then explain her legal problems involving drugs and alcohol, the rehabs, her non career and why her face looks like a piece of dog **** drying in the sun with worms crawling out of the pile?

537 days ago
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