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Lindsay Lohan

Her Adderall Is

On Chopping Block

5/7/2013 1:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0506_lindsay_lohan_adderal_betty_ford_articleLindsay Lohan is NOT drug free at The Betty Ford Center ... TMZ has learned.

Sources connected with the rehab queen tell TMZ ... Betty Ford is allowing her to take the powerful drug, Adderall. The reason -- she has an Rx and says she's been diagnosed with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder.

Lindsay has made it clear over the last month -- she would only go to rehab if she's allowed to take the med.  BUT ... sources tell us doctors at Betty Ford are currently evaluating Lindsay's diagnosis and the efficacy of the drug.  If doctors disbelieve her diagnosis or the usefulness of Adderall, they will cut her off.

Adderall is commonly misused by lots of people -- especially actresses -- who take the drug to suppress their appetite.

The good news for Lindsay -- at least she can smoke freely at B.F.. 


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An addict switches drugs many times, but it's clear Lindsay prefers uppers. I *DO* believe she probably has injected "speedballs" (heroin and cocaine)--as anyone who has taken cocaine would've prob tried.
When I switched over from opiates to coke, it was an IMMEDIATE addiction--especially if I could get good coke. And, injecting it was always my preference (Lindsay may be doing this which could explain the bruises on her legs--one of the places my "friend" used to inject) and it one of the best highs I ever had. The guy that introduced it to me told me he had a theory on crack and coke--that women were more suseptable to both. Not as in, guys won't get addicted, they just aren't as desperate about it. I have seen TONS of girls demanding it NOW NOW NOW--the problem is, the high for both doesn't last that long and the comedown is a B*tch (hence, alcohol, benzos, etc.). And, we are also forgetting, I doubt Lindsay just smokes cigarettes. I bet she also smokes crack. It's nearly the same thing as coke, and explains her nasty teeth. Adderall is her legal excuse and backup plan for when she's admitted into facilities like these. But, when she's at home, I bet it's not just Adderall.

496 days ago


And, for the people who talked about going to "real" rehabs (not sure about BF), it's true they will search every part of your belongings and NOTHING with any type of alcohol or drug--even bath salts, will be permitted. I have no idea about the luxury rehabs. But, from what it sounded like, Seafield was actually a REAL rehab. Just hearing they only allowed 7 outfits convinced me they would have been so much better.

496 days ago


All Lohan wants is to do her court order rehab on her terms. This is still nothing but a joke to her. Hey it's her waste of money and BF waste of time waste a of bed that maybe someone who actually wants help can't get.

Of course her terms is not doing it at all. All she want's to do is party.

496 days ago


I predict she will walk out of there in less than two weeks because the Betty ford is gonna figure out that LIlo ain't ADHD and is abusing this drug. I hopes he does, too, so they will put her in jail

496 days ago


Give this entitled mess everything she wants: Let her smoke in the "NO SMOKING", let her diagnose herself and write her own prescriptions, and above all don't forget to give her a car to drive.

496 days ago


Oh for criminey's sake! Just let her have all the drugs and booze she wants. She's gonna get it any way! And Shawn Holley will get it cleared with the court.

496 days ago


Cold turkey Adderall quits are horrific and would be a cruel and non-productive spectacle for most normal patients. Lohan would be suicidal without appropriate pharmacological intervention.
The good news : TMZ ratings would be thru the roof that day.
The bad news : the Lohan news pinata will have expired and a new TMZ bulls eye would have to be affixed on another naughty girl starlet.

496 days ago


@Meme...Lohan has never had ADHD . She needs that fake diognasis for her Adderall. For many years Adderall has been the Hollywood cool drug of choice.

This is a controlled substance and is regulated. How many scripts can you get. Got to go to the streets when it's full blown abused.

496 days ago



It sounds like we have alot in common. I've been to 3 rehab facilities but all were in the midwest and none played around. Not to mention I saw doctors who wouldn't play games or let you get away with anything. If you were honest, that was a different story. But, I think we both know more than anyone what's going on here. Lindsay's one of the ones who's playing games, the people who show up at meetings just to get their papers signed. Her environment is probably half the problem, but at this point I think she just doesn't care anymore--and I'm not going to pretend I haven't been THERE either. But, when you end up walking down the street in the middle of the night or lying to strangers for money to get a fix, you gotta assess those actions. Luckily I woke up in time and am now about to finish school and work in law but I just don't see that in the cards for her, sadly. On another note, congrats to you for also getting clean and saving yourself. I had to learn ALOT about patience before I finally figured things out. And, I won't lie, there are some days I still think of that high. But, I also think of all I've accomplished in this time I would have wasted shooting it up my arm...

496 days ago


A Doctor also used his Prescription pad to administer Propofol to Michael Jackson so California Doctors will give people whatever prescription they want for the right price.

496 days ago


Night all , time for me to drag my sorry carcass into bed. As always it has been a pleasure to have your company.xoxo

496 days ago


Lohan has enough rope to hang herself. Just wish it would be sooner than later.

496 days ago


Be interesting to know who her BF spiritual counselor is ...

496 days ago


can you od on adderall? if so load her ass up today, right now.

496 days ago

Its Nikki Bitches    

One very sober looking Lying Lindsay Lohan

496 days ago
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