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Kobe Bryant

Judge Shuts Down Memorabilia Sale ... For Now

5/9/2013 10:44 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

A judge just gave Kobe Bryant a reprieve from his mother's attempt to sell his memorabilia ... by shutting down the sale ... at least for now.

TMZ has learned a judge issued a temporary restraining order against Goldin Auctions, prohibiting them from selling Kobe's jerseys, championship rings, trophies, and lots of other stuff until a full hearing can be held next Monday. 

Kobe's mom claims her son gave her the stuff outright, but Kobe says his mom is just bitter because he wouldn't buy her an expensive house.  He also says she stole some of the stuff from his house.

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Even if he did give this stuff to her how could she ever sell it??? I even have a hard time throwing out some of my Daughters 10000000000 drawings as it is.

529 days ago


Good he did that. She should be ashamed - being given so much and still greedy for more. This is not a poor woman to begin with, why milk your child. Shame shame

529 days ago


Kobe needs to pay his mother for the items that he abandon and for any damages that she may suffer for cancelling the auction. Why would Kobe buy his gold digger mother in law a house and not his gold digger mother a house?

529 days ago


His mom could have asked him if he wanted his mementos. They belong to him, HE earned them.

I would definitely not recommend his mom for Mother of the Year award either. Kobe has given them millions over the years and she is so greedy that another $250K house in Vegas is not good enough for her. Kobe would have done that. But noooooooo, she wanted a $450K house in Vegas.
The ESPN article gives more details.
He has children to pass down his mementos to.

529 days ago


I hope Kobe wins! Even though I can't stand Kobe his Mom is WRONG for selling off items that she knows in her heart belong to Kobe! Shame on her!

529 days ago


Why does money make people do horrible things? I don't care if he's the worst son ever - she has no right to sell his personal items! I doubt he ever 'gave' them to her in the first place, but now she knows he wants them back, so she needs to hand them over. He can't replace those items.

529 days ago

Hell If I Know    

Can Kobe be any more of a fuccking puke if he tried? Without his parents taking him to the gym, his dad coaching him from a young age, his parents taking him to and from practice and buying him sports equipment, there is NO WAY in hellz this clown would have made it all the way to the NBA, despite what his massive ego tells him. Kobe married his wife only because his parents hate her, and did not get a prenup JUST to pizz them off even more, despite all the time, effort and money they have spent on him to help him acheive his NBA dreams, he seems to have a hatred for them. Funny how Kobe just spent a butt load of money flying some chef from Italy to the US just to cook dinner for his dumb-as-a-box-of-rocks wife's b-day...talk about rubbing the hated daughter-in-law right into his parents faces. Kobe: "See you mother fukkers...I can spent a shiat load of money on Vanessa and her bean family but I won't buy my own momma the house she wants...meanwhile I will put Vanessa's leech of a mother up in a 3 mil Newport Coast pad...a pad she would be cleaning instead of living in if I had not married her daughter...and my momma knows it...ha..ha...take that you FUKKERS"! Kobe is an angry mofo who also happens to be a rapist. Nuff said.

529 days ago

El D    

Happy Friggin' Mother's Day!!

529 days ago


The bible states a man is to leave his mother and father and cleave to his wife. Kobe is RESPONSIBLE for his wife and kids, sure he's done a lot for his parents but a line must be drawn in the sand. I'm sure she isn't destitute, but she is obviously bitter and hurt at wanting to sell this stuff. Sad.

529 days ago


Oh ANYTHING for my children... unless they get rich then I needs to gets paid.

529 days ago

Wah wah    

If the guy bought his inlaws a big house, then why not his own mother? She cleaned that a-s-s, fed him and took care of him,im guessing pretty darn good, considering look where he is now. She didn't take the house he offered, just give her the memorabilia, I'm sure in the end it's not worth as much as he paid for his in laws house.

529 days ago


He's an Ahole for sure. But, if you can't treat your mother right! Karma is a B*&ch and he will get his. His GOLD DIGGING wife is going to TAKE ALL OF HIS MONEY!

529 days ago


MOM he needs that stuff so he can sell it later to buy his wife some more CRAP when the Azz Rapes another young white chick.

529 days ago


His momma should have sold all of his sh@t on Craigslist.

529 days ago


MOM he needs that stuff so he can sell it later to buy his wife some more CRAP when the Azz Rapes another young white chick.

529 days ago
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