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Wade Robson

Nervous Breakdown Triggered

Molestation Memories

5/9/2013 6:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Wade Robson
-- the famous choreographer who now claims Michael Jackson molested him for 7 years -- had a complete nervous breakdown in March, 2012 ... and that opened Pandora's box ... sources close to the Robson family tell TMZ.

Multiple sources tell us ... Robson had anxiety that was building during most of 2011 ... and it exploded in March, 2012.  He had a debilitating nervous breakdown that pushed him into complete seclusion and torpedoed his career.

We're told after the breakdown, Robson was unable to work -- to fulfill his commitments.  He had a number of contracts that he ended up breaching, including his promise to write 3 songs.  Our sources say he lost "a ton of money" and has earned almost nothing since.

Sources tell us after the breakdown, Robson went to a psychotherapist for several weeks ... and that's all it took for the floodgates to open.  Robson then told his family Michael Jackson had molested him from ages 7 to 14.

Our sources say shortly after Robson revealed his secret ... he told friends and family he planned to file a lawsuit against the MJ Estate.

As for his motivation ... Robson family sources tell TMZ ... although he's not making any money, he has "substantial savings."



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And the need for money.

533 days ago


Wade Robson should Date Bieber...

533 days ago

Dildo Baggins    

< ------ My "O" face

533 days ago


Since he's a proven liar (he lied under oath at MJ's molestation trial) why should anyone believe him now.

Why doesn't he sue his parents for turning a blind eye for 7 years.

533 days ago


I believe him... The money is only a way for him to get something back that was taken from him, what else can he do to take a stand against Jackson, ask for an apology from a corpse missing a nose??

533 days ago

BB not bb    

Yeah suddenly repressed memories come to light. Michael Jacson was the craziest of the family and look how weird even the rest of them are.

533 days ago

★★★ I HATE MONDAYS ★★★    

I feel sorry for Wade Robson,how horrible it would be to be molested by that...that....whatever that thing is.

533 days ago


So, now...for his own benefit he wants to make these claims, but in a court of law, when he could have potentially saved the lives of young children who were being called liars and other terrible things, he chose to adamantly deny everything? If this is true you would have never wanted kids to suffer the way you do...but now that you have something to personally gain from it, you want to go after a dead man's estate? You're either a pathetic liar...or just plain pathetic. I was an abuse victim. If there was ever a period when those memories would become active it would be during the time period of a trial, with intense questions and similar heartbreaking stories, about the very man that abused you.

533 days ago


I believe it and I always will. MJ was a boy lover. Flat out.

533 days ago


I am so enjoying all this,Thank You AEG.

533 days ago


(Exhaling ...) Leave MJ alone! !

533 days ago


Ten to one Macauley Culkin was molested as well. That would account for his bizarre acting out these days.

Most victims don't come forward until they are well into their thirties or forties.

533 days ago


Way to Represent Brisbane , Wade. If this is true , why don't you sue your parents for allowing you to stay at neverland for all of those years???? (Fame whores much???

533 days ago


OH REALLY because I'm pretty sure he's been in public since 2011 saying nice things about Michael...AND doing tributes.....OH and the first thing he thinks of doing is SUING FOR MONEY.?!!! ...I knew there was a need for cash.........AND funny enough this is announced at the exact same time as the AEG trial...a company he does business this point in time I'm calling BULLSH*T. ...........BTW how much you wanna bet he'll be doing a tell-all interview and book sometime soon.

533 days ago


An "Obama Economy" induced breakdown. I think Michael may have molested me too then.

533 days ago
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