Omarion Rips Wade Robson 'Maybe He Needs Some Extra Change'

5/8/2013 7:25 AM PDT

Omarion Rips Wade Robson -- 'Maybe He Needs Extra Change'


Wade Robson's new sexual abuse claim against Michael Jackson is just plain "whack" ... this according to Omarion, who tells TMZ he thinks Wade might be lying to make a quick buck.

The R&B superstar was out at Supperclub in Hollywood last night, when we broke the news to the singer about Wade's new allegation -- that MJ sexually abused him as a child.

"I can't believe that ... I  can't believe you would sue a dead man," Omarion said.

Omarion says Robson -- a hugely successful dance choreographer -- might simply be looking for a quick payday. O then goes on to defend MJ.

So, we gotta ask ...