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Lindsay Lohan

Cut Off from Adderall

I'm Quitting Betty Ford!!!

5/11/2013 9:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0510_lindsayIt's Lindsay Lohan's worst fear ... doctors at The Betty Ford Center have cut off her precious supply of Adderall -- and now, she's hell-bent on making her escape.

Sources close to Lindsay tell TMZ ... doctors at the rehab center evaluated Lindsay this week and decided she does NOT need her Addy pills, despite Lindsay's claims she suffers from ADHD (attention deficit hyperactivity disorder).​

We're told Betty Ford's doctors almost NEVER give anyone over the age of 15 the powerful drug, because the docs believe there are plenty of substitute meds for ADHD that do the trick without the addictive qualities inherent in the drug.  And, we're told, the doctors are well aware many people -- especially Hollywood types -- misuse Adderall as a weight-control drug.

Here's the immediate problem ... Lindsay is telling her friends she CANNOT stay at Betty Ford and wants to be moved to another facility that is not hard-nosed about Adderall.

And this sets up yet another crisis, because it seems inconceivable Judge Jim Dabney and prosecutors would ignore the Betty Ford doctors and trump their diagnosis by letting Lindsay make a move.


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If anyone here thinks Adderall is harmless - you absolutely, positively need to read this...

This is the saddest story - and it mirrors Lindsay Lohan's prescription to adderall abuse. The fact of the matter is Lohan was not diagnosed as ADHD as a child - she had focus enough to film the Parent Trap without it, she had focus enough to work in her late childhood without it. It was only after she moved to LA as a teen by herself that someone gave her adderall as a party drug and then she knew how to fake the symptoms of ADHD to get more and more prescriptions. She needed the adderall for one thing only (and it wasn't concentration) it was so she could party all night long, drink more, and then work the next day. She was and is a serious Adderall addict and it is the root of all her problems (except her being an a$$hole which she is no matter what). Adderall is killing her. Read the article and you'll see the tragic outcome that adderall abuse can readily give its addicts. (it's a different case than the other NY Times article I previously posted).

Lindsay Lohan should thank her lucky stars that BFC is taking her off that drug. It will possibly give her back her life.

509 days ago

Bear King of the Dead Thread Heads (and he means it)    

I need to go get my adderall refilled.....have a great day, all.

509 days ago


All of you are jealous. Lindsay was in Mean Girls-she is famous and therefore she should be able to do anything she wants-when she wants to and how she wants to. Lindsay Lohan is a star and don't you forget it!!

509 days ago

Squatting Thunder    

SO WHAT! If she leaves rehab then she will go to jail for a few hours, get released due to overcrowding, get her probation extended, violate it and then the whole damn circus will start all over again. You can't teach a brain dead dog new tricks.

509 days ago

Its Nikki Bitches    

Run, Lindsay, Runnnnnnn!!! Hop over that fence, you can do it

Run, Lindsay, Run.......FU Betty Ford, how rude!!!

509 days ago


Better Ford center is 24/7 12-Step religious AA/NA cult "HIGHER POWER" nonsense...

Betty Ford Center MANDATES program clients to use Witchcraft & Sorcery practices to conjure-up a make-believe "HIGHER POWER" , pray to it to "CURE" them....but IT NEVER DOES!


509 days ago


Roll Call-
Long time 28+ year friend of Bill's

509 days ago


Lohan never had ADHD. Adderall was the new cool Hollywood drug of choice.

Damnit Shawn. FIX THIS. It's what I don't pay you for.

Throw Lohans ass in a rubber room or throw her out. She's a waste of time and space.

Let her try and pull her bullshty in jail. It's her call.

509 days ago


A drug addict who wants to change rehabs cuz her current rehab won't allow her to take drugs. This idiot lives in a bubble. And what's worse is the Cali justice system - what a JOKE !!! ARE YOU SO BLIND ??? STOP GIVING THIS ADDICT CHANCES - SEND HER TO JAIL ALREADY FFS.

509 days ago


Lindsay's NOT ADDICTED to anything; if she was she would have been CURED dozens of treatment programs ago...

509 days ago


Aren't you cut off from outside contact when you go to rehab? I call bull on this story!

509 days ago


Put the dope head dUI..queen in jail!!!# geez

509 days ago


She is not saying she is using it for weight lose; TMZ just speculated that it widely abused in the industry as a weight loss drugg. SH is claiming its for her ADHD-which BS-in my tiny corner of the world that drug has been used and abused by college aged kids-tweezers-up all booster-and highly addictive. She needs to grow up and get over her entitlement issues. It's not medically necessary. Imagine: okay ill go to Betty ford- but I still need a gram of coke a day, or a flask, or a joint. This isn't ala cart drug treatment. She is in no way serious about getting clean-I know this is court ordered...train wreck. I'm actually surprised she is still alive.

509 days ago


Adderall won't buy you happiness, you are trying to fill a void. Your broken relationships, behavior, anger issues, drug use, etc all scream that you are over compensating because of some other underlying issue, like lack of love in your life (your own doing) and loneliness.

509 days ago

Its Nikki Bitches    

LOL to the fact she thinks she can rehab hop. She's so dumb.

509 days ago
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