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Wade Robson

Big Love For Michael

Months Before Breakdown

5/11/2013 5:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

051013_wade_robson_mj_launchWade Robson was singing Michael Jackson’s praises as recently as July 30, 2011 … talking about preserving MJ’s legacy and “representing his essence” … just 8 months before he claims a nervous breakdown sent memories of sexual abuse flooding back.

Robson rhapsodizes about MJ and the influence he had on his life ... telling the reporter from Rhythm Addict TV that he felt a lot of pressure choreographing the MJ Cirque du Soleil show.

But here's the rub.  A spokesperson for the Michael Jackson Estate -- which produced the Cirque du Soleil show -- tells TMZ ... Robson was "on the list of choreographers but his son got sick and he wasn't used."  The spokesperson said there was never a contract between Wade and the show.


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494 days ago


greedy lying Mo'Fo
Karma, Wade,will be ahead for you

how is Wade gonna make a living now,all he did in life so far was half assed MJ dance routines

494 days ago


That guy looks on drugs!

494 days ago


Nervous breakdown and can't fulfill his engagements means he needs to make money. The family or whoever it is, claims he has substantial savings, if that were so, he wouldn't put a monetary claim in with MJ's estate. Just sayin'

494 days ago

What I Think    

Does anyone know when MJs Hurricane Katrina relief song is set to be released? The world is still waiting.

494 days ago


And here is the real reason for the lawsuit: Robson was not hired for the Cirque job.

I have studied psychiatry for a little over 2 decades. Repressed memories are often false memories because they are dredged from the SUBCONSCIOUS. The subconscious is not the keeper of memories. Carl Jung pointed out that the history of mankind is held in the subconscious! And anything can effect the subconscious--general health, medications, stress, suggestion...

Robson has not been well. He does not have hundreds of millions of dollars squirreled away, and he needs money. Robson's skills are not in demand; his choreography does not rank steady employment. And someone has pointed out that at one time Robson did work for AEG....

So many people look to Michael Jackson's estate as their personal ATM.

494 days ago


I knew you guys would notice all the people showing the video interviews, I posted this link along with the one from 2012....I think that one would have been more effective seeing as there is a clear distinction between him having the meltdown in 2011 and thanking and appreciating Michael in 2012 a year after his meltdown and therapy where he was no longer "repressed".

494 days ago

★★★ I HATE MONDAYS ★★★    

How come none of today's superstars ever get accused of being a child molester,only Michael Jackson,and not just once,or twice or three times
how many has it been?

I'm not saying MJ is guilty but I do find it suspicious that they only go after MJ
he's hardly the richest man on the planet
yet only MJ gets accused by "Money hungry
people" & nobody else why is that? Has Bill Gates
George Clooney,or even rappers like Christ brown,weezey,snoop dog {Oops excuse me snoop Lion} or a thousand other "Stars" ever been accused? It does make me wounder,wheres there's smoke there's fire.

494 days ago


I know how people get uptight about Fans of MJ and say people make things up well your story says he praised Michael as recent as 2011, but that's not Accurate, here is the link of his interview from 2012 he was their 4th choreographer in the episodes, so he was praising and thanking Michael as RECENT as 2012

494 days ago


Noooo, someone is playing dirty, I swear I saw TMZ posted the story about the nervous breakdown triggering "repressed memory" and it said he was suffering all through 2010 and it came out in 2011, which prompted myself and others to find the videos that suggested he did 2 interviews after it. NOW you're story says it was building in 2011 and came out in 2012. Whyyyy; are you guys covering for this guy; I thought I was going krazy for a minute I checked and you changed it but not before someone else credited you for typing what it said yesterday. You guys are pulling a Wade, stop lying to push propaganda.

494 days ago


When this ends, I hope Michael Jackson's estate sues wade Robson & take back all AEG gave him for this slander. Then he will experience real nervous breakdown. And that memory he would want repressed.

494 days ago

wade sucks aeg's ****!!    

he doesn't look like a traumatized victim to me!!

494 days ago

Vincent Mcentee    

Oh TMZ, you don't need to remind us of wades pathetic actions.
We ALL know MJ was innocent, only the delusional sad people like that person who commented with the name 'Michael Jackson is a pedo' Because people like that are simply still so blind and stupid that they can't follow the truth.
Anyway, its pretty much impossible to forget seven long years. He has no history or conditions that could make that happen, so how does it take him 20+ years to remember and bring up these claims? Also, he has been working on the 'Michael Jackson ONE' Show in las vegas for the past couple of months, yet was meant to have had a break down in 2011 or 12? I sense bull****.
He defended Michael during both the 1993 and 2003 trials, he was simply MJ's friend through the rest of Jacksons life. He swore in 2005 that 'he never touched him' and now brings up these 7 years of lies? in 2009 he attended jacksons funeral and made a statement on MJ being the reason he is here and dances, he even cried during that evening.
But now he is making claims that ALL of the MJ estate an his fans are finding pathetic, he clearly has ran out of money...which is true! APPARENTLY Wade lost a lot of money in the last couple of years, and has earned almost nothing clearly, its for money. He has simply grew up to be like the other spoilt children!
Or AEG could be behind it, since the Jackson family happen to have a death trial going on to do with Michaels passing. I would not be surprised if they hired him to do this, i mean Wade does happen to be working with Demi lavato's upcoming tour apparently AND that tour is under the contract of none other then AEG...these are all facts people.

494 days ago


Michael was an easy target because his sexuality was questionned. They never saw him with women. He didn't have that 'Rock star' lifestyle people expect someone in his status to have (like groupies, baby mammas, for example). The bottom line is Michael was strange. However, if the parents allowed their children to sleep with Michael, why should we expect him to think that it was wrong? He lived in a bubble. His way of thinking was obviously different from the outside world. So in his mind, if mommy and daddy says it's Okay. Then it's Okay. I just don't believe he was a child molester. I do believe he had boundary issues. And again, these victims seem to want to drain MJ of his wealth rather than to actually punish him. How traumatize can you be to want to spend your molester's money? Each time you buy something, wouldn't remind you of the monster who hurt you? Is that how you want to move on from a traumatic experience? Either you are a victim or a prostitute who wants to ge paid for his services. You cannot be both. If this is true, I would recommend therapy and family support because that's all that is is available since the man is dead and cannot defend himself.

494 days ago


The man want's to back stab Michael because he need's the money..

Wade you are a pathetic accuse for a human being.. Get a backbone man- and stop trying to live off Michael's estate!

494 days ago
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