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Jermaine Jackson

Wade Robson Is

'Full of S**t'

5/13/2013 6:03 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

051313_jermaine_jackson_launchJermaine Jackson didn't mince words when we asked him about the recent molestation allegations made against his brother Michael by choreographer Wade Robson ... saying simply, "He's full of s**t."

JJ points out ... not only did Robson testify under oath that MJ never touched him, but Wade and his mother helped Jermaine write his book a few years back.

As TMZ first reported, Robson filed docs on May 1 asking a judge to allow him to file a creditor's claim against Jackson's estate ... claiming sexual abuse. A lawyer for the estate calls the claim "outrageous and pathetic."


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Michael Jackson invited him over to Blow Bubbles!!!!,


530 days ago


So MJ molested Wade?

Does LeBron know about this?

530 days ago


Jermaine Jackson reportedly claims he was robbed of more than $150,000 in jewels, watches, and clothing.

According to a report he filed with the L.A. County Sheriff’s Department, Jackson says someone swiped a Louis Vuitton bag full of pricey possessions he kept in his rented Calabasas, California home.

The robbery is under investigation and there are currently no suspects, reports TMZ, which notes that Jackson claimed the theft just before filing court do***ents – as part of a child support case – in which he stated could no longer afford the $3,000-a-month payment for his kids Jaafar and Jermajesty.

Do you think Jackson reporting that his expensive watches went missing – right when he filed for a reduction in child support – is interesting timing?

530 days ago

Rio Endo    

Hes ugly

530 days ago


To be honest. I always believed if anyone molested kids around there is was a family member with no $$$$ so the better mark to go after was MJ cuz he had all the money. I dont believe Wade and never will!

530 days ago


Good no one believes you Glory, you stupid ****.

MJ always will be known as a child rapist. Face it, his reputation is tarnished and no amount of whitewashing will change things.

530 days ago


Thomas Meseareau's house of cards is coming tumbling down!

The entire conspiracy to silence MJs victims is coming to light, and soon Tommy Girl's coercsion and coverup will be known.

Kind of feel bad for Tommy, he didn't really have a choice. Once you join the pedophiles, they will never let you out. Who knows what dirt they have on him, that compelled him to do MJs case pro bono.

530 days ago


Didn't Jermaine change the spelling of his name?

530 days ago


Jermaine Jackson? You mean the same Jermaine Jackson who helped framed Jordie's fathers murder as a suicide?

Watch out, now Jermaine is going to try to figure out how to get to Wade and "force him" to tell the truth, if not "help" him commit suicide.

Sick ****. Hope he goes to jail sooner rather than later.

530 days ago


Why do all the Jackson brothers always looks so shinny? Are they on drugs?

530 days ago

Tracy Bradshaw     

LMAO @ "love the hair Jermaine"..... yeah right lol

530 days ago

Dose Of Reality    

Of course Jerkmaine would say that. It's money he's hoping to get himself. Jerkmaine has zero credibility, like most of the members of his family. Proof: He named his kid Jermajesty.

530 days ago

What I Think    

That's right, Jermaine. Say anything to keep that dead cash cow bringing in the moola. Not that it will do you any good in the long run. It will be funny as h*ll to see what happens to the rest of the Jackson family when mama Jackson is no longer around to support you all on her inheritance.

530 days ago

mike p    

I have created a facebook page for people who believe Wade Robson and want to show your support, please like the page and help spread the word !!!! /http//

530 days ago


The amount of support for Michael Jackson at this point is pretty disgusting. When have we become a society that looks over not ONCE, not TWICE, but several children that have been molested now because the guy "wrote good songs and was a great dancer" What happened to not caring about someone's wealth enough to overlook damaging young members of our society? There is NO way a lawyer would have instructed him to file if he thought it would result in perjury. It's not.... because of the simple fact he had repressed memories, so clearly wasn't aware at the time of trial. Psychology 101 tells us this is a very real condition. If he was so concerned about money, why would he file a case and then leave the state? You don't think it's going to be expensive to fly to meet all necessary requirements? The man had a nervous breakdown which resulted in a realization he had been molested and he was diagnosed by a reputable child psychologist.... who I'm sure cares more about his patients then getting a "piece of the pie." Why is it so hard for everyone to believe the obvious just because the guy can sing? If I wanted to attract a bunch of diabetics to my yard, I'd fill it with sugar....if I wanted to attract a bunch of young boys, I'd build a carnival and call it neverland - kind of like the lost BOYS of Peter Pan (can someone remind me who the lost GIRLS were?) EXACTLY. Now should we start on how he died? Cause drug addicts who constantly get their way are SUPER stable people, right? People don't protect children at all anymore...and it's tragic...that's why our kids are going to movie theaters to kill, or elementary schools. Just because you like the moonwalk, doesn't mean you have to be so contrite about this man losing his career, reputation and livelihood. I'm pretty sure he won't win the case....but I am pretty sure it's more about closure and justice than making a dime.

530 days ago
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