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Justin Bieber

Don't Blame Me For

S. Africa Concert Heist!!

5/13/2013 2:33 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF


Justin Bieber says he had NOTHING to do with the Ocean's 11-style heist that went down at an arena in South Africa moments after his concert ... tweeting TMZ, "It wasn't me."

The story is pretty insane -- law enforcement in S.A. believes a couple of criminals chiseled a tunnel into the safe room at FNB Stadium in Johannesburg, used ropes to lower themselves down ... and jacked all the cash earnings from the show, an estimated $330,000.

Cops believe the heist took days of planning -- the stadium is on lockdown while officials investigate.

So far, no arrests have been made and no suspects have been identified -- though cops believe it was an inside job.



No Avatar


telling tmz it wasn't him makes him look like an attention wh0re

473 days ago


That boy doesn't have.the balls to be in it with criminals... Even though people bought 330k worth of tickets is a crime in itself.

473 days ago


wow, you actually said something positive.. sort-of about Bieber. Why would the kid steal any money tbh. He's probably one of if not THE richest kid in the world.

473 days ago


Don't worry Justin nobody believes you have any balls and damn sure don't think you have any brains both of which would be required to do something like that.

473 days ago


I have a question....
WHy does everyone hate this kid so much? I am seriously asking, why? I have no feelings about him and do not really know anything about him. I know he was rude to a neighbor, and I know he looks like a tool but I do not understand why people seem to loathe him. Please tell me, I want to understand.

473 days ago

Bubba Bafflor    

Ha...look at the jumbo oversized mic on that no talent turd's headset. Anyone with a brain (that leaves out Beiber) knows why he uses such a laughably large mic---to block his mouth so he can disguise the fact that his shows are riduculous lip syncing farces. Apparently, his little fan base of 11 year olds are either too dumb to know, or two moronic to care.

What a talentless gangsta wannabe. Tick tock, lil' girl in a boy's body...your fame days are numbered. As your fan base outgrows you (at about age 13), your populatiry wanes ala David Cassidy and Leif Garrett (google them lil girly boy).

473 days ago


That had to be for concession sales, because it sure cant be ticket sales for the 94,000 seat FNB stadium. Unless they were selling for $6 a piece.

473 days ago

joe bob    

i heard Beiber robbed a sperm bank, they pumped him stomach and found some of the evidence LMFAO!!!!!!!

473 days ago


Canadien wigger! Somebody please beat his ass! Skrawny wankster needs a reality check!

473 days ago


Soon correct! Your not that Smart!

473 days ago


Hang yourself !

473 days ago

Suzanne Smith     

At least you're not ****ing bashing him like you normally do! Kudos to you TMZ! Can't wait til he starting ****ing someone hot after Gomez (Hispanic piece of ****). He needs to get some good ***** & grow the **** up!

473 days ago


The fact that he even needs to say that he had nothing to do with it says a lot. Nobody would have likely blamed him, so why come forward and immediately start flapping your yap? It's like the kid that is constantly explaining to his parents why he could have never possibly ate the cookies from the cookie jar, when they suspected the younger brother anyway. So stupid.

473 days ago


Geez, kid was just making a joke. Not a bad one either. By the way, is it now ok to be homophobic so long as it's in the context of slamming Justin Bieber?

473 days ago


Isn't "It wasn't me" what thugs usually tell the judge when they get taken to jail? Hanging around with all those thugs isn't going to bode well for the Bieb. '
Just you wait and see.

473 days ago
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