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Wade Robson

I Don't Need MJ Estate

to Prove Molestation in Court

5/15/2013 9:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0515_wade_robson_mj_getty_tmzWade Robson WILL have his day in court in his attempt to prove he was molested by Michael Jackson ... even if he's shut down by the Michael Jackson Estate.

TMZ has learned ... Robson has filed a civil lawsuit in L.A. County Superior Court ... and it has nothing to do with his creditor's claim against the Estate. We broke the story ... Robson belatedly filed his creditor's claim, alleging MJ molested him between the ages of 7 and 14.

Robson may get shut down by the probate judge because he waited too long to file his claim.  But the civil lawsuit we found will NOT go away that easily.

The allegations in the civil lawsuit are sealed, but TMZ has obtained the face page of the complaint, which shows Robson is suing DOE 1, an individual, DOE 2, a California corporation, and DOE 3, a California corporation.  As for who these anonymous DOES are ... TMZ has done some digging, and it's clear.  Robson is targeting MJJ Productions -- Michael's record label (owned by Sony) which hired Wade when he was 11 -- and MJJ Ventures ... which produced Michael's music videos.
The two corporations may have been involved in bringing Wade to the U.S. from his home in Australia, and it's clear Wade will argue they had some responsibility for protecting him -- kind of like the relationship between priests who molest and the Catholic Church.

As for the individual DOES (Wade names 50 DOES) ... it's very clear from our research that Robson is targeting the two executors of the MJ Estate -- John Branca and John McClain.

Short story -- even if Wade loses in probate court, he can probably have his day in civil court and put Michael Jackson and allegations of molestation before a jury.



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To my dearest SUNFLOWER--------------------- You are a monkey:-O why do you feel so strongly when it's all negativity you are feeling ? Let it go. I know you believe in what you r saying, but the "molester" is dead, so why do you keep going ? What good does it do? Why dont you take a moment and think about it? Seems like you haven't Done That in a While ... Take care.


Because dumb ass like you won't stfu making it difficult to stop child molesters harming children!!!

436 days ago



436 days ago

New Orleans    

I hope he wins huge and is forced to turn over every penny to Gavin Arvizo.

436 days ago


SUNFLOWER--------------------------------- What? I dont understand your monkey language :) Hehehe. Love you Michael Jackson, forever and forever !

436 days ago


Look at OJ, if MJ would have been sent to jail, he would still be smiling and have gained a few pounds instead of dying an emaciated corpse like an Aids patient!!!

436 days ago


This guy is a liar and he should be put in jail for lying to the judge...His family took money from MJ for years and he now wants more money...MJ never molested him...and this guy will lose

436 days ago


As greedy as Mama Jackson is, I wonder why she is not suing Vanity Fair, Maureen Orth, Dianne Diamond,or CBC-W5, for what they said, printed, reported for $400 Billions if any of their stories is not truth.

Does any rabid have an answer to that???

436 days ago


I believe AEG is using WADE to distract from Katherine's lawsuit against the Estate. He was never molested and he knows it. The "Repressed" memory claim is BOGUS if you view both Wade and his mother's DENIAL of claims at the SAME TIME MJ was investigated in 1993 when Wade was 10. Then he claims he was molested 4 years after this he denied it earlier. How can that be SUPRESSED when you denied it at the SAME TIME you claim it was still happening?? See if you break down the details of his story, you can FIND THE LIE, similar to the Arvizo's LIE back in 2005. Wade believes since MJ is DEAD he can drag all those FIRED EMPLOYEES back into the picture FOR ALL OF THEM TO GAIN FINANCIALLY cause they didn't when MJ was alive. Youtube MJMedia09Returns FOR A MORE DETAILED perspective on this claim and what/who could be driving it.

436 days ago


We want dirt, we want dirt, the more dirt the better, and we know very well Wade is not lying. He has proof, he was witnessed showering with wade, and I am sure he will tell us what kind of threats he received from MJ as a young innocent 7 years old boy , thinking that he finally was meeting his idol who turn out to be a wolf in sheep's clothes ( with no nose)!!!

Here is a joke for you rabid fans.............

What is the different between Michael Jackson and pimples???

Well pimples don't come on a boys face until he turns 15.


436 days ago


AEG is CORRUPT and trying to distract from their possible ROLE in MJ's MURDER. To me AEG is PROVING they were involved cause you don't have to go this route if you weren't guilty. iT'S A DESPERATION move. Strange how they had NO PROBLEM with Michael WHEN THEY SOLICITED HIM 2 TIMES for the Concert. NO PROBLEM WITH HIM at all $$$$$. But now that he is DEAD, they need to prove he was a "monster." Youtube MJMedia09Returns for a more detailed analysis of this case the 1993 and 2005 LIES.

436 days ago


Because back in the day, they claimed if it was not "malicious intent" you couldn't sue. Michael DID sue Victor Guiterez and DIANE DIMOND'S HARD COPY back in 1994 but a judge DROPPED the claim against Diane Dimond claiming it has to be "malicious intent." The lawsuit continued against Victor Guiterrez and MICHAEL WON A $2.7 MILLION JUDGEMENT FOR SLANDER.


Thank you, the truth is never malicious!!!!

436 days ago


Good for you Wade Robson!! For those who accuse Wade of lying, have you been a victim of sexual abuse? Do you know what it is like to live with that the rest of your life, and to experience the mental and emotional trauma of such abuse? I would venture to say No, by the way you lash out at Wade for claiming MJ did it to him! Yes, he denied it before, but until you've been in that sort of situation, you'll never understand that coming to terms and coping with it does not come easily. Speaking out about it is the hardest part. I personally know what Wade is going through, lets just leave it at that!! When the attacker has a "reputation to uphold", they will keep it that way by any means necessary.. ie, forcing their victim to keep their mouth shut! Let me ask this, had it been any other perverted psycho that Wade accused rather than MJ, would you still take up for that said perverted psycho?? Highly doubt it!!! Only because MJ has been placed on a pedestal for his music and dancing that people instantly believe he would never do such a thing. This being the same idiot that dangled his infant over a balcony mind you!! Ridiculous! Wade has never given us any reason to doubt his actions(or in this case, accusations), so why now? I believe him 100%!! The truth and justice will prevail, keep fighting for it Wade!!!!

436 days ago

Dave the Canuck    

C'mon TMZ! This story is well past it's best before date. Leave these two alone.

436 days ago


You know...normally I feel sorry for people who are ignorant...but in the case of the few psychotic haters on's obvious that the ignorance is willful on their part. How empty must your life be if the thrill of your existence is to concoct perverted rhymes about Michael? Unfortunately, you seem to possess neither the brain power nor the sensibility to actually search for the truth beyond the tabloid gutter. Why are you so willing to take statements and/or evidence out of context to suit your own twisted minds? Any THOROUGH examination of the case in '93 or the trial in '05 would reveal that the "facts & witnesses" you so love to throw in everyone face were all impeached and/or discredited in further testimony. The fact that you continue to cling to the salacious lies speaks volumes about your own depraved character. It does nothing to tarnish Michael. I firmly believe that this most recent accusation holds no more merit than the prior attempts. Will you admit you're wrong when this is proven? I assume that the answer is no because then you'd have to find something else to do with your feeble little minds. Here's an idea...find something positive to do to help your fellow man.

436 days ago


AEG is CORRUPT and trying to distract from their possible ROLE in MJ's MURDER.


Follow the money, where has the money been going after MJ's death???

The money is leading you to the Estate, I would say..............

436 days ago
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