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Kim Kardashian

I'm Taking the Baby ...


5/17/2013 5:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Kim Kardashian
is NOT upset that Kanye West has decided to go on tour just a few months after the birth of their child ... because TMZ has learned, she plans to go with him, baby and all.

There are reports Kim felt like Kanye was abandoning her by scheduling a tour for his new album in October -- just three months after she's expected to give birth -- but sources close to the touring company tell us, that's not true ... because Kim and the baby are coming along for the ride.

And she's not messing around either -- we're told the touring company has already been given orders to arrange for cribs and soundproof hotel rooms at every stop.

Kanye hasn't announced whether his tour will go international -- but we all know the guy has an affinity for Paris, so we're guessing he'll most likely be heading overseas.

So with the baby coming as well as a new album ... we gotta ask ...


No Avatar


I'd be leery of those strange cribs. Who knows if they're safe?

525 days ago


What's more exciting? Mike Walters is still under the illusion that anyone cares about these SOULLESS MATES..yep what a custody fight we'll see..YOU TAKE THE BABY..NO YOU TAKE THE BABY...NO YOU TA......

525 days ago


Kanye's going to be stressed out. A new baby will add more anxiety to his already immature antics. All the screaming and Kim's whining. Also that baby will be exposed to alll kinds of dieases that don't exist in the US. That means Kim will actually have to take her bastard to the LA Health Dept and make sure IT has even more immunizations. Poor kid. I wonder if she's even thought of that.

525 days ago

Kev the Realist    

These 2 are the most pathetic fame whores on the planet. She is a fat, ugly, talentless gypsy tramp, with no skills whatsoever other than pandering. He is an angry gay, self absorbed, pathetic low life ghetto rat, who craves attentuion when he wants it and thinks that he is better than everyone else. He is not. Why cant they both just disappear.

525 days ago


Better bring on the nannies now. Plenty of them, because it looks like Kim still needs her nanny.

525 days ago


Why would someone plan a tour three months after the baby is born? I don't think this Kanye ever wanted a baby with this womAn after all. His pattern Of behavior lately has been of that person that is trying to escape the situation and Kim tries her best to pretend that it is not affecting her! People do take time off especially when a new born is involved and with the money that he has you would think he would jump to that opportunity with excitement and celebrate the arrival of his first child!

525 days ago

Jamey Hunter    

Another chapter in the soap opera. Cameras do***enting every move. Her and a wailing kid and nannies at every turn cramping his style. Her throwing tantrums and calling mommy. The two of them fighting continuously. It writes itself.

525 days ago


My father was a musician and went on tour until I was 4-6 months old and it didn't affect me at all because I don't remember it. I'm more worried for the baby in Kim's hands than on Tour. Their spawn will be what destroys the Workd in 15 years lol.

525 days ago


Need a category "neither"

525 days ago


cant stand this ahole .but he makes good music

525 days ago


She thinks she;s going. They'll be broke up by then.

525 days ago


Guess Kimmy is believing all of the gay reports and wants to keep on eye on West. Bet ya West is thrilled.

525 days ago


IF this last - both on tour with the baby- I will be shocked.
This is the beginning of the end. West IS trying to get away and live it up. Kim...well you got stuck with the baby as you got knocked up cuz Reggie knocked up someone else. THe baby pays the price

525 days ago


I can just see these idiots in the labor room, both whining, KK making the dr stop so she can redo a scene. The pissed off chipmunk going after the photog. The whole Kardashian family trying to get their mugs in the shot. And when the real pain hits? KK demanding every drug on the planet. Taking the kid on tour? Oh yeah, sound-proof rooms aren't for the baby, its for the hotel guests so they don't get to hear the two whiners whining at each other. Of course, since the break-up is imminent, won't happen.

525 days ago


If the Media stopped writing about her, no one would ask about them or care. The Kardashians however pay to have stories written about them. This is the World we live in. Where Rich CEOs and Fame Whores control the Media we receive. It's so sick.

525 days ago
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