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MJ's Ex-Housekeeper

Key Witness in Wade's

Molestation Lawsuit

5/18/2013 12:45 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The Neverland housekeeper who graphically described seeing Wade Robson naked in a shower with Michael Jackson ... will play a huge role in whether Robson wins a cent from MJ's Estate in his new civil lawsuit, TMZ has learned.

Sources close to the case tell us Wade's lawyers are dissecting Blanca Francia's testimony during Jackson's 2005 molestation trial.

During the trial, Francia -- who worked at Neverland in the late '80s -- testified she witnessed Jackson showering naked with a 7 or 8-year-old Wade.

We obtained a transcript of the testimony in which Francia describes seeing Michael's underwear on the floor outside the shower, as well as Wade's child-sized neon green underwear.

She said she couldn't see what Michael was doing exactly because the shower door was fogged up, but said she heard him laughing.

Ultimately, Francia's testimony wasn't enough to sway the jury -- MJ was acquitted -- partly because Wade himself also testified, but insisted Michael never touched him.

TMZ broke the story ... Wade is planning to argue that MJ's companies -- MJJ Productions and MJJ Ventures -- had a duty to protect him because they were involved in recruiting him from Australia to work with Michael.

According to sources, Wade wants to use Blanca's testimony to show Michael abused him as a child. We're told Wade's lawyers are also trying to contact her to see if she will cooperate in the new case.


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Interesting how after a bunch of relentless dumb "questions" from Franky and after he said he would leave me alone, suddenly Mimi appears, and it is not even Friday night!!!!


524 days ago


This is Joy Robson Testimony in court 2005 Sneddon was Q her abt staying with MJ.

A.My memory is in the entire time we’ve lived here since 1991, we’ve only been at the ranch with Michael on four occasions in 14 years. Q. Four occasions? A. Every other time we’ve been here without him.
Q.Would that be the same for your son?
A. Yes.

Brett Barnes Mother 2005 Court testimony Tom Mesereau directing the Questions.


Q. Okay. And your first visit to Neverland was when, what year, if you know?
A. December 1991.
Q. Okay. And who did you visit Neverland with?
A. Our family. My husband, my two children.
Q. Okay. And how long did you stay there?
A. About three weeks. Well, we stayed with Michael for that three weeks. He took us to
Disneyland, to Las Vegas, and, yes, we were together
for three weeks.
Q. Okay. And where did you stay during those
three weeks?
A. Sometimes at Neverland Valley. Sometimes at
Disneyland, and Las Vegas, depending on the places
we were visiting. And sometimes at the hotel in Los Angeles.
Wade went to America in January 1990 aged 8
then May 1990 because Joy Robson asked Michael Jackson if he had any upcoming music videos coming out, He hired wade for the LA Gear Advert. He spent about 2 weeks with Michael Jackson and saw Michael Jackson for a total of 2 weeks of the 6 they stayed. Then he went back to Australia.
Wade and his mother went back to America in February 1991 for 7 days and he obviously did not see Michael Jackson as it was not mentioned in the transcript, just was quickly stated they went for 7 days and jumped to 1991.
Michael Jackson after Joy again asked him if he had any work Hired Wade for ONE music Video initially and that is why they went back to America on a 6 month working visa. It was Joy who pursued Michael Jackson for further work and asked him for work to stay in America and this is all from her transcript which was from her 1993 deposition and not everything she said about Michael Jackson was kind so she was not trying to "help" him.
Wade did not spend much time with Michael Jackson since May 1990, He was busy with his Dangerous era and then married Lisa Marie.
Yours Sincerly
Rabid Seeker Of Truth.

524 days ago

Dumb Ass MiMi    

Hey MimiJane

Are you riding a fat donkey or a skinny cow???

How come you have fun only with farm animals?

524 days ago

OLiarbama Argo-Urself    

My name is Elvis Jackson. My twin sister is Elvis-Elle Jackson. Michael Jackson is our Dad. Lisa Marie Presley is our Mom. We were born All Saints Day 1995. We turn 18 this year. Our real parents aborted us and we went straight to Heaven. God answered the prayers of millions, who wanted Mom and Dad to have kids. So, God made them our new parents. We really are alive in Heaven. Don't say "bogus" coz that's what God does, when aborted babies come to Heaven. What did you think God did with aborted babies? We are sorry Grandma Jackson is suing and we apologize to Dr Murray.

524 days ago


If Macaulay Culkin comes out and confirms that he too was molested by MJ, then I would believe Wade Robson.

524 days ago



524 days ago


Here's the truth by the liar who started it all:

524 days ago


Here's the truth by the liar who started it all:

This for the non-believers! lmao ... only in america

524 days ago



524 days ago



524 days ago



524 days ago


wade, the two maids and mark lestor are all big $ money grubbing liars who are being paid by AEG . ALL THESE LIARS ALL SURFACED JUST AS THE AEG CIVIL CASE BEGAN, TMZ SHOULD INVESTIGATE THEM, AND LEAVE MICHAEL ALONE, HE IS INNOCENT,

524 days ago

iesha unique    

They are in on it together they jus looking for money.. god dont like ugly and to spit on a died mans grave and lie about a horrifing act is totaly uncooth.

524 days ago


1 when he -- when he gave you money, did he hand it to
2 you, or did he do something else? And if so, tell
3 us what that is.
4 A. He put the money in my shorts, because I
5 pulled it out, and that’s when my mom saw -- noticed
6 that I had pulled money out of my shorts and she
7 asked me where I got it from.
8 Q. Do you remember which of the three occasions
9 this was?
10 A. I can’t remember whether it was the first or
11 the second.
12 Q. But this was back when you were young?
13 A. Yeah.
14 Q. Seven or eight?
15 A. Seven or eight.
16 Q. You say in your shorts. What are we talking
17 about? In a pocket?
18 A. I don’t think my mom put pockets on the
19 shorts.
20 Q. That was a little more complicated?
21 A. She’s a good seamstress, but I don’t think
22 for shorts.
23 Q. Tell us as best you can recall where would
24 that money have been.
25 A. That would have been in my shorts.
26 Q. I’m sorry?
27 A. It would have been in my shorts.
1 A. In the inside.
2 Q. Do you know if the money was in your
3 underwear?
4 A. I don’t. I don’t know.
5 Q. Mr. Mesereau asked you yesterday questions
6 about whether you talked to your mother about what
7 had happened, and if so, to what extent.
8 Did you ever have a conversation with your
9 mother where you told her that you were molested?
10 A. I think I told her that I was molested in
11 counseling, because then she shared that she was
12 molested as well.
13 Q. Okay. Did you ever tell her the details of
14 the molestation?
15 A. No.
16 Q. What had happened, how it happened, how
17 often it happened, any of those types of details?
18 A. I don’t think so.
19 Q. To this day, have you ever?
20 A. To this day. My wife found out on the
21 stand.
22 Q. The details you had not yet told your wife?
23 A. Right.
24 Q. Have you ever told anybody the details other
25 than your therapist?
26 A. My pastor.
27 Q. Your pastor?
www.mjfacts.info28 A. And I don’t think I told him the details. 4948
www.mjfacts.info1 MR. ZONEN: Thank you. I have no further
2 questions.
3 THE COURT: Recross?
4 MR. MESEREAU: No further questions, Your
5 Honor.
6 THE COURT: All right. You may step down.


Here is the truth on the court transcript from Jason Francia. As it turned out he never even told the details of his molestation to his wife or pastor.

MJ put money inside his shorts which had no pocket, and his mother wonder how he got the money and that was how his mother found out. How creepy is that MJ put money in a 7 years old boy's short???


Hey this is on the official court transcript on the internet. TMZ why don't you delete the whole internet????

524 days ago

Cry Baby    

Rabids are disgusting liars!

I believe a great percentage of them are pedophiles themselves. That's why it is so hard to reason with them. They believe having sex with a child is an expression of love, i.e. "All for Love" as preached by MJ!

Disgusting pigs!!!!

524 days ago
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