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OJ Simpson

I'm Going On Tour!

(If I Get Out Of Jail)

5/19/2013 5:10 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

OJ Simpson i
s already planning life after jail -- despite the fact that his conviction has yet to be overturned -- and priority numero uno: a massive college speaking tour to line his pockets.

Simpson is gunning for a retrial in his 2007 armed robbery case, for which he's currently serving out a 33-year-sentence. If a new trial happens, and his conviction is overturned, Simpson's time behind bars could be drastically reduced.

With high hopes of getting out soon, Simpson reportedly told a source close to The NY Post that he plans to go on a nationwide college tour to make some cold, hard cash speaking about the Nicole Brown murder case.

OJ told the source, “I'm excited. I mean, they teach the 'Trial of the Century' in school, so who better to talk about it than me?”

According to the report, Simpson could make up to $1,000 per speech.

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No Avatar


Hes not getting out.

491 days ago


College tour....you mean Barber College tour.

491 days ago


In the Post article he also played the race card - check it out: http://www.nypost.com/p/news/national/the_juice_speaks_freely_5AE9YSL0m68rJRnV5tnDVN

After reading it, I declared that if bull**** was selling for $3 a ton, we could all stop paying taxes!

491 days ago

Wow ...    

This sociopath thought he would get off on robbery/kidnapping charges, after all he killed two people and walked. He thought he was Teflon Don. Wrong mother f***er! And what moron doesn't ask about a "plea" deal, even non criminals know you can plea.

491 days ago


"A source close to the NY Post", who might that be, a a fellow inmate with a news paper ?
"According to the report, Simpson could make up to $1,000 per speech." What report ?

491 days ago


He shouldn't get his hopes up too high there because he isn't getting out. Besides if he did get lucky again and get out he is only going back in because he is going to get himself in trouble talking about him killing people on his $1,000 tour, good luck with that though there OJ! Lol

491 days ago


1. Do you people really believe everything you read? This "source" is full of crap. It doesn't make sense. 2. Does anybody remember that he was found NOT GUILTY of murder? Aren't you the same people that put all of your faith in our judicial system??? Lol. 3. The Juice got shafted for simply trying to reclaim his property. Wouldn't you try to get your stuff back too? He got 33 years for this?!? That's just not right.

491 days ago


A thousand a speech isn't a lot. But doesn't he still owe Ron's family about $20 million?

491 days ago


he is a sick SOB

491 days ago


Could you possibly cram any more advertising into this site? Maybe splash that TMZ logo over MORE of the pictures, so we never get an unobstructed view of it? Or I know, why don't you allow posters to run their business in the comments section? Even when someone flags the comment, you don't remove it? Does anyone read these comments?

491 days ago

Pompano Ann    

TMZ, I always blog but never ask, NOW I'm asking! Please stop reporting on this POS, not worth it!

491 days ago


He is so arrogant to think he is just going to get out like that. I hope he gets shut down and spend the rest of his sentence out. He showed his true colors in that Las Vegas debacle. What college in their right mind would want him speaking???

491 days ago


Just disgusting

491 days ago


OJ you will be still in prison lol

491 days ago

South Beach    

IF he gets out the IRS will be waiting at the gate to discuss a small matter of $500K outstanding.

491 days ago
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