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Justin Bieber


at Billboard Music Awards

5/20/2013 6:05 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

052013_beiber_billboard_launchJustin Bieber was straight up BOOED at the Billboard Music Awards last night ... and not like 1 or 2 people ... it was a straight up CHORUS of boos ... and it made Justin super uncomfortable.

It all went down when Cee Lo called on Bieber to receive the first ever Milestone Award -- but when Bieb got to the stage, the crowd turned on him.

Of course, there were some screams from the hardcore Bieber fans ... and JB managed to silence the haters for a minute by thanking Jesus Christ (who's gonna boo JC?) ... but overall, more boos than a haunted house.

As for the Bieber/Selena Gomez situation, the two were NOT seated together during the show -- despite a pre-show photo of the seating arrangement that suggested they would be.

Instead, she was kickin' it with Taylor Swift ... and didn't stand when Bieber's name was called for the Top Male Artist Award.



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I heard some booing, but honestly no one deserves that. Poor guy has guts. Stupid haters need to move on with their pathetic lives. I don't listen to Beiber or any American Pop, but no one deserves that. He should of said something towards the booing.

501 days ago


prime example of why kids shouldn't get famous at a young age. They start to act like Justin Bieber and Linsday Lohan, Danny Bonaduce. The list goes on and on people. Hollywood is a joke. It chews you up and spits you out. Used up in the end.

501 days ago


When you're Justin Bieber, and you're getting booed at the BILLBOARD AWARDS, that's not a good look. That's like missing a lay up.

501 days ago


This is amusing...poor little unic looked like it wanted to cry behind the big boy shades it was waring. What a pathetic waste of flesh this thing is....hopefully this is the beginning of the end..Hey Justine want to make everyone cheer for you....go away forever.

501 days ago


Man is doomed to perish in the fire of it's own stupidity. Justin Bieber: Milestone Award. FOR WHAT THE FVCK????? Being a damned thug? Cause I know it's not for his unparalleled talent. Fvcking world has to end soon. Fvck.

501 days ago


Does he think that by walking around all hunched over it makes him look more black.

501 days ago


Selena stood at the 12/13 second mark but I mean meh.. he's young... you can tell the people that never really had anything before sometimes.. they don't know how to act..

501 days ago


The flaming downward spiral has begun.

501 days ago


I would hardly say a chorus of boos. I barely heard any. And Selena did stand when he won... whose reporting this anyways???? Not very observant reporting lol

501 days ago


"And I should be respected". Are you f'n kidding me? For what???

501 days ago

Paul Johnson    

Selena DID STAND when his name was called. Get it right TMZ

501 days ago


I am by no means a fan of his but I'm sorry this is just plain old MEAN! He's right, he's just a kid. There have been many famous kids before him and there will be many more. Why do people HATE him? I don't get it. He sounded like he was gonna cry, leaning on Cee Lo for support. Unnecessary folks.

501 days ago


Whites build these people up just to tear them down. Whites are a weird jealous lot.

501 days ago


Beiber is the one on the left, wearing white, right?

501 days ago


Just look at him; another George Michael (minus the talent) in the making.

501 days ago
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