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Ashley Tisdale to Cops:

I Fear My Stalker Will


5/21/2013 1:15 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Ashley Tisdale
says her obsessed stalker has threatened to SHOOT her and her BF ... and she fears he's crazy enough to go through with it, this according to court docs obtained by TMZ.

Tisdale was just granted a temporary restraining order against Nicholas Fiore -- the fan who allegedly hammered Tisdale with more than 18,000 tweets since 2012.

In her request for the order, filed in L.A. County Superior Court, Tisdale says Fiore is delusional and dangerous -- and has already shown up to her L.A. home on two occasions.

In fact, Tisdale says Fiore once attempted to gain access to her home by pretending to be a delivery man.

But the most frightening part ... Tisdale claims Fiore has been tweeting song lyrics at her that reference guns -- which she is interpreting as threats he'll shoot her and her BF.

In the docs, Ashley begs the court to force Fiore to stay at least 5,000 yards away from her at all times -- fearing, "If an immediate order is not granted ... [Fiore] will attempt to cause or cause severe bodily harm to myself and my boyfriend."

Just last week, the judge approved the temporary restraining order ... but it only requires Fiore to stay 100 yards away ... 4,900 yards shy of Ashley's request.

A hearing on the matter is set for June 5th.


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Diane Cox    

stalking can be a serous and dangerous thing. I had a stalker for a while and it got to the point where it was starting to effect my life and made me scared to answer my phone. This is a serous problem esp if he is making death threats against her and this isnt something to make fun of.

520 days ago


She has reason to be terrified. I remember the actress Rebecca Schaeffer who was shot and killed by her stalker. I hope they lock this guy up before he acts on his threat.

520 days ago


Oh, honey....stalkers don't want to shoot you. They want to BTK you, crave you into sandwiches, throw acid in your face, tie you up in barbed wire, suffocate you with a plastic bag, and then marry your corpse. But SHOOT you? Hardly ever.

520 days ago

If sense were common everyone would have it.    

If I paid money for those ugly nails I'd shoot MYSELF.

520 days ago


Damn, Looks like he shoot you in the face. It looks deformed or something terribly wrong happened to that face. But I have one question? Who the hell are you? You look like a drag queen. But I don't remember you in any drag queen movies.

520 days ago


Please bring the patriarchy to an abrupt end.

520 days ago


Hey, this stupid bitch wanted to be famous. lol

520 days ago


Only 18,000?

520 days ago


Yikes! Hope she stays safe. Sounds super scary hope she has bodyguards with her. What the heck is wrong with some people!

519 days ago


Lady ... buy a gun. NO jury of your peers will ever find you guilty.

519 days ago


Being old enough to remember the Rebecca Schaffer (actress from the Pam Dawber show "My Sister Sam")murder, I really don't blame her. She was on Disney for years & has done smaller roles on different shows & now is doing movies -which is the same point Schaffer was at when she was murdered. Stalking is always the sign of either mental illness or someone who is living in misery in their own life You have those who live in "Quiet desperation" as the saying goes. It takes their minds off of their own unhappiness for awhile & in their minds if you focus on another it removes the burden of doing something about their own lives. Either way of couse a stalker is living a sick life & often tries to put the sickness off on the object of their affection or rejection as the case may be. As bad as I feel for the woman that stalked Letterman, he got lucky. The only person she harmed in the end was herself. That's not always the case - Schaffer, Lennon even Reagan.

519 days ago


I hope see gets the protection she needs.

519 days ago


That's scary. I hope she can stay safe.

519 days ago


Okay, I am fed up of the hate that Ashley Tisdale gets. I honestly think it's because she was in High School Musical. Which is ironic, as Zac Efron was the main star and gets a free pass.

You know what?! Attack me all you want, but I think she's a decent actress when she is in the right things. Scary Movie 5 exceeded her hate, as if she doesn't get enough already.

People attack her for her looks, her acting and her as a person without meeting her and say she's a has-been. No, that's not true, she's looking for roles outside of that. Have you ever considered she's busy voicing on Phineas and Ferb(which is by far her best role)?!

You have every right to not like someone's acting, but do NOT insult them without meeting them. NO ONE deserves a stalker like this on their tail.

519 days ago


He should have been arrested already, not just splaped in the wrist with some restraining order.

519 days ago
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