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Lindsay Lohan Sued

Her Druggie Reputation

Cost Us $5 Million

5/21/2013 12:50 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Lindsay Lohan
has just been sued for $5 million she doesn't have ... all because of her highly-publicized drug problems, TMZ has learned.

D.N.A.M. Apparel Industries -- a clothing manufacturer -- just filed the countersuit against Lindsay in response to Lindsay's lawsuit against the company.

In her lawsuit, Lindsay says she struck a business deal with D.N.A.M. in 2009 allowing them to manufacture clothes for her "6126" clothing line -- but D.N.A.M. stiffed her on a massive licensing fee. Lindsay wants $1.1 million in damages.

But D.N.A.M. is now coming back at Lindsay for nearly five times that amount, insisting SHE'S the reason their business deal fell apart.

According to D.N.A.M., the company did its darndest to sell their 6126 clothes to high-end third party retailers -- but by spring 2010, no one would touch the brand ... because Lindsay was back in rehab ... and her legal problems were playing out in the media "like a Greek tragedy."

D.N.A.M. claims Lindsay's "drug-addled image" destroyed 6126's reputation, and rendered the clothing line completely unsellable.

D.N.A.M. says it invested millions in 6126 for nothing -- and now it's suing for breach of contract and fraud, demanding at least $5 million in damages.

And the irony ... Lindsay's currently back in rehab yet again.

Lindsay's attorney, Perry C. Wander, tells TMZ ... "The license agreement does not have a morals clause that allows the company to suspend payment for any behavior.  The contract is not in LL's name thus she cannot be held personally liable. The cross claim is therefore frivolous and totally without merit and will be defended vigorously."



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She's been pretty quiet.. predictable though. Like I said before Adderall doesn't build up in the system and it is not the same sort of addiction as other drugs. It is easy to get off of .. it's dealing with the difference in how your body works that is hard. Mostly you feel tired, unmotivated and can feel depressed because you are not/ can not seem to do the things you could on Adderall. Now that it's been a couple of weeks she doesn't have the Adderall speed rage factor going on either. Not saying she won't screw up.. I think booze is more her issue even if she doesn't get triggered in BF she seems like one of those who will get out clean and go right back to the same places, the same people ... the same triggers and start the cycle all over again.

518 days ago


Lielo is hated worse then kim. Ha

518 days ago

Meme Jones    


518 days ago

Ellie G    

If your going to lie down with flea infested dogs your probably gonna get fleas.

No sympathy for anyone who gets involved with a Lohan.

518 days ago

Ivan in Phoenix    

Flag all spammers. Every. Time.

518 days ago


I'm not a Lindsey defender per se, but this is BOGUS! You hired Lindsey Lohan. Duh??? How do you propose that your hiring a known partier/drug user actually cost 5 million dollars for the company? Can you say litigious?

I'm rooting for Lindsey on this one.

518 days ago

all about the money    

Lilo has a bad rep? Who knew...oh yea THE WHOLE WORLD!!! This is just the beginning. Lilo's name isn't going to be worth the ink in the pen used to write it out. All the issues she has had (drugs, legal) as well as all the stunts she has pulled on set of virtually every film set she has set foot on in the last year or more (ie stealing items...I mean buying items from wardrobe only after getting caught) Lilo will be lucky to be able to make a public service announcement. Her career is done. Any agency that contracts with her deserves the high insurance and prima donna antics Lilo is so known for. Any film that casts her is almost guaranteed to fail and not make back production costs. Its about time her reputation catches up to her...god knows she has been given more than enough opportunities to correct her image and has only made it worse.

518 days ago


Come on Linday get it together...

518 days ago


Sorry! D.N.A.M shouldn't have hired Lindsay Lohan. They were kind of asking for it.

518 days ago


I think I have ADHD from reading about the Lowhans

518 days ago


Hi All!

Sound like a countersuit by DNAM to up the ante and agree to settle if she just goes away.
There is no doubt that her reputation has made her a marketing pariah. She can't afford any more lawyers or bad publicity.

518 days ago

Grandma Cracker    

Lindsay is not combing her hair? OMFG someone save her! Do they have new extensions at BF?

518 days ago


And even IF they win this lawsuit against this train wreck, Lindsay will continue to party, nd use drugs, and drink, and spend money like it's going out of style. Where does she get all her money? Mmmm....I doubt Charlie Sheen is going to come to her rescue this time.

518 days ago

Chief Gall    

My Dear Alia and othere delusional haters, you lose. SM5 was never expected to pull anything near what Iron Man pulled. The series ran out of steam a few years ago and Dimension expected to make a nice profit with 5 and that's what happened. Lindsay is closely associated with the film and it received promotion on Letterman and news media and every human seeing the movie knows she's in it. Emma Stone or Watson or Lady Gaga could have had the role and the numbers would be what they are now because these women and many other actresses AND Lindsay Lohan are not toxic and do not repel. You are irrelevant, haters. You lose big time. If SM5 pulled $300K, every hater would be BWAHAHGAing. Pizzed?
The previous film in the series, Scary Movie 4, opened to $40 million in April 2006. But there have been a lot of variations on the horror spoof since then -- like A Haunted House, starring Marlon Wayans, which opened to $18.1 million this past January -- so Dimension isn’t looking for Scary Movie 5 to post the kind of numbers its predecessors saw. The new Scary cost just $19.5 million, and the company is looking for an opening in the mid-to-high teen millions.
--- The Hollywood Reporter

518 days ago


There was no morality clause with them. According to Lohan's civil lawyer - Daily News...

Lindsay‘s civil lawyer Perry C. Wander told the Daily News.

He added, “The agreement did not have a morals clause, and Lindsay Lohan had no responsibility to promote the line, so there’s no defense for their actions. They’re trying to insert those as a defense, but they weren’t part of this deal.”

So it seems that 5 million dollar suit is just a stall and tactic on the part of the defendants. Lohan will probably win this one. And it's a good thing too - because I believe that money was earmarked by Ms. Holley for payment. So even though Lohan tanked her own company, the investors were not smart enough to put in a morality clause when making their contract with the biggest f*ck up in Hollywood - so DNAM is screwed and will lose. Idiots.

518 days ago
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