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Amanda Bynes


From Private Jet

5/23/2013 12:40 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

This is priceless -- Amanda Bynes was flat-out rejected from a private jet flight in Jersey this weekend ... after trying to use GOOGLE as a substitute for her government ID, sources tell TMZ.

Amanda is denying anything happened -- but sources at Teterboro Airport tell us, Bynes (wearing a velour jumpsuit and giant glasses) showed up at the private jet terminal on Sunday for a flight to L.A..

According to sources, the pilot was checking passenger IDs -- it's a really small terminal -- and Bynes revealed her driver's license had been suspended ... and she had no other form of government ID.

We're told the pilot informed Bynes she needed a form of government ID to fly -- per TSA regulations -- and she then ordered him to Google her as proof, screaming, "I'm Amanda Bynes!"

The pilot called someone from the jet company to see if they could get some kind of exemption for her, but the jet rep was adamant ... no ID, no flight ... and that was that.

The private jet company wouldn't comment for privacy reasons.



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the artist formerly known as hand turkey    

New York State ID, get one.

429 days ago


Guess what she found out

Amanda who???

429 days ago


WTF is wrong with this little twisted b*tch??? Something seriously wrong with her brain or what? Thinks shes all that I guess. LOL. Maybe not lil girl. All you do is get into trouble time after time. Your hollywood career is going to be very short. And NO - most people have never heard of you so dont be gettin all, I'm famous and you should know me. You aint nobody honey.

429 days ago

BB not bb    

This is very creepy. If you don't have your papers, you can't go home. It sound like the Nasiz where they demanded papers or placed you under arrest. Do they think she is really an Arab terrorist who is wearing an Amanda Bynes disguise?

It is pretty obvious who she is. I thought small aiports were exempted from all of the terrorism checks and double checks. I think this is a very bad policty and bad for business.

429 days ago

Meme Jones    


429 days ago

BB not bb    

Vhere arre yourr papers? You must have yourr papers!!!

429 days ago


She tried the Witherspoon Maneuver and failed.

429 days ago


But...but...she's an American! Standing on American soil!

429 days ago

all about the money    

Wow this girl is a train wreck :( I used to be a fan of her's maybe even a little crush on her as well. She used to be a nice girl and had her head on right. Went silent for a while leaving the Hollywood movie scene and disappeared into suburbia. Since she resurfaced thing after another and has become a lost child. What happened to the good girl Amanda Bynes? The sinfully cute one from Sydney White or She's the Man (not great movies but she was still cute in them). Nowadays you do a google search for Amanda Bynes and none of her film credits show up on the first page of results...the results are all her tweet rants and social issues :( Come on Amanda... straighten up, get some help, get back to your good girl days before its too late!

429 days ago


Sounds like she's going down the road like Lindsay Lohan..smh

429 days ago


TMZ Exclusive...Cut the crap.Teterboro is not an airport. It's an airstrip with fuel. It's not commercial.

That's why wealthy people, celebrities so on use it.

Bynes didn't have the money. Or the 'private' small jet was full. She never needed any government ID. Where the hell did that come from?

429 days ago


The young Wench needs 1) A Psychologist; 2) 1930's style shock therapy at an asylum with green padded rooms; 3) Competent management who would have provided her with a watcher who could see to it that she carried her re-volked DL or a Calif issued Identification Card.

429 days ago


Byne's crazy rant...

429 days ago


I like Amanda Bynes. Enjoyed her in the English boarding school movie. Why all the hate? She is NOTHING like Lindsay. She's living her life her way and I don't keep reading that she blames people for any mishaps.

429 days ago


"I'm Amanda Bynes"--that's hysterical. Big old red flag right there. Honey, you're only known for being insane these days.

429 days ago
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