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Joe Jackson

Wade Robson's Getting


5/23/2013 12:50 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Wade Robson
is getting paid big money to destroy Michael Jackson's reputation with child abuse allegations ... so says MJ's dad Joe Jackson.

Joe was at the airport in L.A. Wednesday when we asked about Wade's claims against the MJ estate -- that the singer sexually abused him as a child for years -- but Joe doesn't buy Wade's story for a second ... and he's not placing the blame entirely on Wade's shoulders either.

Joe's got his own conspiracy theory about who's REALLY behind Wade's allegations ... and whoever it is has a massive wallet.


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King of TMZ    

Everybody knows Wade is a big fat stab you in the back liar.
Look at his eyes. Pure evil.
Failed has-been choreographer.
Said oh "Repressed memory" "Oh I always remembered" "Oh I didn't know it was bad even I am an adult" "Oh I didn't lie in 2005 I only said what I knew at the time I was an adult"... bla bla bla

If you want justice for trauma caused by "Molestation" you do not ask for money or file credit claim. YOU ASK FOR JUSTICE.

AEG n WADE go to hell. Hope AEG caughs the BILLIONS at the end of their KrisJenneresque schemes.

518 days ago



518 days ago


FBI Files that prove his innocence They followed him from 1993 till his death and they didn't find anything that said he was, and we have the court doc that also prove his innocence.

518 days ago


Joe Jackson
Wade Robson's Getting
PAID TO LIE................YOU SHOULD KNOW !....

518 days ago


Just like the parents of the children who were involved in Michael's big molestation case in the 90's were paid off. Mike looked like a circus clown (freak) but was nothing more than a talented drug addicted pedophile.

518 days ago


I am so tired of the MJ drama and his family. Give it a rest.

518 days ago

What I Think    

Go to h*ll, Joe. Your son could use the company.

518 days ago

MJ's Defender    

I usually don't agree with Poppa Joe,
But he's right on this one and the who that he didn't mention is AEG

And Joe NEVER said MJ was a p ever as bad as Joe is and as money hungry he is he NEVER threw his son under the bus.

518 days ago


There isn't anything for AEG to gain by paying Robson to destroy MJ's reputation with child abuse allegations because Katherine's lawyers are too busy destroying MJ's reputation with drug addiction claims.
The LAST person to give their opinion on child abuse is Joe Jackson.

518 days ago


And so says the apex child abuser.

518 days ago


Well the reality is he either lied back in 2005 or is lying today for some sort of payoff.. perhaps taking advantage of the estate now that Michael's gone for covering up what he originally lied about in the first case for more money. Desperate times call for desperate measures to some people I suppose

518 days ago



518 days ago


What reputation. Didn't you hear the lawyer from AEG called MJ a freak even before he died??? When AEG should testify that that was what MJ was known as or called as in the industry, for all the freaky things he had done, including his taste of young meat, before people found out his drug of choice!!!

518 days ago

Cry Baby    

The court should shut the case down, put the K Jackson and her ambulance chasing lawyers in jail plus a big fine for wasting the court's time,despite of the unemployment rate. The resources that is being used in this frivolous claim could have better used than making the Jackson appear relevant.

518 days ago

Cry Baby    

Would MJ stuff some money in Riri's ass crack??? Not likely, he would run away from her, even if they met in hell - faster than you "Pedophile"!!!!

518 days ago
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