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Joe Jackson

Wade Robson's Getting


5/23/2013 12:50 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Wade Robson
is getting paid big money to destroy Michael Jackson's reputation with child abuse allegations ... so says MJ's dad Joe Jackson.

Joe was at the airport in L.A. Wednesday when we asked about Wade's claims against the MJ estate -- that the singer sexually abused him as a child for years -- but Joe doesn't buy Wade's story for a second ... and he's not placing the blame entirely on Wade's shoulders either.

Joe's got his own conspiracy theory about who's REALLY behind Wade's allegations ... and whoever it is has a massive wallet.


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Phishie from Philly    

It's amazing how so many people stick up for MJ about him not molesting children but those same people would never of let their kids stay at never Neverland.
Phishie from Philly

485 days ago

mj fan forever    

Just like the whole world Joe Jackson doesn't buy these disgusting LIES!!!! And it's very probable that AEG is behind this sh$t, the timing is very very odd and they are without any scruples. Just like greedy unnatural mother Katherine and her lawyers who are equally willing to slander Michael Jackson in the attempt to get AEG's money!!! Both sides are showing how they are despicable. But paid or not he's a disgusting liar, another willing to do and say anything for money, and the real pedo monster with disgusting pedo fantasies like him!!!

485 days ago

Brigha from UK    

The AEG trial has produced some damning headlines over the last couple of weeks. We are beginning to get an accurate picture of how MJ was abused and exploited by AEG and how his death was not only foreseeable but avoidable.

None of these headlines, not a single one, has been published by TMZ. Instead they choose to focus on the Robson story.

So, even if people think there may be some accuracy in Robsons claim (and I don't), then you still have to ask whether the TIMING was contrived to deflect attention from AEG. I absolutely believe that it was.

Yesterday, we learned in court of an email exchange where AEG execs called MJ a 'freak' and 'creepy' on the day they induced him to sign the contract. Truth is, they didn't give a damn about him or his welfare. Yet nothing is reported by TMZ.

Meanwhile, some fans (even some reasonably intelligent fans), still continue to defend AEG.
God knows why.

I hope Katherine fully exposes AEG as the heartless exploiters of her son. I hope she takes them for every cent.

485 days ago


MJ's defenders simply my be poor judges of character. They simply may be naïve. They may be deluded, confusing artistic virtuosity with the certainty of personal virtue. Or, like Joe Jackson, they may have a deep vested interest in defending a man who demonstrated over more than three decades every symptom of a severely obsessed pedophile. Other vested interest players include the editors at TMZ, who know full well what Jackson was, but who provide a forum for his defenders anyway, because the controversy is a cash cow.

485 days ago


of course his lying. He only spent time with Michael exclusively in May1990 his sister was with him the first visit and when he moved in America in 1991 Michael jackson was hanging with Maccaulay and after that he was hanging with Brett Barnes. 7 years my butt! and grooming a child takes a while too

485 days ago


well you joe jackson, beat your kids for the all mighty dollar, and your still trying to milk your dead sons estate. great dad you are.

485 days ago


Oh cut the crap. Being paid big money to destroy Michael Jacksons reputation. Pedophile who had the celebrity, money to get away with it and he did.

Jesus christ, the 2nd time accused, there was enough evidence for Jackson to be arrested, charged, booked, printed, mugshot. 3 million bail.

Goes to trial. Jacksons celebrity, money and high priced lawyers and got away with it.

That's Jacksons reputation. Look at his mug shot. The man didn't even have his nose left. That's his reputation and image. Not the late 70's mid 80's when he was good.

485 days ago


it'll be a good day when this old child-beating pimp dies.

485 days ago


I have no doubt he hopes to get paid for it. Seems the type that thinks - why not got nothing to lose from trying - I'd love to see the judge make him pay legal the fees when the case is over or thrown out. I'm not one of these rabid Michael Jackson fans, but I don't believe he was sick , at least not in that way. Everytime someone lies about being harmed in this way it just adds to the question/problems of a child who was really harmed being able to tell the truth & be believed. If someone lies about such a thing - very very sick person.

485 days ago


Right. Nothing like an abuser saying another abuser is lying.

485 days ago


What really annoys me is people who jump to conclusions about someone and open the doors for people to lay false allegations for money. All three allegations has been about money.
I'm so tired of people being so disgusting with their thoughts, Hanging out with kids does not mean a molester. Some people are actually just being a KID themselves.

Those kids wasn't hanging out with a 35 year old Michael Jackson, they hung out with the 9 year old Michael Jackson. We all have an inner child some people become that inner child when they are playing, and there is one factor that people do not seem to understand. When you're being "childish" and playing as a kid the thoughts you think are NOT of an adult, they are innocent and childish as they were when you actually were that age! Adult thoughts are left behind with the adult self.
Just because those people who can't seem to find their inner child because they are too an*l to be free of the responsibilities and to go play as a child, it doesn't mean some thing bad is happening. A adult can be as childish/childlike as a child because they were once a child.
Sheesh. I really can't believe that people find it hard to understand that an adult CAN BE a child and actually fight water fights, tag and hang out and be completely a child. There isn't anything wrong with it. It's actually healthy to become your inner child, a time when the body can destress from the responsibility, issues and stress of being an adult.
I know for a fact this because I let my inner child out a lot and do some really kiddie things and not once have I ever had any adult thoughts in my mind when I'm running around with a water gun squirting it at children.
However if you want to be pulled in and be the fool because you rely on the media to feed you their versions of bull rather than take the time before commenting about things. then more the fool you.
Those 3 people behind each allegation, are laughing at you for being so gullable for falling into the trap of being the public opinion which gains them what they want. Publicity and money.
If any of you read the testimonies from the witnesses that had no reason to lie you would see there is not one bit of truth because FACTS can not be altered but stories later on can.

485 days ago


There are so many boys who won't want the public scorning that they'll never come forward. Sad.

485 days ago


I know why Michael died... it was that star maps woman on the corner of carolwood drive. MJ was CURSED!

485 days ago


Also gain some perspective and a brain while you're at it.
Childhood is an important part of our life, and You can find out i'm telling truth just by googling it out childhood can make or break us as adults.
Michael Jackson as a child was working hard. When children are suppose to be carefree, running around, playing with friends, staying over, going to birthday parties and not worrying about anything.
Did Michael Jackson have that?. No. He was working late into the early morning, rehearsing straight from school. worrying about putting a step wrong. How is that a childhood?
Do you think that you can live a life without having that part of your life? by the time he was 21 he had been working around 15 years. Most people have only worked a couple of years.
You haters claim that he liked little boys at 9 - 14 and you make something disgusting out of it. the fact he missed that time in his life doesn't enter your minds. He would NEVER have those years back, they were irredeemable. Michael Jackson was recreating his childhood. He was doing what you do in childhood, his body was 35 but his mind was the same age as those boys, because he was living what he had missed at that time. I can't believe people find it hard to understand. We all make up for something in our lives, but we never lost our childhood, we just didn't do something and we go and do it later such as study something later in our years, or we do that trip we planned in our younger years. OR we revisit a place we went to and have fond memories of. Michael Jackson was living his childhood. Nothing wrong with that. You would need to do that do, if you didn't have one and just worked like an adult, performed like an adult and was beaten like one. I've lost my patience. There seems to be a lot of closed minded people who think too highly of themselves and expect others to live by as they do, think as they think and be as they are, and if they are remotely differently they should be shunned. These people come across as arrogant and think they have it the right way, they do it the right way. Just because you don't agree with his choices that is no way to judge someone, it's their life, their choices not yours. Get over it. Maybe you don't have the ability to be a child and fullfill your INNOCENT dreams, it doesn't mean someone else is not allowed. No one has the right to judge Michael Jackson for what ever he did. He did NOTHING wrong, your inability to comprehend how it can be innocent it does not mean it wasn't innocent. Haters pick on him for being true to himself, for doing what he needs in his life for what ever reason. Pick on him for cosmetic surgery and yet there are millions who have it, taunt and complain about painkiller addiction and yet you have no concept of it not being his fault, no one chooses to be addicted to painkillers, it's a risk when you have an injury and doctors give it you, you are more prone to being addicted if you're stressed or depressed and I would like to be the first to blame Media and haters for that as his life wasn't easy because of judgement nosey gossips who have nothing better than to comment on someone elses life rather than get on with their own. You think you're life is that great that everyone should be like you? Well get over it. People are individuals and will live their life the way they see fit. There is many people in this world that are weird and I don't see them being spotlighted. Y condemn him because of your own insecurities. You condemn him because it's better to focus your condemnation on another person than to look directly in the mirror and see your own flaws. everyone has flaws, everyone is imperfect and yet haters seem to speak like they have everything the right way, that they nothing that others would judge them for. I can't stand people who think they are better and will criticize and hurt another human being because he is being authentic to himself rather than being a sheep following the flock and being unhappy with that life. It's pure bull. The chandlers, Arvisos and Wade robson will have their karma for what they have done all for money. Meh.

485 days ago


Joe i agree, Wade a greedy liar, how convenient to lie on a deceased man.

485 days ago
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