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Michael Lohan

I Want Lindsay OUT

of Betty Ford, NOW!

5/26/2013 8:45 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

052613_michael_lohan_launchLindsay Lohan might be an all-star rehabber at Betty Ford ... but Michael Lohan remains unconvinced of the center's healing powers, telling TMZ he wants LiLo transferred STAT.

Our photog spotted Michael arriving at LAX Saturday afternoon and asked the doting dad's thoughts on LiLo's situation at BF and if he was in town to visit LL while she serves her time recovers.

Michael quickly made his position clear -- he's no fan of Betty Ford and wants to transfer Lindsay to a different facility ASAP. 

He also throws in his two cents on Amanda Bynes.


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LOL.........No matter how long you stay away from the Lohan Story line you come back and its the same thing all over again.....Dina and Lohan Inc put out the Lindsay's doing wonderful...she a model, etc etc why the time she gets out of lock up Dina and Lohan Inc will have her ready for Sainthood.......She will be so "bright and shiny and new" she will dazzle you with her glow.......ate least thats what they will be saying.....she will be "CURED" (its a miracle) and will have found her lost talent...that she never had ....why directors and producers will be knocking down her door to get her to work for them.....and Jobs offers will be pouring in from all over....YES SIR REE !!!!.......
And Micheal will still bee trying to Save her....aka get his hands on more money.......and Lindsay will she will be tole the line for Mama and Lohan Inc as long as she gets her secret stash of drugs and alchohol...........
THE ONLY WAY SHE WILL EVER EVER EVER HAVE A CHANCE TO REALLY STAY SOBBER IS TO DISAPPEAR THE MINUTE SHE GETS OUT OF REHAB...go somewhere Momma , Daddy and all her enablers and leach friends can not find her...start a clean new life away from the gutter she lives in.....cause otherwise......sHE DOESN'T STAND A DAM CHANCE IN HELL....! ...thats the truth.........

512 days ago


Lindsay is fabulous.

512 days ago


Ahhhhhhhhh Sucks ! . I must have hurt someones feelings.....LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOL

Problem is know it's true..!........By some miracle there is a smidgin of truth in her doing better ....It really doesn't matter......cause the moment she gets out of that place she will be right back into the middle of the cesspool she calls her circle of friends and family........and anything control she gained in BF will be shot to hell by those same friends and family......You can take and pick the kid up out of the shyt pile shes swimming in ....Wash and rinse her off get all the shyt off of her and out of her and she will be clean but you can't keep her that way if you open the damn door and toss her right back into that same shyt pile............Lohan Inc ......Shyt Pile the same thing.........
Besides this is all for Money anyway....TMZ gets the hits on the stories and Lohan Inc gets the fee for story.......MONEY MONEY MONEY else they going pay the bills while she's locked up......???????

512 days ago


Shut Up Meat Face

512 days ago


When Milo saw the Dina 'sanctioned' tmz story at 1 AM, he had to text the kiddies at tmz to let them know when his flight arrived and get his $50 bucks for a story too. Everybody needs money . . .

512 days ago


And oh my. Don't hate. You know these posts are true. Hating doesn't change the fact that ho-LILO is a drugged out, nasty, rude, ENTITLED acting, beotch.

512 days ago


I guess he feels that he can over ride the judge's word.

512 days ago


I guess he feels that he can over ride the judge's word.

512 days ago


Milo's in CA for another purpose than to talk to the judge and DA because BOTH wouldn't answer his calls, let alone agree to a meeting. This isn't juvie court were talkin about. His wants and desires mean dick!!

512 days ago


Dear Mr. Lohan.
You have to be the sorriest excuse for a Human Being, not to mention Father....You are just as messed up as Lindsay is, you "Act" as if you are truly concerned maybe you are but it is for the wrong reasons. POOR LINSAY she needs to grow up get clean and get off of the pity pot. I think everybody is so flippin tired of hers (and your dirty laundry). Get a life leave her shire she is its is an 100% great program if you were standing in front of me right now I think I would have to slap you...What an Ass

512 days ago


family of ugly @ssholes

512 days ago


Lindsay, Dina and Michael Lohan need money anyway they can get it. Espically if anyone pays for them. That's nothing new. These guys are desperate.

Michael Lohan mouthing off as usual and still going no where.

Who's paying and paid for his flight to LAX from Florida?

Michael Lohan is still trying to bad mouth Betty Ford again. Not working. Lindsay Lohan trying to play dumb like she has no idea. Dina Lohans bad plastic surgey. Still can't look 25 at 55. Where is the money coming from to pay for this?

Right down to the little brothers and sisters. IRS pays attention. Might not be now but it will be.

512 days ago


Why Dee Dee
"A Bank in the Middle of Beverly Hills;
In somebody else's name..."

as Larry Gatlin sang in his song........and they tap the owner of that account every time they need big money they can't con out of media stories and fake jobs....." I Know Stuff and I Will Tell IF" ........LOL
Lohan Inc. Motto.....

512 days ago


Oh Well, ........can't please everybody.....Sorry Lohan Inc the truth hurts sometimes.......
Have a goodnight.........

512 days ago


Who is this loser to demand anything? He's the father of all time. I would rather have Joe Jackson than this clown!!!

512 days ago
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