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Michael Lohan

I Want Lindsay OUT

of Betty Ford, NOW!

5/26/2013 8:45 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

052613_michael_lohan_launchLindsay Lohan might be an all-star rehabber at Betty Ford ... but Michael Lohan remains unconvinced of the center's healing powers, telling TMZ he wants LiLo transferred STAT.

Our photog spotted Michael arriving at LAX Saturday afternoon and asked the doting dad's thoughts on LiLo's situation at BF and if he was in town to visit LL while she serves her time recovers.

Michael quickly made his position clear -- he's no fan of Betty Ford and wants to transfer Lindsay to a different facility ASAP. 

He also throws in his two cents on Amanda Bynes.


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Ellie G    

Smarmy creepy POS needs to have a permanent seat in HELL!

513 days ago


Michael Lohan is a complete JACKASS.

THE WORST father in the history of fathers.

Always completely undermining what little success Lindsay has under her. No wonder she is so screwed up.

513 days ago


Of course he wants her out of there. If the previous article below is true about her progress (big giant IF here), then he and Dina should both be terrified. If Lindsay were to actually change and get real help, the gravy train for her manipulative parents is going to be over. Who is going to want to talk to Michael if Lindsay isnt in some sort of crisis/legal/drug issue?

513 days ago


How is it that all the Lohans seem to be jetting here there and everywhere? None of them work. This douche shouldn't be able to afford the airplane ride at Disneyland, yet everytime TMZ finds him, he's in an airport. WTF

513 days ago


Not only is Bynes taken away Lohans tabloid thunder, Bynes has a ton of money to boot. You know this is got to piss Lohan off.

If there was some BS Kardashian krap story you knew there would be a Lohan crap BS story. Problem is Kardashian(s) makes a ton of money from their krap.

All Lohan get's is busted, bail, lawsuites, legal fees, mugshots, joke rehabs, joke jail time, probation since 2007 and going strong, blackballed, blacklisted and of course the IRS that never goes away. This is just Lohans 'legal crap'

Lohans so called professional reputation is worse than her legal one.

Lohan doesn't have the money to stay relevant. She has not been able to afford the 'lifestyle' for years. She lies, sponges off of and steals from anyone she can. No one is making up any of this. This is what Lohan and Lohans do. Nothing new. Just very old.

513 days ago


that whole family is trash who's entire who has really never done anything good. their dependence upon TMZ/tabloids for fame is a joke........I can't believe that anyone gives a sh!t about any of those trashy people........

513 days ago


Sterlingguy and Susan have been completely quiet now that Lindsay is in rehab...

513 days ago


Jill666 hates that lielo still calls volcano "daddy, mommy is on cocaine and rubbing her neck a lot"

513 days ago

Lindsay Lohan Fan Forever    

65 days left of this excessive punishment.

513 days ago


It seems that neither of her parents wants her to get well, it's not in their interests

513 days ago


Michael Lohan is an idiot and a dangerous idiot at that. A few months ago he was saying Lindsay needs rehab, when she went into rehab he said it wouldn't work. Now he is saying he wants Lindsay out of Betty Ford and we all know HE wants Lindsay in rehab at Lukens.

Its NOT about YOU demon daddy, its about your daughter getting the best possible help, Betty Ford do have a 90 day programme, Lukens don't. In fact Lukens are a cowboy outfit with only 30 day programmes, does this man think we are stupid?

This monster is prepared to risk his daughters health by saying he wants her out of BF, what he really wants that referral cheque from Lukens.

Its not in his interests for Lindsay to be doing well, he WANTS her to continually have problems so he can sell stories about her to the media, he has made a career out of it by selling BS. With Michael Lohan its all about the money and control. He has absolutely no conscience. He will be disappointed, it has NOTHING to do with him, he can talk until his ugly face turns blue.

513 days ago


@Gossip...Funny how that is. Wow what a no surprise.

513 days ago


Doesn't matter what you want. She is an adult, and you do not have a conservatorship. You never will have a conservatorship, because you are more disturbed than Lindsey. And you have some nerve deciding where she will spend her punishment. It's a court order, not a vacation. Lindsey msut be whining to Michael, because she wants her aderall fix. Junkies.

513 days ago


@Ilovegossip @Janet

I'm watching you, one out of two isn't bad lol

513 days ago


So sleazy Michael Lohan just continues on his idiotic fame-ball ways. Pathetic.

513 days ago
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