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Chief Keef

Weed-Sniffing Security Guard Was a Fat Racist

5/27/2013 5:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0524_chief-keef_getty17-year-old rap sensation Chief Keef is crying RACISM -- telling TMZ the "fat ass" hotel security guard who busted him for smoking weed had it out for him because he's black.  

TMZ broke the story ... Keef was arrested in ATL for disorderly conduct after a security guard at Le Meridien Atlanta Perimeter Hotel called 911 this week ... claiming Keef was "rolling marijuana" inside his hotel room with two "black male" friends (one of whom was fellow rapper Tray Savage).

Here's Chief's account of the situation:

"So me and my homie Tray Savage was in the hotel room chillin' when some fat ass security guard started knocking on the door talking about he needed to fix a water leak."

"So his ass walked in and started looking around at us and immediately gave me the racist look then started talking sh*t to me."

"I told him, 'I thought you wanted to fix a water leak?' Which he obviously lied 'cause there was no water leaking."

"Then he immediately started talking sh*t to us. He told me that he was going to call the police on me so I called him a bitch."

"He kept saying how the police about to be on their way to lock me up so I blew smoke in his face and pulled out 30 racks (white person translation: $30,000) and said I got the bond money -- there is more where this come from."

Keef says he felt the security guard was "racist from the moment he walked in the room. The way he looked at us was a racist look."

As we previously reported, the security guard told 911 he was only on Keef's floor to track down a water leak in the hotel ... when he got to Keef's smoke-filled room, the rapper let him inside "as if it doesn't even matter."

FYI, the security guard (who is white) has already denied racism accusations -- and called "TMZ Live" this week, saying he was simply doing his job when he called 911 ... because marijuana is illegal.


Keef wouldn't outright admit to puffing the reefer - but did tell us, "As for what I was smoking in the room, everyone needs to listen to my song with Uncle Ro 'All I Smoke Is Gas.'"


No Avatar


This is what happens when you take a crackhead out of the ghetto and give him some spending cash.

522 days ago

all about the money    

Seriously.... he is playing the race card? Boy they learn young don't they. Too bad you can't confiscate that "card" after use...

522 days ago


Maybe he had it out for you because you're a dumbass.

522 days ago


What a ****ing idiot..A) you can't give someone a racist look...B) If you don't want to get arrested for smoking weed, don't smoke weed in a ****ing hotel...He should be put down like the dog he is.

522 days ago

anung rama    

send his ass to jail, see how many skinheads give him a racist look

522 days ago


This mo ron is from my city (Chicago). I try to deny I know anything about him.

Whatta freakin' loser.

522 days ago


His music and videos are awful. Same repeating words, nothing but morons boppin around smoking weed throwing "gun" hand signs. Stup!d jackazz. Looks like a future income source for the privatized prison system.

522 days ago


a racist look ?? Really that's some weak ****

522 days ago


"17-year-old rap sensation Chief Keef "

Never heard of him.

522 days ago


So he cried racism for smoking weed.....when he in fact was smoking weed. Wow....the irony!!! Typical ni@@er

522 days ago


Im gonna go watch Django Unchained now.

522 days ago


What an idiot. Guess he doesn't grasp the 'bigot' thing doesn't fly anymore.

522 days ago


This Chief Keef kid is bad news... Everyone from the Chicago street scene knows he's responsible for the death of other teenagers, mostly rival rappers, but there's never enough of a trail to formally charge him. The fact that a known criminal and lowlife (who's already breeding with underaged girls) is being pegged the next Tupac is disgusting.

522 days ago

buzz kill    

WTF! I get pretty sick and tired of this crap. Let me get this straight. When your born black, along with your birth certificate you are also issued a "Get Out of Jail Free" card". After all it's Whitey's fault you broke the law in the first place.

522 days ago

lisazthats me    

I am so sick and tired of hearing every black rapper that gets themselves in trouble blaming the MAN (which is usually white people/cops/whatever) for their screw-ups. They are the ones being racist pigs.

522 days ago
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