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Paris Jackson

Cops Say She DIDN'T Want to Die

6/6/2013 9:45 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Cops officially classified the Paris Jackson incident as a "suicide attempt," but they do NOT believe her intent was to kill herself.

Law enforcement sources familiar with the situation tell TMZ ... based on the information the L.A. County Sheriff's Dept. has gathered ... "She wanted attention."  One source involved in the case tells us ... her call to a suicide hotline is compelling evidence "she wanted to be saved."  The source added, "It makes no sense if you really want to die to call a hotline, where the person on the other end will get an ambulance over to your house."

TMZ broke the story ... Paris used a meat cleaver to cut her arm and took a bunch of Motrin, and our sources say as a result they must classify it as a "suicide attempt."  But, as one source put it, "Who takes Motrin to kill themselves?  She called the suicide hotline because she wanted the attention and wanted to make sure EMTs got there in time."

We're also told Paris was conscious when EMTs arrived and did not argue or put up a struggle when she was placed on a stretcher.

One source connected with the case tells us, "She's into the drama."



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Detroit Alyssa    

Ps EVERY 15 year old girl is into drama. That has nothing to do with anything.

481 days ago


This article is completely irresponsible, and uninformed. Those who are familiar with suicide statistics would know it is the 9th leading cause of death in the U.S. (even before cancer) and 90% of those who commit suicide have a diagnosible mental illness AT THE TIME of death. It may not be a long term illness like I have, but it most certainly isn't "because she wants attention" or because "she's into the drama". I hope that no young people read this article and take it as truth. Oh by the way look up how many overdoses are just from Ibuprofin. God bless you Paris... it does get better.

481 days ago


god here we go again...another spoiled drama queen heiress for the media to follow around. look out kim kardashian. this just never ever will get old will it?

481 days ago

Jimmy Russlesw    

Every person at TMZ who contributed to this article should literally commit suicide. I'm not saying that as a joke. I really want you to kill yourself

481 days ago

I Was About To Say    

Strange, usually people want to kill themselves AFTER seeing Marilyn Manson....

481 days ago


"It makes no sense if you really want to die to call a hotline, where the person on the other end will get an ambulance over to your house." ummmm...actually it makes perfect sense, people who go through suicidal thoughts don't want to think them and somewhere inside desire help, fact is sometimes the suicidal tendencies win.

481 days ago


BS! Nothing happened, attention whore!

481 days ago


Is it a surprise that she cut herself really bad, received medical attention but only the
suicide hotline person had the intelligence to
save her life before she BLED to death?

Her father cut his face, injected his face & scarred up his veins with Propofol injections until he died.

No one in the family noticed anything, yet quickly, Entertainment Tonight interviewed Katherine, Debbie & Prince I, whether or not
the Michael Jackson & Paris gave permission to everyone for reporting about them.
Why was Prince promoting his father in Germany?
Is he a slave to the Jackson brothers?
His sister couldn't even call anyone except a suicide hotline. Her friends aren't family, so she clearly don't discuss her problems with them.
Obviously, Katherine & auntie La Toya & uncles want "privacy" now. Yeah, right.
She's bleeding from her wrist, but no one should talk to her because they are the "evil media"??
That's like saying, "MJ is sleeping with Propofol. Leave the poor man alone so that he could perform his duty on stage".
How is she allowed to read the news, fighting & lashing out against her "fans" and a singer on twitter & foolishly let people steal her videos? A 12-15 year old child should not have to worry about fighting with her "fans" & "making friends" with Michael Jackson fans.
She should be taking care of herself, not taking care of Blanket & freeing her granny Katherine from all guilt & "sadness" with a $40 million deal at age 15.

The $20 million payout to Jordan Chandler didn't help
either Michael Jackson & Jordan, did it?

in a 20-minute video posted on YouTube on May 31. It shows Jackson in what she describes as her bedroom playfully demonstrating how she applies her makeup.

"Hello, face that is rarely ever seen in public without makeup," she says at the start. She goes through foundation, eyeliner and eyeshadow, all the time chatting and sharing random fun facts, including that she has watched the film Tangled three "times a week" in the last year, and, as a child, she says, she "has this fantasy" that she was "going to marry a cowboy."

She makes goofy faces, plays air guitar and and says, "I need serious help. I am crazy!"

Paris wrote on Twitter that she doesn't know how the video ended up on YouTube.

"I hope you guys liked it tho and didn't think i'm too crazy," she wrote. "i get weird when i'm not around people lol."

481 days ago


get well sweetie.....

481 days ago

One who knows    

Yeah, she tried to commit suicide. Sure. More like she stood in the way of over a billion dollars. When the fox is the rooster guarding the hen house, the hens will never be safe. She needs to be on the East Coast or somewhere out of the way before those who got her father get her. No wonder Prince I wants to be emancipated.

481 days ago


What a pity that similar attention is not given to the multitude of teens with mental health issues- This young lady's claim to fame is what? Pretending to be the offspring a pedophile freak? That fact somehow makes her worth following? How sad.
I do hope she fnds the help she needs before she succeeds in following her alleged father's footsteps to the grave via bad life choices.

481 days ago


Dear Paris,

Please don't hurt yourself. You are going to have to deal with these leeches and wacko family members for a very long time and you do not deserve to take it out on yourself. I hope you get help to learn coping strategies. Stick with the people who make you feel good and in a few years, you will hopefully be able to get away from the Jacksons.

481 days ago


This is nothing to take lightly. I am the mother of a 14 year old who suffers from depression. I also work with at risk students in middle school (grades 6-8). 6 of my male students have attempted suicide & 2 girls. I live in Hawaii & 4 teens have killed themselves in 2 months. Depression among teenagers in addition to suicide rates have increased dramatically recently. I'm not sure what, but something must be done to address & rectify this trend. I tell all of my students that they can talk to me about anything & any time. Most of them call me mom. It's time that we adults step up & recognize this is REAL - not teen drama or attention seeking. Anyboddy have any ideas besides Harvey not posting this sort of thing?

481 days ago


Why was she so knowledgeable about suicide
techniques after her father died and Katherine gave her internet access? Oh, right, Katherine is an 82 year old mother because no one under age 40 is qualified to be a loving, protective caretaker.

Don't plan ahead if you're a Jackson.
If Katherine dies, will Joe Jackson and Rebbie live with Paris?

481 days ago


Who takes Motrin to kill themselves? Someone who's cutting herself and doesn't want her blood to clot.

481 days ago
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