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Richard Ramirez

Night Stalker DEAD

6/7/2013 9:18 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
Exclusive Details

Richard Ramirez -- aka The Night Stalker -- who went on a rape-murder spree in Los Angeles in the mid-80s and terrorized the entire city -- is dead at 53 ... but we're getting conflicting info on the cause.

Ramirez killed at least 13 people and attempted 5 more ... by climbing in the windows of homes.  He also committed 11 sexual assaults, and probably more.

Ramirez was convicted and sentenced to death in 1989, and sat on San Quentin's death row ever since. The death sentence was not carried out because of endless appeals.

A San Quentin spokesperson reportedly says Ramirez died of natural causes ... HOWEVER ... a prison official told TMZ ... the murderer died from Hepatitis C, which some doctors say can be transmitted through sexual contact.  Hep C is verifiably contracted through IV drug use and blood transfusions.


The Night Stalker's crimes were particularly heinous ... he killed people as young as 9 and as old as 83.

On June 2, 1985, he murdered a 29-year-old man ... and then raped the victim's girlfriend, who survived the  attack.  

On July 20, 1985 ... he murdered another man -- and forced the victim's wife to perform oral sex on him.  The wife survived the attack.

Just 3 weeks after that ... Ramirez committed an almost identical crime -- killing husband, raping wife.

On August 25, 1985, he committed yet another crime -- shooting a man in the head and raping the victim's fiancee ... only this time, he made her swear her love for Satan during the attack. The man, Bill Carns,miraculously survived the attack.

Eventually, cops were able to obtain a fingerprint -- and released a mug shot of Ramirez to the public. He was captured days later, when an angry mob in East L.A. found him trying to steal a car ... and beat him within an inch of his life.

When Ramirez appeared in court, he famously flashed an image of a pentagram that was tattooed on his palm.

In short -- he was one of the absolute worst people to ever walk the Earth.


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Very sick kids - from very sick families - turn into very sick adults -

The problem is grasping, understanding that.

Once you've been victimized/terrorized -

- by one or more of these monsters.

Then you walk into a Christian church.

And the pastor goes, "Get over it - everyone on the planet - combined?"

"amount to a drop of H20 - in the whole scheme of things."

So now you're guilty/stupid/lame - if it follows you around the rest of your dayz.

510 days ago


Too bad it took so long!!

510 days ago


Why do we keep these people alive with endless appeals? So the Lawyers get rich is that why?

510 days ago

en Todo Momento!!    

boy am i glad that attorneys take extra special extra extra time for these kinds. i mean who would, if they didn't, sacrifice each and every of their available minutes to make sure proper justice is served? i love our great, great legal system.

510 days ago


Yes , he was one rotten SOB !

510 days ago


He was an IV drug user.

510 days ago


If this story is made into a movie, I can totally see Keanu Reeves playing this guy. Wooden, exotic, eccentric.

But good riddance, nonetheless.

510 days ago


"A San Quentin spokesperson reportedly says Ramirez died of natural causes ... HOWEVER ... a prison official told TMZ ... the murderer died from Hepatitis C" Come on, TMZ - really? Dying of "natural causes" means a person died due to something wrong with their body, this includes dying from an illness. Dying of liver failure is indeed dying of a natural cause even when the liver failure is due to having Hep C. An unnatural cause of death means by accident, murder, suicide, etc.

510 days ago


heresa Barranco Now we can work on our Movie Barry Carlman Jordan Carlman and Diane!! !!!!!! AWESOME
11 minutes ago · Like
Theresa Barranco I escaped from this piece of dirt!
11 minutes ago · Like
Theresa Barranco He came to San Pablo and I saw face to face in 3 Minutes he was following me! I was On My way to my friend s so when I saw him turn around to come back for me! My Friends Husband Ran outside and they looked at each other and he took off for the hills! Just ask Barry Carlman His wife was 8 months Pregnant!
7 minutes ago · Like
I am so happy that I did not know who he was that was following Me After I Yelled at him that the Light is not going to get any GREENER and so He was in front of me , he saw me turn right so he turn right and met me head on at the stop sign and then he turned around to come back and maybe get me.y
Thank You Barry Carlman for scaring him away!

Theresa Barranco Lets work on that Movie Now Barry Carlman and Jordan Carlman

Yes RR was in SP to buy a gun, there was a 2 week wait that had just came to Law!!

510 days ago

Your S&M Girlfriend    

... and some woman with an IQ about 50 points above average married him about 15 years ago. That's a mind I'd like to understand.

510 days ago


I remember when the night stalker was finally captured and beat by the public everyone celebrated.

People in California were living in fear afraid to go to sleep at night advised during extremely hot summer night weather keep all doors and windows locked that the night stalker would likely use the hot weather and pick his next targets that left windows open. People were watching the news hoping to hear the night stalker was finally caught only to hear the night stalker killed again and it seemed like it went on forever and people began to wonder if the night stalker would ever be caught and everyone just wanted to celebrate the end of the fear the devil worshiper inflicted on the public.

510 days ago


Good riddance! I remember this SOB when I was little. He had everybody scared to go out at night in the summer! Whew

510 days ago

buzz kill    

It sucks he died of natural causes, he should have been made to endure the pain and humiliation he caused his victims.

510 days ago


He was trying trying to carjack a mentally slow lady in East LA, and the homies on that block, who knew that lady (and protected her) ran up on him(they didn't know it was Richard Ramirez) and seriously beat his a$$. When the cops came, they ran away so they wouldn't get in trouble. If you remember though, there was a reward for the capture of the night stalker and that reward went to the guys who kicked his a$$ in East LA

510 days ago

Cynthia Kay    

That was Lady Gaga??!! Pretty tame bathing suit for the pop star known for outragious outfits! You go girl!

510 days ago
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