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Authorities to Seize Financial Docs

in Welfare Fraud Probe

6/9/2013 7:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Welfare fraud investigators have taken steps to seize Octomom's bank records and other documents that may prove she's been stealing taxpayers' money ... and what they find could land her in prison.

Welfare fraud officials obtained a search warrant to seize Octo's financial and employment records -- because they smell a rat.

We broke the story ... the L.A. County Dept. of Welfare Fraud Prevention and Investigation (WFP&I), has been investigating Nadya Suleman after getting a tip that she was collecting welfare in 2012  ... when she grossed more than $200,000.

According to the warrant -- obtained by TMZ -- investigators have targeted 2 locations -- the home and office of Octo's manager, the person who presumably has financial records showing what's up.

As we previously reported, Octo and her 14 kids are entitled to get welfare benefits if she earns less than $119,000 in a calendar year.  But there's evidence she made a lot more and still grabbed public assistance money.

If the hunch is right, Octo can be prosecuted for welfare fraud, and if she's convicted she could face 3 years in prison.


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She sucks, but so does corporate welfare.

500 days ago


I'd feed her the ole meatsicle.

500 days ago

Timmy Boy    

Wont do a day in prison. PS She is hideous.

500 days ago


Your calling her "Octo" in all your news stories absolutely,cracks me up! Don't know why, it just does! Anyway, thanks for that!

500 days ago


Seize her uterus!!

499 days ago


I don't know if the same rules apply in Ca, but the state I live in requires the name and address of the father of the children if one is applying for any kind of gov't assistance.

499 days ago


Put the lazy biotch in prison and adopt all the kids out to loving, caring, providing families. That would solve the whole problem and hopefully it's not too late for the kids. The two older could go with grandma and grandpa but the rest need loving, nuturing, caring homes and probably therapy. My heart goes out to the kids but I could care less if that selfish biotch lives or dies. She spent all the money collected for the kids on herself with plastic surgery galore, makeup, botox, name brand clothing, etc, etc etc. All for herself. Screw what the kids needed...she spent all the monies they could've lived off of. If not for SSI and welfare and food stamps the kids would've starved and she couldn't have cared less. She just needs the kids so no one will turn their back and ignore her. Very sad situation. AND FOR GOD'S SAKE, WILL SOMEONE DO DNA TO SEE IF THEY ARE DR K'S KIDS?? I would place money on it they are....ALSO, SHE SHOULD BE INVESTIGATED FOR WORKERS COMP FRAUD, IRS FRAUD, HER FRAUDLENT COMPANY - HARMONY INC,- WELFARE FRAUD ETC. When hasn't she committed fraud of some sort?????? She needs to rot in prison.

499 days ago


she needs serious help someone please take those kids away and get her the help she needs the children need more than her b.s.

499 days ago


She still has one of the tightest vajayjays .

499 days ago


Well it's about time I for one hope she does go to jail. She's collecting welfare and making some kind of reality show. Sorry to say you can't have it both ways. YOU NEED TO GET REAL JOB AND QUIT MAKING US TAXPAYERS PAY FOR YOUR CHILDREN, YOU WANTED TO HAVE ALL THOSE KIDS NOW STEP UP TO THE PLATE AND TAKE CARE OF THEM WITH OUT TAXPAYERS MONEY.

499 days ago

Brad Enlow    

It is about friggin time!!!!!

499 days ago


Throw this lazy burden on California taxpayers in the slammer where she belongs! STEALING FROM TAXPAYERS BECAUSE YOU ARE TOO LAZY TO GET A REAL JOB!

499 days ago

Wanda Kirby    

She should not be on welfare at all. If you make that kind of money than you should have to be the sole person to keep her family up. I am 61 and I make $7.50 a hour and my husband is disable and we have to survirve on alittle amount amonth. I know people that can't get help and she still getting help that tell's me a lot about our government. People really needs to wake up I am really upset that people that really needs help can't get it that's ashame. Why don"t the public official's take their salaries and live like most people have to live and maybe than they would understand what we are upset about. If she can't afford them thshe she do the loving thing and adopt them to people that can. I am sick of this woman acting like she make a mistake. They want to cut umemployment and that's not right cause what are those peple going to do that have lost everything and did not asked to lose their jobs that's people and eldery people that need's help. This woman knew this could happen and I have no pettie for her at all.

499 days ago


She deserves to be in prison for what she has been putting her victims/children through.

499 days ago


And the cost to the taxpayer to incarcerate the demented dame and to pay for the care of her brood while she is locked up????

A no-win scenario for the taxpayer.

Better to let the wench keep working and take part of her income to pay the excess free wealth she stole.

499 days ago
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