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Paris Jackson

She Hasn't Grieved

Over Dad's Death

6/13/2013 10:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Paris Jackson
is stable and doing OK ... but she's dealing with some pretty heavy issues, including the fact that she hasn't dealt with Michael Jackson's death -- this according to sources connected with the Jackson family.

Our sources say Paris -- who's currently receiving psychological help at UCLA Medical Center -- has indeed felt bullied, but NOT by schoolmates.  We're told Paris has had an obsession with comments people leave about her on social media and websites -- and the negative comments "really get to her."  Our sources say she currently does not have access to her phone or the Internet, so the problem is temporarily solved.

Paris, one source says, is a "rebel."  We've learned Paris almost got expelled from school after punching a student who "talked smack about her father." 

We're told Debbie Rowe has expressed deep concern about some of the friends Paris has been hanging with -- friends who she believes have been a bad influence.

And there's this ... we're told the shrinks who have been helping Paris believe she has not really gone through the grieving process over her dad's death.  In other words, a lot of emotional upset has been building for nearly 4 years.

We're told when Paris gets out of UCLA ... she and Debbie Rowe are going away together for 6 to 8 weeks so she can get better.  Our sources say Debbie feels very strongly it's important to get her the hell out of L.A. for the summer.



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billy pootons    

he's not really her father though right? it would seem to be tough for a kid to grow up in that family

499 days ago

en Todo Momento!!    

is her family sure her doctor didn't 'accidentally' lower the dose on her meds, if she is taking any, that were. just guessing, since her parent only recently passed away. i think it is fairly common for people to attempt suicide when they go off of psych meds they require.

499 days ago

Obamais still aracist    

I do feel sorry for this child she came from a very confusing dysfunctional family that is broken and a different race than she is, but she is still prettier smarter and and a better human than kim k will ever be

499 days ago


What's that song Michael had? Leave me alone, just stop dogging me around.

You all keep picking on a 15-year old little girl thinking she doesn't read this stuff. Well, here we are - let the girl just be a little girl, people.

499 days ago


Get well, Paris. Accepting the passing of a loved one takes time. Sometimes, a lifetime ),:

499 days ago


Who are these sources that are leaking personal medical information of a child? They should be prosecuted.

499 days ago


Poor lil rich girl, who's only problem is she has no problem.

499 days ago

I Was About To Say    

And cue the rabid retards compalining about another Paris Jackson story.... NOW.

499 days ago


Praying for this young lady to get all the help she needs.

What friends are bad influences.... not her cousins right?

499 days ago


I think that's probably true. Imean the reality is these kids were pretty much pimped out straight away. Interviews, concerts... They went full on into the media glare and I think initially all of those things probably felt right. They were sharing the fans grief aswell as their own and celebrating their dad but honestly it leaves very little private room for grief. They must get stick for being Jacksons kids.. He didn't just shelter them from the world, he sheltered them from all the negative publicity he had taken. That's gotta b a heavy weight to take on also. Dudes he was her dad. Biological or not. I dont get the fascination with that at all. He loved them. Katherine to me seems like a nice woman but she's of a totally different generation and is a very active jehovas witness. Must have been quite a substantial difference between her home life with her dad and the one at the Jacksons compound. Good luck Paris.

499 days ago


Wish the best for her

499 days ago

Jamey Hunter    

Negative comments are a part of everyone who is in the limelight. If she can't deal with it, she needs to get out of the spotlight immediately-if she stops putting herself out there, the media will eventually recede as well as the negative comments. Princess to learn a hard lesson-not everyone is nice, not everyone loves you or your family. Suck it up and deal with it.

499 days ago


Lost my dad in my late 20s and found it difficult. It was several years before I was able to even think of him without tearing up. Can't imagine having to deal with hearing stories or having someone say bad things about him. I would totally flip out if someone said something bad about my father. Imagine what she hears all the time. Hopefully they are able to help her through all that.

499 days ago


and that's what happens when people feel comfortable bullying children from behind the screens of their computers. It's a shame that people get some sick sense of satisfaction tyring to hurt a child. Of course she reads what people say. Children want to be liked. They want to fit in. Be kind people. I wish you all the best Paris. Stay strong. You have the power to make your life anything that you want it to be. ((hugs))

499 days ago


Paris, be strong - time heals all. Give yourself time.

499 days ago
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