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Debbie Rowe

Won't Seek Guardianship

Of Paris ... For Now

6/14/2013 5:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Debbie Rowe
is NOT at odds with Paris Jackson's guardians, Katherine Jackson and TJ Jackson -- and she will not try to wrestle guardianship away unless the situation changes drastically ... because she does not want to split up Michael Jackson's 3 kids.

Sources directly connected with the family tell TMZ ... Debbie has spent a significant amount of time at Katherine's house and "likes and respects" Katherine.  We're told Debbie loves TJ, and worries he's taken on so much -- not only is he guardian to MJ's 3 kids, he has a family of his own to care for.

As for Debbie's relationship with Paris, we're told it's "intense."  Paris calls Debbie "Mom" and the two interact as mother and daughter, with Debbie often correcting Paris and "laying down the law."

We're told as much as Debbie loves Paris and wants to be with her, she does not want to yank Paris out of the family house and away from her brothers, Prince and Blanket.  We're told Debbie is especially worried about Blanket, who is vulnerable and feels abandoned after Michael's death. 

Now here's the problem -- We're told Michael's brothers and sisters -- with the exception of Janet -- have been on a campaign against Debbie being part of Paris' life. 

Not a big shock, right?



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Sounds like she has the best interest of Paris in mind. Just wants to help

493 days ago


in 36 month i will have paris jackson front....

493 days ago

BB not bb    

Not for nothing, Debbie should just take all three kids. If she respects Katherine and TJ, then she can let them come visit. This family is toxic and especially to Paris. I feel that she is in severe emotional distress being around them.

Katherine is flaky and TJ puts on a good image from a distance. That is not what being a good parent is about. Of course these people know how to seem nice, they are entertainers. The real proof is in how they treat others.

They seem to do everything they can to emotionally sabotage Paris. Why in the world would they discourage her from seeing her mother? I think the mother is even maybe intimidated by them, so she is trying not to make waves. She must have heard an earful about them from Michael.

I don't know how things could get much worse. If they do get much worse, there might be no turning back.

493 days ago


it isn't just Michael's sisters and brothers who doesn't want Debbie to be apart of Paris' life, Michael didn't want his kids to have anything to do with Debbie. Didn't Michael pay off Debbie to stay away from the kids?

493 days ago

The Real JJ    

At least it sounds like she cares. MJ must have ran $hit because they can't operate without him.

493 days ago


You know if Michael's siblings dont want Debbie in Paris' life we know why that is and its money. They loose what their mother gets. shame on them. They dont care for Paris or her brothers at all. Good on Debbie.

493 days ago


I think Debbie looks pathetic. Not just because she’s obese but because she just doesn’t give a f*ck. To put her in perspective, I thought I’d compare her to other women her own age. Keeping in mind that Debbie is just as rich as any of these ladies:

Michelle Pfeiffer, Demi Moore, Holly Hunter, Heather Locklear, Julianne Moore, Rene Russo, Jodie Foster, Kim Basinger, Cher.

By comparison, other chicks her age are hot but Debbie ain’t so hot.

493 days ago

Mary P    

I kinda wondered about Blanket. Paris is getting a chance at a Mom, Prince has the option - Blanket has no one, he was the youngest so most likely really affected.

Her positions have been rather eloquent during all this. By outsider accounts, she's been open and honest with the rest of the family and you can bet your butt if Paris said she wanted to go with her, the judge would let her go. I gotta say, she's earning public respect for not jumping into the media circus and horrifically absurd fame fiends like the Jacksons.

How pathetic it is for that family to be hanging onto the money so much, that they'll shut out the only thing Paris knows as a mother, the one place she can vent or go to who ISN'T a Jackson. You know they aren't letting her breathe a word to anyone without pre-approval and a damn contract otherwise. How isolated she must be.

493 days ago


That kid doesn't stand a chance if she stays near that Jackson family. Look what they did to Michael.

493 days ago


When she was with MJ, nobody protected him from schizophrenic vultures.
Nobody helped MJ when he was down, not even his friends, but he didn't reallize he was in trouble, so he hung around with useless Hollywood actors who only kissed his behind because of Jackson 5 & Thriller. There were do***entaries of Thriller but there was no do***entary of his relationship with real friends. Most of them were greedy like his parents & siblings.

Paris looked very excited when she was playing with the peaceful animals at Debbie's home.
No wonder she was so sad about missing the family members she just met.
They can afford to have all 3 kids together in a nearby home if the brothers don't feel ready to meet Debbie.
Katherine is just an apologist for destructive behavior. She just leaves Paris alone & hopes the media forgets the family is a bunch of liars.
Katherine failed at portraying herself as a frail old victim of MJ's lies. She's a joke because she's the biggest liar next to Joe.

493 days ago


'It's the best therapy': Paris Jackson's cousin Tanay says she should live with her birth mother Debbie Rowe

And now Paris Jackson's cousin Tanay has spoken out to advise the teenager to move in full time with her biological mother Debbie Rowe.
The 28-year-old singer, daughter of Michael Jackson's brother Tito, said the 15-year-old should move in with the retired nurse if it will make her happy.

She told E!: 'If it's better for her emotional stability I think she should go with her mom, if that's best for her.
'Right now the living situation that she's in and the situation she's in she's not happy.
'It took her to the point of trying to commit suicide.
'So if it makes her happy once again to be with her mom, then that's where she needs to be. It's probably the best therapy.'

She said: 'I've dealt with my father's side of the family, it can be tough.
'I've bumped heads with a few people there, a few people on my dad's side of the family.'

And Tanay explained: 'It's just not easy to communicate, its just not easy to have them understand.
'Its always their way or the high way, and that's fine.'
'But if Paris cannot deal with that situation I would tell her look you need to do what's best, what make you happy. Happiness will set you free.'

And she is confident the schoolgirl will ultimately make a decision that suits her, even if it puts some noses out of joint.
She said: 'Paris does what she feels is right in her heart, even from the last incident.
'You know there are rules you have to follow when you are living with someone.
'If she doesn't like them she wants to change.'
Tanay has had her own problems with the family in the past, and was forced to sue her father to get him to acknowledge she was his daughter back in 2009.

493 days ago

mj fan forever    

They ALL love and deeply miss their daddy so this does NOT go for Blanket only!!! How can she say it's only Blanket moreover after what is happening??!! Intense relationship not so much given she pretended not to see Paris' scars. ALL of Michael Jackson's children really need someone who is interested in looking after them and not this bunch of vultures who is only after money!!!!

493 days ago


This doesn't sound like Debbie Rowe !!!! If Paris lived with Debbie, even temporarily for the summer, Debbie is not breaking up the children. It would be Paris' choice to live with her mother and Debbie IS her mother. Paris has no place to go if her mother doesn't stand up and take responsibility since Katherine and T.J. haven't. T.J. defaulted in his co-guardianship responsibilities by reducing his time spent with MJ3 and not notifying Child Services of his relocation. MJ3 need someone available to them 24/7 which their security guards provide but their guardians don't. Debbie is Paris' lifeline right now and Debbie should care less what the "Jackson" clan think. By rejecting Paris' needs, Debbie will worsen Paris' situation if Paris HAS to continue living with KJ. It's called "help a child". Of course, MJ's siblings would be on a campaign against Debbie, because KJ handles MJ3's allowance and wouldn't be able to continue syphoning $ to her kids. Jermaine and Randy have always been unstable father's so they are the last people to give their opinion's regarding Debbie. Also Debbie wouldn't get guardianship because by California law parents AREN'T considered guardians. Debbie would get custody of her daughter. If Debbie doesn't HELP Paris in her time of need she will probably be written off by Paris for the rest of her life. Grace would be perfect for Paris and Blanket while Prince is just counting his days until he turns 18 and can get out on his own.

493 days ago


E-mails that AEG Live executives sent and received in the months before Jackson's death include one in which Phillips assures show director Kenny Ortega that the company has "checked out" Murray and found him to be very successful.
AEG Live executives later acknowledged they did not do a background check on Murray, who a police detective testified was in debt for more than $1 million dollars and faced foreclosure on his home.
"I wrote it in the e-mail that I thought at the time he had been checked out," Phillips testified Tuesday. He wrote that Murray was successful "because that's what I was told," he said.
"In retrospect, it's not 100% true," Phillips said. "There's what I thought at the time versus what I learned afterwards."
Phillips, Gongaware and other AEG Live executives ignored red flags that should have alerted them that Jackson's life was in danger, the Jackson lawsuit contends.
Murray signed and faxed his $150,000-a-month contract back to AEG Live, but with Jackson's death the next day on June 25, 2009, Phillips didn't sign it. AEG lawyers argue that means it was not a fully executed agreement and Murray was never hired by them.

493 days ago




493 days ago
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