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Michael Jackson Death Trial

AEG Live

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6/14/2013 11:45 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
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It's pretty shocking ... but Katherine Jackson may have taken a giant step today toward convincing a jury AEG Live was negligent in protecting Michael Jackson just days before his death.

AEG Live honcho Randy Phillips had trouble explaining to Katherine's lawyer why he thought MJ "looked really good" in a meeting 5 days before his death when a photograph taken a day before the meeting clearly showed otherwise.

The photo shows a smiling Jackson but someone who looked gaunt and pale.  On top of that, there is testimony that producer/director Kenny Ortega and others were alarmed over Jackson's health.

In the days preceding his death, Jackson had missed rehearsals and was sweating profusely.  He also seemed out of it. 

As for how Phillips reconciled his statement with other evidence, he said, "I was confused as anybody."

Here's the deal ... This case was AEG's to lose.  AEG could have made it simple and just said they assumed MJ was being properly cared for by the doctor MJ handpicked.  But AEG has gotten a little too cute, painting a picture that the jury may not be buying.

Short story ... Propofol aside, if the jury believes AEG unreasonably pushed MJ like a circus animal, they could be in beaucoup trouble.



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Michael Jackson looked unhealthy, unhappy, underweight, and gray for years. I don't understand how anyone could say he looked any worse on a bad day than he had on a good day.

463 days ago


I like MJ's music too. It's sad that he's gone , & at such a young age. But the thing is, he was a grown man. You can't make a grown man take care of himself.


It would have been a different situation if a doctor was not involved. Doctors swear to protect, not harm, by law and they are held at higher standards as police officers. Patients are never responsible for their well being if the doctor is present. If that was not the case then what's the point of having doctors. MJ was sick. the sick can't think rationally. His capability to think was taken away when the doctor enabled his addiction by administering him propofol every night for 30 days. On drugs, you don't think rationally. Unless MJ had knowledge in the field of medicine, he cannot be responsible for his death... by law.

463 days ago


Michael was a grown ADULT person. HE made all the choices concerning HIS life style. He should have been accountable for all HIS bad choices in life.
Quit trying to blame everybody else for his mistakes and short comings.He is gone because of his own actions. Sure it's a pity,but he could have opted out of that show. HE chose not to.

463 days ago

Ali go to school you fool    

Wacko had to be pushed. He had a long history of reneging on deals after he took the money. He was a junky and a con-artist. Now I see where he got those ugly traits from. His mother.

463 days ago


Scott Thorsen (Liberace's lover), just stated on Barbara Walter's, THE VIEW show, that he and MJ had an affair around the time of THRILLER. He claims he has taken two lie detector tests to prove that fact.
Very telling~

463 days ago


He may have seemed 'out of it', but there was a plethora of drugs or alcohol he could been on. And 'anxiety' over the tour is a good explaination for his weight loss.

I'm tired of Jackson's attempts at making everyone else responsible but MJ.

463 days ago


Michael was a freak-show drug addict/pedo.

Someone must be sued for this fact.

463 days ago


MJ is to be pitied. Brilliant talent that could not handle his finances or his life. Just another Hollywood tragedy. Reminds me of Judy Garland's life, for some reason.Drug taker who just didn't wake up one day.

463 days ago


The real question to ask is why did Michael's family just sit around for years and do nothing to help him. They all just cared about his money. Bunch of money grubby s***bags. The jury better not give his mom a cent.

463 days ago


For those who followed the Murray trial and (as well as possible) this one, it's obvious that AEG and Murray share the guilt. And AEG didn't do themselves any favors by starting this trial by delivering fiercely derogatory remarks on Michael (the man they expected to make millions from) and threatening to drag into the process irrelevant factors, such as paternity of his children. It smacked more of revenge and smear campaign than actual evidence, and it was so clearly just a demonstration of the same arrogance and contempt that was a huge factor in bringing Michael down. AEG are so blinded by their own contempt for MJ that they take for granted the world shares it.

Michael was intimidated, yelled at, deprived of control over the production and even slapped, and it seems more and likely that that contributed in a major way to his sleeplessness and forced him to rely on a shady doctor who was in financial trouble and knew he needed to satisfy AEG's wishes to get paid.

Many warnings were given about Michael's physical and psychological status, several people feared for his life, but AEG stuck to their iron fist "tough love" . It cost Michael his life, his children their father, and the world a musical genius and great benefactor.

463 days ago



So yesterday.

463 days ago

Buck Boy    

What part of being a Jackson makes one 100 PERCENT NOT responsible for any action they take?

While they may win this case, it WAS the responsibility of Mr. Jackson to care for himself.
People die everyday of hard work and are not able to sue the owners of the company that employed them.

463 days ago


Why isn't TMZ's (tm) predator drone providing a live video feed from the trial? Among the "highlights" TMZ readers have missed: A discussion about the death of Elvis Presley and a psychic who channeled Mikey from inside the courtroom. No, I'm not kidding on either of these. When will Harvey address this?

463 days ago


I wonder who the family should sue for the embarrassing time he chose to show up to his pedo trial in his pajamas?

463 days ago

mj fan forever    

Michael Jackson was in good health. ALL of the problems Michael Jackson had were exclusively due to murderer's administrations. Kenny Ortega also said that he thought that if he had received the proper help, Ortega was convinced he could do everything like always. The Coroner stated that Michael Jackson was HEALTHIER THAN ANY OTHER PERSON OF HIS AGE and that he found NO sign of drug abuse. If Michael Jackson missed rehearsals and looked confused, anxious and was sweating profusely and all the bad symptoms he had were ALL due to murderer's administrations. Everyone seemed to be worried and "confused" about his health, but NO ONE said nor did NOTHING to really help him, nor to understand what really he had. AEG is responsible for not taking seriously all these facts and Randy Phillips even told Kenny Ortega that murderer was a good doctor and he trusted him even after Kenny Ortega had sent Michael home because he had chills and wasn't able to rehearse, and everything because everyone at AEG couldn't care less about Michael Jackson and his wellness but ONLY about the money they could grab from him. And greedy unnatural mother Katherine is made of the same stuff. Her lawyer did not hesitate to paint Michael Jackson in a very bad light, and also she was only thinking about the money she could grab from him just like AEG. Of course this lawsuit is all about money, in which she did not hesitate to drag Michael Jackson's children in the prospective to get billions. Both sides are disgraceful beyond any limit.

463 days ago
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