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James Gandolfini

Reportedly Guzzled 8

Drinks Before Death

6/21/2013 4:50 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
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James Gandolfini reportedly gorged himself on fried food, foie gras and booze just before he died of a heart attack.

Gandolfini downed at least 8 drinks at the restaurant in the hotel where he died -- 4 shots of rum, 2 pina coladas and 2 beers -- this according to the New York Post.

The "Sopranos" star also feasted on fried prawns covered in mayo and chili sauce and foie gras, according to the paper.

On Tuesday -- the night before he died -- we're told Gandolfini dined at another restaurant and downed at least one glass of wine (Photo above).

Gandolfini struggled with alcohol and drug addiction. 

Interestingly ... the doctor who runs the ER put out a statement Thursday that there was no evidence of alcohol in his system, but based on the report something is clearly off.


No Avatar


8 drinks is not that much for a guy his size. Plus, if he only did it occasionally it's not that unusual.

452 days ago


"Voted" and "guzzled"? Wow TMZ, way to show that you guys are nothing but sensationalist teenagers.

452 days ago


Leave the poor man's family alone you ****roaches!

452 days ago


1. Wine is good for your heart according to most scientific research that has been conducted on the subject.

2. Who uncritically cites the Post on ANYTHING anymore?! Ah, that's right, TMZ does.

He has produced the singlemost defining character in TV history. Let the man rest in peace and his family grieve without this BS floating around.

RIP James Gandolfini

452 days ago


WHO CARES??? I swear you guys will pick and pick until you find something horrible on people! He passed away... people who eat out... or are extremely healthy can drop dead of a heart doesn't matter what he ate or drank... let his family mourn... do you really think his kids want to see him remembered this way?

452 days ago


"downed" a glass of wine? The glass sitting there is half full, so give it a rest. Stop making up stuff on the corpse of a man that died too soon.

452 days ago


Omg leave him alone. He's no here and his family is in mourning and you're trying to tarnish his name. He wasn't perfect, but who the hell is? Ohhhhh he was drinking and eating fried foods, I don't see anything here that suggests anything he did was illegal.

452 days ago


Hmmm, should I believe the New York Post or a respectable doctor?

452 days ago


God forbid anyone indulge on a holiday! TMZ are absolute ghouls. They can't let a likeable guy die of a natural cause, without making it look as though he did it to himself. "No evidence of drugs, far". So far? So disrespectful, desperate for some blood money. When you all die I hope some one dissects every bad choice you made and publishes it!

452 days ago


You guys are disgusting. Quit with these reports. You guys really show your true colours when posts like this appear.

452 days ago


Sure, the guy was a pig. But it could've been foul play. Lots of celebs are mysteriously dying young these days. It's not all natural causes. And we all know just what Randy Quaid had to say about that.

452 days ago


The coroner just released the autopsy results: no alcohol or drugs yet you quote the Post. DISGUSTING!

452 days ago


When someone just keels over there's question on what led up to it? I'm sure that this isn't the first time eating like that and pounding the drinks(yea, 8 is a bit much), hence the heart attack. Eventually you pay the price and that's what happened.

452 days ago


This "story" needs to be taken down. Have some integrity TMZ. Shame on you.

452 days ago


He should have had a V-8...

452 days ago
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