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James Gandolfini

Reportedly Guzzled 8

Drinks Before Death

6/21/2013 4:50 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
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James Gandolfini reportedly gorged himself on fried food, foie gras and booze just before he died of a heart attack.

Gandolfini downed at least 8 drinks at the restaurant in the hotel where he died -- 4 shots of rum, 2 pina coladas and 2 beers -- this according to the New York Post.

The "Sopranos" star also feasted on fried prawns covered in mayo and chili sauce and foie gras, according to the paper.

On Tuesday -- the night before he died -- we're told Gandolfini dined at another restaurant and downed at least one glass of wine (Photo above).

Gandolfini struggled with alcohol and drug addiction. 

Interestingly ... the doctor who runs the ER put out a statement Thursday that there was no evidence of alcohol in his system, but based on the report something is clearly off.


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The talented but obese and unhealthy actor apparently got what was coming to him.

385 days ago


He was a good size man so he could handle multiple drinks and perhaps it was over a long period of time so no alcohol was detected; this was prior to the evening of his death . . . that night it says he had one glass of wine. Regardless look at the drunks and drug addicts still roaming the planet and haven't died from the abuse.

385 days ago


"I'm a Lawyer" = "I"m a tool"

385 days ago


the family never suspected health issues? just look at him, he was a walking health issue! OMG. DUH.

385 days ago


He died because he didn't have a Doctor check his health. Like me, he developed bad habits, but like most men, think everything is fine unless there are symptoms.

385 days ago


TMZ ........Shut the F up have no clue what your talking about........I like to know when you crew is out or on vacay what do they do say no to drinks and food........The food he ate that night didn't kill him....... Please its always DRAMA when it come to TMZ..... its pure Bullsh*t.......Nuff Said RIP

385 days ago


Please let this man rest in piece! My goodness he is not buried and you guys are maligning his name. Remember he has a 13 year old son who can read and surf the Internet. Let the child have his memories of his dad without all this talk about how much he ate and drank his last days on earth. He was in Italy the capital of good food and wine. Of course you will partake in the cuisine. SMDH!!!

385 days ago


Guess who else drank that much and didn't die of a heart attack because it's unrelated? SEVERAL OTHER PEOPLE AT THE BAR.

385 days ago


Missing information; time period over which the drinks were consumed, etc. 'Guzzled' is an inflammatory word, and I wouldn't be surprised if a defamation of character law suit comes from it.

385 days ago


Um, yeah, maybe what's off is the hotel source. Other news outlets have reported that the family is denying what the hotel source claimed.

385 days ago


This is a really f-cked up article. Inflammatory language used. Again trying to make something out of nothing. I hope you get the same treatment when its your time to go.

385 days ago

Marco Pervo    

At least he had an awesome last meal. RIP.

385 days ago


You guys are trying to make this into something bigger than what it was and sadly what killed him was heart disease, which is the number one killer in both men and women. Look at how much weight he gained? A woman in Hollywood has a baby and doesn't lose the weight w/in a month and she is ridiculed and harassed by the media and basically told she is not good enough but a man can gain close to a 100lbs and no one says anything and now look what has happened. We have lost an amazing actor at such a young age who mind you also just had a baby. We need to stop focusing on the petty, bull**** that is appearances and whether someone is a size 0 or god forbid a size 2 and look at what is going into our food that ends up in our bodies. The food in this country is slowly killing us.

385 days ago


Jesus, the guy was on vacation he had some drinks...guzzled or not it was his right to enjoy his vacation. Why do you insist on trying to make this more than it is, a tragic death.

385 days ago

Agnes S    

If anything, the drinks SAVED his life that would have thinned his blood, hence the heart attack the next afternoon...AFTER the drinks have left his body.

385 days ago
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