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Paula Deen

Video Apology

Take 2

6/21/2013 1:15 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
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Paula Deen
must have realized how insincere her first video apology was when she posted it several hours ago ... because she's decided to do it again, and this one is much better.

Paula says in the new video she wanted to speak from her heart -- something she clearly didn't do in her first, heavily-edited and publicist-vetted disaster.

This time she speaks in one take, saying she doesn't discriminate against African Americans, Jews or gays.  It's not polished, but it seems way more authentic.

You be the judge.


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Ya know, I am so sick of the media making such a big ado about nothing. Everyone has said the N word at some point in their life. Maybe just to repeat something they heard, or to say how wrong it is to use that word, etc. And the blacks use it more than anyone else! When she was asked under oath if she had ever said that word, she spoke the truth, which was more than Mark Fuhrman did during the OJ trial. He then was nearly professionally ruined for lying when people testified that they heard him use it. So now this woman tells the truth under oath, and she obviously has apologized over and over, and she is being fired and ruined by the media. You just can't win no matter what you do. Shame on y'all

496 days ago


I have friends who know her who say she's got a bad potty mouth. So. This doesn't surprise me.

496 days ago


SMH ....... WHAT SHE SAID is SO wrong that's true ,,, "But she is not only one saying things like this ...Be surprise WHAT is said at dinner table in a lot of homes today . THINK ABOUT THAT !!

496 days ago


This was a much more sincere apology. Too bad she didn't release this one first. I realize Deen grew up in a different time, but if you're going to be a public figure, you have to conduct yourself in a civil manner.

I forgive her -- but I will take it back if she goes out and adopts a Black baby.

496 days ago


Let the first person who has never said something they shouldn't have or laughed at someone else saying something they shouldn't have, throw the "electric switch. She is only human liked the rest of us. There have been hundreds of people in the "lime-light" that have done the same..even worse. And you know who I'm talking about. No one is saying she didn't have an error in judgement but for the love of God and everything that is Holy..ease-up. She didn't kill anyone or scam them out of thousands of dollars. She is not above making a mistake. I think enough said...lesson learned. Now lets go on.

496 days ago


She should apologize for the terrible recipes that she has pushed on America that have ruined so many people's health

496 days ago


I'm sorry but this ****T was rehearsed. You could tell she was trying to remember the words as she went along and it was even more obvious towards the end with the awkward pauses and kept looking off to the side as if she was reading off some cue cards or something. Regardless, it's time to move on! I mean her reputation is forever tarnished, her brand is going down, she just got the ax from The Food Network, she's lost fans therefore apology or not, the woman is enduring her consequences as she should so what more do we want? It's over and done with, her empire is crumbling which should make those offended quite happy!

496 days ago


Did Kanye lose his rcord contracts because he is racist?

496 days ago


man i tell u what.. the way i see it.. no one should be saying ANYTHING like that or the other racist comments to begin with.. it SHOWS how she was raised.. I am southern too.. and 50 years old.. sure it was really racist back then and still is in some parts b ut only because of ignorance.. I think the apology... BOTH of them are just.. she's worried about her cash flow.. anyway.. I am not a religious person either so I guess everyone has their own comment on this one but for me.. was wrong to be said to begin with in the first place.

496 days ago


So all the black people who use it, whitey, honky, and cracker will now be treated the same as she is? I didn't think so.

496 days ago


I think whites are more worried about the N word than blacks. who cares!!

496 days ago


Give her a break - jeez

496 days ago


This is ridiculous! I hate how most black people get so offended by the "N" word! And use racism as an excuse to be drug dealers, thieves, lazy, criminals and always in and out of jail! Get some education and stop calling yourselves ******s if you don't want others to call you that. Got it ******s!?! Btw, I'm Mexican American and I could really care less if I'm called wetback, spick etc. I know who I am and what others call me doesn't matter. :-)

496 days ago


HYPOCRISY -- Cannot get upset over a word used if you use the same word.
One race using a word, but not allowing another race to use that same word = Racism
Everyone STOP using that word!

496 days ago

Tina A., Lakewood, CA    

Now she wants to apologize but it was tasting real good when she was letting it slide off her tongue. Good job for FoodNetWork firing her, it shows they don't condone racist behavior, NO TOLERANCE. I guess we will always still be N****** in this world. How much of a N***** would I be if she needed my blood to save her life, to save Little Jacks life. Just sad.

496 days ago
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