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Paula Deen

You Be the Judge

6/22/2013 1:30 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Paula Deen has been 86'd from the Food Network for confessing during a deposition that she used the N-word in 1986. So we gotta ask ...



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Get over it. I am sick of people trying to find anything to destroy someone more successful than themselves. I would hate to think of what I might have said 30 years ago, in a joke, talking with a friend, whatever. Would she still have her job if she had said something off colored about a white person? How about a Jew? Where is the line? Or is it only saying something about blacks that trigger this kind of outrage? How come Chris Rock gets a pass with all of his "cracker" jokes? Double standards perhaps?

454 days ago


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454 days ago


This is getting out of control. She's not the first to say it, and definitely won't be the last.

454 days ago


I understand growing up in an era where the n-word was common place but to use the excuse 'I'm old' seems like a cop out. Age, in her case, did not bring wisdom.

454 days ago


Maybe one does have to have grown up in the south to understand this.

We ALL had racists in our families, ALL of us, and many of us still think of them as good people, who had some bad ideas.

She was honest in saying she used the word, am seeing 38% of the poll respondents say that they have NEVER used the word.


The most certainly have, I've used the f word.

This lady got rolled for being honest....

454 days ago

Mary Lou    

i have watched my last YMZ show. I feel like you guys set yourselves up as Judge, Jury and excutioner. You can't say enough good about Beiber and the Kardashins but you crucified Paula Deen. In the 50's I lived in a trailer with my parents and I AM VERY offened when your staff uses the words "Trailer Trash." Even today not everyoine in this country lives like your staff lives. Mike and Charles are the worst.

454 days ago


If anyone listens to rap music, they have used the N word because it seems like most of those songs use that word! Food Network was stupid in firing her because she brought viewers to their channel, not anymore.

454 days ago


Dumbasses like Paula Deen, Tanning Mom, the Kardashians, Honey Boo Boo should be fired from TV simply for dumbing down America. Hell yeah, this fat, diabetis-totin' bitch is a racist, and that's NOT ok!

454 days ago


TMZ and its racist audience. LOL All of you and Paula Deen need to be tucked in a barrel and rolled down a steep hill on fire.

454 days ago


The Food Network will live to regret this horrible decision. Shame on you Food Network.

454 days ago


Very unfair what is happening to this woman. I feel if black folks don't like the word (which I've never used) they should not perpetuate it by using it constantly.

454 days ago


I loved how so many people lied on this survey when they said they never used the n-word. Ya, OK!!

454 days ago


I have met this a funeral..she absolutely told a racist joke in my the did contain the "n" word. this is a fact. she is despicable.

454 days ago


These poll results are alarming; racism and ignorance are sadly still alive and well in this country.
Deen is a true dyed in the wool bigot and a ‘poster child’ for the KKK (yes they’re still around). Racists like Deen believe blacks are lesser human beings & should be owned like property, and people are accepting of this? She wasn’t joking around when she dressed her black employees in slave garb for parties, y’all, she was putting black people “in their place”.
She denies she’s a racist out of one side of her mouth then from the other says she’s a racist but it’s okay because she’s just an old lady from the South? WTH? Can’t even keep her lies straight about her bigotry. Pffft. This nasty disgusting woman needs to crawl in a hole somewhere far away.

454 days ago


It's a no win,tell the truth get slammed,lie its a slam.Give it a rest she already feels bad enough.Iam from the south and have used it if the shoe fits as i got older it is a word i have grown not to use because so many of the black people have done so well for thier selves to overcome that stero type and i say good for you.There is bad in every race thats where that word came from.

454 days ago
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