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Kid 'n Play Rapper

Forget Racism

Paula Deen's Food Is Destroying America

6/23/2013 12:53 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Disgraced chef Paula Deen has committed a far worse crime than using the N-word: she's committed MURDER ... of sorts ... according to Kid 'n Play rapper Chris Reed.

Chris is surprisingly forgiving of Paula's blunder -- he explains why (although, our guess is he hasn't seen THIS GEM yet).

But what Chris can't forgive ... what he calls her "greatest crime" ... is the very thing she's famous for. Think fried Twinkies.  On second thought, just think of butter ... lots of butter.


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If sinbad and Beaker from the muppets had a child that survived a full body burn it would look like this dude

484 days ago


He's right but not exactly clever. Paula's been assailed for this for years, especially after she was exposed as a diabetes hypocrite.

484 days ago

BB not bb    

Well he is not that offensive with his old white woman remark and attitude either. Some people want to get along, some people don't. If blacks want to be seen as better, why do they act worse? That is a good question.

She seems very unracist to me. That in itself is offensive to some blacks. There are blacks who hate the thought of associating with or respecting white people at all. They will frame a man like George Zimmerman just to make themselves look powerful. They want to dominate and get over on whites no matter how good whites are to them.

You can tell that Paula is the type of person who really tries to be good to everyone. For someone like her to do that, she had to suffer her own hardships from whites who don't like it. Now she is taking flak from the very people she went out of her way to be good to.

I think a lot of people should be ashamed for how they speak ill of her and of other whites who try to be good and fair to people because they want to do the right thing.

484 days ago


I was talking about this on FB with some ppl and I think Paula has been wronged by getting so much sh*t over something that happened 30 yrs ago. 1986 people! Anyway, this black chic said to me.. We can call ourselves n***ers all we want to we have earned that right. Then don't complain about racism in this country if you cant clean ur own house first. I mean a civil war was fought. People died to rid your ancestors of that derogatory word. Why the f*ck is it ok to call yourselves that? your racist against ur own damn people and have no respect for the bloodshed of your ancestors to rid of it.

484 days ago

BB not bb    

As for her food, I wouldn't eat most of it. She apparently does. She is happy and bubbly and full of life. She may be overweight and diabetic, but maybe that is not the end of the world. I think she does a lot better with southern cuisine than Mamma June and her heirloom sketti recipe. I don't think southern food is known for being necessarily healthy. The fattest people in the country live in the southern states.

There probably are some good southern food options that are made with healthy ingredients like vegetables. They should probably do a show featuring that some day. They have things like braised greens, boiled cabbage, corn on the cob, etc.

He is trying to make a joke of it, but I still think it is offensive to abuse an old lady like this over something so petty.

484 days ago


Why does Chris open his eyes that wide? Is he on meth?

484 days ago


hey chris reed.its a free country i can eat what i feel like.his home boy obama and his wife michelle whine about healthy food.meanwhile eat nice juicey fatty steaks on our dime.bunch of hypocrites .also not to mention black people tend to eat the pork and what not that is before he says her food is bad for america.he should visit a restaurant down south owned by a black person that serves chitlins and so about unhealthy gee wiz

484 days ago


Mr. Furley?!

484 days ago



484 days ago


I see Chris all the time a Roscoe's in Hollywood and let's just say he isn't ordering the vegetarian plate.

484 days ago


He's right about the lard, but he looks he is or was a heavy user of crack.

484 days ago


I am pretty sure that none of us are dumb enough to eat the way Miss Paula cooks every meal, every day. Her food is a treat, not a staple.

484 days ago

Chris F.    

Wow so black people don't care about some old southern hag using the n word...could it be that the only people who are really upset about things like this are overapologetic white liberals (who are truly the most racist of all, if you think about it)?

484 days ago


Wise words from a Real-Rapper and he could act as well, a talented man who's opinion I value.

484 days ago


Yay!! Go Kid!! He's right.

484 days ago
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