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Paula Deen

Going to Pot


6/23/2013 5:43 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

If you're lookin' for Paula Deen's pots and pans, you better jump fast, because it looks like her shelf-life on QVC is about to expire.

Deen -- who appears on the product-hawking network to pitch her cookware -- may lose her platform over the "n-word" revelations.

A rep for the network says they have "concerns [over] the unfortunate Paula Deen situation."  The rep adds, "Please know that QVC does not tolerate discriminatory behavior."

Now this is the weird part, which makes QVC sound -- how do you say in English -- as spineless as deep-fried octopus.  "We are closely monitoring these events and we are reviewing our business relationship with Ms. Deen.  In the meantime, we have no immediate plans to have her appear on QVC."

Translation -- They're waiting to see which way the wind blows.



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She is too fat and can't cook at all. I always wondered how any network could employ such a phony.

395 days ago


This is so stupid it's not like that word isn't used.....Whites and Blacks use it all the time...I' am not excusing it, as I DO NOT agree that the word should be used at all...It's a disgusting word, but people use it...So what do you do?...You grow a thicker skin and don't let anybody elses prejudices ruin your day.

395 days ago


First off let me say that it's not the "N" word that is my concern. What bothers me that as the US has taken away our right to free speech. You can't say this and can't say that, you can't pray here you can't pray there. I devoted 30 years of my life to the militay defending our rights and freedoms and they are slowly one by one being taken away. With all that's WRONG in this world, hunger, pleague, drought, fire and flooding. This is what we worry about, get a life and get a grip!

395 days ago


Let he who is without sin, cast the first stone.

395 days ago


Finally the rest of the world sees Paula Deen for who she really is. She deserves to go bankrupt!

395 days ago


free speech, anyone ?
right or wrong - wonder how many folks have never said or thought a negative thought against a group..

loads of saints out there

395 days ago

Jimmy Rustle    

I'll stop calling black people ******s when black people do. ****ing hypocrites

395 days ago

Don Mitchell    

The n word is commonly used in states formerly known as the Confederate States of America

395 days ago


Looks to me like, her biggest mistake was being TRUTHFUL!! She said it was FORTY YEARS ago for God's sake!! Can't a person learn better and change their lives? She should suffer for something that happened when she was a teenager?!! She's right, the South in the 50's and 60's, people DID use the "n word", and they saw the errors of their ways and stopped. If you can never be forgiven, why stop?!! Might as well be shouting the "n word" from the roof tops. She asked nicely to be forgiven for something she did FORTY YEARS ago, let it go people, let it go. You'd think she KILLED someone! In fact, people who KILL someone, like C. Rivera, get more respect from liberals than someone who made a mistake when they were a TEENAGER! Grow up people. Now, if it turns out that she STILL uses the "n word" on a daily basis, tear her a new one.

395 days ago


TMZ, you're nothing but a bunch of witch hunters. Give it a rest.

395 days ago


americans let you politically run the city of Detroit,, how did you ( blacks ) do there ? Can u imagine other great cities being run by blacks ?? total self destruction !!!!!!!

395 days ago

Bob Wilson    

Does ANYBODY know what a deposition is??? I don't care about Paula Deen, but she is an old white woman that grew up in the South and was asked, under oath in a deposition [I.e. Sworn Testimony], if she EVER (in her entire lifetime) used the "N" word and she truthfully answered yes, but I'm sorry I did.

THAT would probably be the answer of every single white person of her age from the South so why is it sooooooooooooooooo bad??? It was years and years ago, she has changed her beliefs over the years and is now sorry she ever thought that way. Duh.

So, big deal??? I don't really think so.

395 days ago

diane chamblee    

We all have made mistakes and wished we had not acted in a particular way or said what we did. Paula helps so many and is a good woman. Qvc you are cowards. Food Network will regret this also!

395 days ago


YES!! Finally now i can ask her to dress as a slave for my next party. I was waiting to ask for for the longest time, but she didn't have time..

395 days ago


I think she is fine in her own right and experiences. Each individual has a unique perspective on life. I agree with her. Who is it to say that black people now own the earth or the U.S.A. ?

395 days ago
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