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Paula Deen

Going to Pot


6/23/2013 5:43 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

If you're lookin' for Paula Deen's pots and pans, you better jump fast, because it looks like her shelf-life on QVC is about to expire.

Deen -- who appears on the product-hawking network to pitch her cookware -- may lose her platform over the "n-word" revelations.

A rep for the network says they have "concerns [over] the unfortunate Paula Deen situation."  The rep adds, "Please know that QVC does not tolerate discriminatory behavior."

Now this is the weird part, which makes QVC sound -- how do you say in English -- as spineless as deep-fried octopus.  "We are closely monitoring these events and we are reviewing our business relationship with Ms. Deen.  In the meantime, we have no immediate plans to have her appear on QVC."

Translation -- They're waiting to see which way the wind blows.



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Preserve the Tiger    

The treatment she is receiving is wrong. She is truly being discriminated against. I'm not a fan of hers, but I know wrong when I see it! It's okay for blacks to call whites whatever they want, and it's okay with the world! Whites are the ones being discriminated against, white males particularly! Her constitutional rights of FREEDOM OF SPEECH are being violated!

455 days ago


it amazes me how you liberals are so willing to smash your fellow race to pieces. looks like you get off on it and enjoy it. sickening.

455 days ago


obama invites a guy to the white house who sung about killing americans.everyone turns a blind eye and infact buy the guys cd's and say " oh that was a long time ago leave him alone" yet paula deen says ****** in the 80's and they act like she killed a baby

455 days ago


the same people blasting her.use that same word freely.but they have to in public pretend like they think it is bad.just like the actors in hollywood.behind closed doors they talk about how being gay is nasty and use the word ***got.but in public they support being gay and talk down on people who use that word.its like the athiests.they whine and say christians shove their religion on them.meanwhile they are forever shoving their veiws on everyone.

455 days ago

Vic Creed    

B*itch you must have forgot the Confederacy lost!

455 days ago


Can you all just read the entire deposition and lawsuit? She is not getting fired for her use of the N word alone. She is getting fired because she has segregated bathrooms in her restaurant, blacks work in the back whilst whites work in the front. She wanted a plantation styled wedding for her brother were the black servants would be "dressed in white shirts and black pants and tap dancing around like the good old Shirley Temple days." That is an actual quote from her by the way. I wish some of you would actually read the things she has said and done before defending her as it seems to me that none of you have a clue as to the real person you are defending.

455 days ago

OLiarbama Argo-Urself    

Hey, hey Paula. Martha Stewart be crackin when she be trashin you. She sayin you don't like crackers, you like dark meat, you bark like a dog n beg for 2nds. Yo dazzlin pearlies as fony as yo Southern draw. Is yo sons retarded or just wimps? Cow tow to Mommy for her Monet. Dang family ain't gots no shame. Salami, salami, baloney. Dat's what she saying.

455 days ago


455 days ago

Str8 Convo    

The "N" word ending with the letter "A", has a different meaning than the one ending with the "ER". Major difference this day in time.

455 days ago


Oh, so you mean QVC is taking a REASONABLE approach as opposed to jumping on the PC bandwagon? Finally, some sense. F8ck yourselves TMZ staff!

455 days ago


Is anyone else curious about TMZ's political correctness agenda? Racism against any race is wrong. Yet TMZ seems to think it's OK to allow racist comments against white people. I find it interesting that one can type the word "cracker" on here and it doesn't get censored. Yet if one types "******," it get's censored. BTW, I typed n*gger. Hypocrisy much? Truly disgusting.

455 days ago


Who cares this pasty cow should have kept her ignorant comments to herself

455 days ago


"Please know that QVC does not tolerate discriminatory behavior."

But, it's OK to lynch someone over something that happened years ago that was a very minor thing to begin with. You Obama voters are complete shiat.

455 days ago


I admire and respect Paula Deen more than ever. She was honest unlike all you hypocrites, who use racial insults to describe white people, but will never admit it. Typical, s*** bagg liberals.

455 days ago


Outraged that this lady is being crucifid because she admitted to using the n word to her husband in reference to a black man that held a gun to her head during a bank robbery years ago.This man deserved to be called the n word but she just said it to her husband in th privacy of her home.This bnk robbery also caused her to have anxiety issues and agoraphobia for years.Now this horrible experience has came back to torment her again because we have the most stupid media who likes to ruin peoples lives.Oh excuse me! the Kardashian whom ar nothing but TRASH are exempt from the media scrutiny. What a cray world we live in. Paula Deen does not desere this treatment.

455 days ago
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