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Paris Jackson

Deep in Dark 'Cutting' World

6/24/2013 8:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Paris Jackson
will be in treatment for months, for a dark depression that is putting her life in serious jeopardy ... TMZ has learned.

We're told Paris' family is scoffing at law enforcement claims that her "suicide attempt" earlier this month was merely a cry for help.  We're told when the bandages on her arm were removed, the damage was "horrifying."  As one source put it, "Paris absolutely tried to kill herself, and it wasn't the first time."

Our sources say Paris is deep into the world of cutting.  We've seen Paris' Tumblr page, and it's filled with pics of death, suicide and cutting.  Several pics show teenagers putting guns in their mouths.  As for cutting, the pics are graphic and very bloody.  In one pic you see a girl with scissors cutting her arm with a caption, "I f**king hate myself."

Another pic shows an arm with writing over the cutting area that reads, "Suicide slice here."

In one posting, there's a piece of paper with the following type:  "Why did you try to kill yourself?"  The answer:  "You told me to be happy."

And there are other photos of young girls who have just cut themselves and blood is everywhere.

And it looks like Paris reached out from time to time to get help, because there are several postings which have anti-cutting messages.

Family sources tell TMZ ... Paris is "doing better" at UCLA Medical Center but is still in denial and is fighting therapy.   Although she has no desire now to cut herself again, we're told professionals are warning the family they need to figure out the triggers that plunge her into darkness.

Sources tell us ... Paris will move from UCLA to another treatment center, and she could be there for 3 months.



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So much for the bastard "sources" TMZ has been using trying to minimize what's going on with her. She needs to get away from Grandma and the whole parasite Jackson clan.

488 days ago


It will be interesting to see what the judge is going to do who ordered an investigation and whether guardianship will continue as is.

488 days ago


What an UTTER load of melodramatic cr*p! in 1985, my sister took an overdose of 77 mega-strong sleeping pills because she was told she could not go to a David Bowie concert. She was 14 years old.

This emotional high/low land for teenage girls (and probably boys) has been around SINCE FOREVER. This is NOT new to Paris Jackson - far from it! - it's been like this for years. The difference now is, the kids cut themselves (yet another way to get attention where they don't actually want to kill themselves) - and they have a far better chance of surviving than teenagers did 25 years ago (all THEY had was anorexia to get attention).

If there's one thing that will turn this young woman truly weird, truly mad, it's going to be media publication of her actions which cannot do anything other than distort her sense of place in this world.

The UK press - the most voracious and ravaging of any on the planet - all willingly agree not to publish anything personal about any royal family child until they're 21 for EXACTLY THIS REASON.

Why aren't American teenagers and children given the same decency by the US media?

And you don't need laws to be enacted, you just need a decent media. The US has a "no holds barred, any kid is a fair target" media, and you're the poorer for it (but of course, the media make more money by reporting more stories about teenagers wanting to self-harm - THEY can't lose - only the exploited kids lose, as does the quality of your society).

It's a CHOICE - Americans do NOT have to settle for "they're kids of famous people, therefore anything must go" - not even close! You can call the shots, let your media know just how far is too far, you can protect kids from this sort of hideous exploitation. The brits do it, most other western countries do too, so can the US if you want to.

488 days ago

Celeb Gossip Addict    

How long has she been posting these sort of things on Tumblr? Who is keeping an eye on this girl? Why was TJ made guardian when he's not helping? This is just ridiculous. I hope they can fix her.

488 days ago


Just keep the kid away from the Jacksons. They are doing to her what was done to them. Look how bad that worked out.

The kids are the Jacksons money. No custody no more support money.

Katherine Jackson wanted to sue AEG for money. No way they were going to treat Michael Jackson with kid gloves like they did with the Murray trial.

Jackson the onstage entertainer and Jackson the man were two completly different people.

488 days ago

en Todo Momento!!    

how do guardian parents even allow a kid, i mean shes FOURTEEN!! to get this far into a psychotic emotional mess?? as much as a crazy freak michael jackson might have been to the public eye, i would bet my life on it, that he would have never allowed this to happen to his own daughter, to his own kid. the current guardians really need to take a damn good look at themselves and ask themselves what THEY!! did wrong. this little girl will have to live with these scars of suicide for the rest of her life. that is going to be an extremely difficult task to overcome. she will see her scars daily, which will probably result in numerous more suicide attempts, of which one will surely be successful. is that what her guardians want? a dead girl? crazy. you want to milk the 'legacy of a dead, self-murdered little girl'? crazy. put that on AEG's bill, too? no. if this girl kills herself, it is THE JACKSONS' FAULT. plain and simple.

488 days ago


TMZ you have really outdone yourself this time! How disgusting! And for the person that posted this page to TMZ, I hope you go to HELL! That was her private page and she did not even make any suggestions that she is behind it. I wonder how you can be so sure it was her page? But doesn't really matter to you i guess....ugh

488 days ago


Disgusting! You guys realize that your core audience are young, stupid kids right? Why is this a headline? For fcuks sake!

488 days ago


Let the kid live on the ranch with her mother, learn about horses, muck stalls, get dirty and just be a kid.

At 57k per month support the kids are the Jacksons money.

488 days ago


That girl and other kids certainly don't belong to the Jacksons and should be removed from their anything goes for the right price family. Neither is DR suitable to house such vulnerable kid since she is greedy MOFO of a horse woman. I think when Paris gets better, she should be placed with someone who really loves MJ for what he was. Only with such pure love will someone care for Paris as much as the love that was given to MJ. I think that person was/is the soul mate, the ultimate love of MJ's, i.e. Jason Pfeiffer!!!

488 days ago


Why complain about TMZ when they're the ones who dispelled the myth that MJ never lived in safe environment with the kids?
The more painful facts she accepts about MJ, her grandparents & her incest uncles, the better she can cope with life with "unspoiled friends & men".
Her family clearly isn't the type that respects women & their future as mothers & grandmas.
She isn't the Janet type, who just bows down to Joe.

Katherine is inept as her guardian. Paris has internet with abusive images and death threats against her.

It's good that her mother is speaking to her and the family.

Outside of the 2009 concerts, MJ rarely spoke to anyone except Liz Taylor.
That's why he only went to the one & only rehab stint in '94 when she told him to do so.

MJ kids spent time with Taylor after his death.

Taylor & Katherine were the ones who encouraged him to have the families at Neverland without crime background checks,
even though the news said Liz made him stay away from criminals.
He taught Paris to have sycophant fans, just like he had a sycophant friend in Taylor.

Taylor introduced MJ to the Demerol painkiller & face injections from Arnold Klein.
She praised Klein on twitter 3 days before MJ died, then when Klein said MJ was gay, she erased the praise for Klein. Funny how Taylor didn't notice how drugged up MJ was in June 2009.

MJ repeatedly took painkillers & took her to the dermatologist drug injection center.
Despite the fact that she wasn't allowed in his bedroom, she learned what pills to take to get drowsy & unconscious.

P. S. Fanatics concluded that AEG's Randy Phillips slapped MJ on the face, but they didn't notice later that Phillips admitted he DID NOT slap him on the face.
Hypocrites also screamed for his concerts in front of his face at the concert announcement (right after he fell unconscious from drinking liquor in March 2009).

488 days ago


It's a good thing this was caught on time and she's getting the help she needs. This situation has nothing to do with the Jackson's. this girl has been in a depression since her father died, and reading the insensitive comments people write about her father and her origin doesn't help either. Maybe it's a good IDE to lock her up and have the. court take over her guardianship until she's 18, shielded from Internet access. I don't tho k she's going to make it if she's sent home to be in touch with l that again.

488 days ago


Thank goodness someone is paying attention and not giving in to money and celebrity. This will be the best thing for her. The next best thing will not to let her return to the Grandmother.

488 days ago


TMZ leave this kid alone. Let her heal in peace

488 days ago


a bit too much TMZ... if she goes on the TMZ Website and sees this.. she will def. do it again !
I mean.. look at the front page.. its her, pics of people cutting.. .. :/

488 days ago
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