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Paula Deen


By Major Pork Company

6/24/2013 11:45 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Paula Deen has been DROPPED by Smithfield -- a company specializing in pork products.

Deen had a line of hams with Smithfield ... part of The Paula Deen Collection. 

The company tells TMZ, "Smithfield condemns the use of offensive and discriminatory language and behavior of any kind."  The statement goes on ... "We are terminating our partnership with Paula Deen."

Smithfield then somewhat sanctimoniously says, "Smithfield is determined to be an ethical food industry leader and it is important that our values and those of our spokespeople are properly aligned."

It's not the first time Paula's taken a hit from Smithfield either -- back in 2009, she took a massive Smithfield ham to the face during a charity event.



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No one you know, nor anyone alive today was a slave, In this country. So why are you acting like everybody owes you something? What in the world do you know about slavery? Nothing! You sound like a spoiled brat who always gets their way by any means possible including playing the race card Unless you know little children in China you don't know crap about slavery. Don't play that card.

483 days ago


Smithfield just sold their company to a Chinese based food company. Not sure I want to eat their product anymore anyway.

483 days ago


And look who help her. I am happy that she is being dropped, sorry but racism is not acceptable!

483 days ago


Wow..............its all i GOT!

483 days ago

David D    

Give me a break! The faux outrage and hypocrisy by black people and some useful idiots on this is a joke. I mean REALLY from 27 years ago!.

483 days ago


And looks who is helping her!!!!
I am happy to see their decision. And also the food network dropping her.
She is totally unacceptable.

483 days ago


Paula should retire.Her sons can continue on under the name ,"The Deen Brothers". She is past retirement age and too emotionally fragile for all of this. Matt Lauer will bully her on live TV this week. Who is her PR team? They are hurting her.

483 days ago


Smithfield -- another name to drop from the shopping list!

483 days ago


I guess no more pork/ham recipes for her. Although, that seemingly won't affect her massive Jewish audience.

Alternatively, maybe she can score an endorsement from a tofu food company.

483 days ago


We all need to get over ourselves. REALLY like a black person has never said Cracker. Give me a break. I'm Italian and have been called a Dago. So what, move on.

483 days ago


This is such a load...If you watch the food network, she go "The Neelys" a black family their own show, when she featured them on her show. She is far from a racist.......

483 days ago

Kelly Rollins    

Kind of hypocritical of Smithfield...being owned by a Chinese company who puts lead in childrens toys!

This is good for Paula, seeing the USA public were ready to she can't be the blame for the loss in revenue!

Give it time. We as Americans forget and forgive quickly. I still enjoy her flair and persona in the kitchen...this is Fodd Networks loss too.

483 days ago


what's that old say "the pot calling the kettle black." As a African-American and a native Virginian, I remember when Smithfield would not hire Blacks. This whole Paula Dean situation is just getting ridiculous. So big deal, she call someone a n*****. If someone point a gun at me, I'll call him the same and some other choice words. In my opinion, that the appropriate moment.

483 days ago


So, because TMZ hates her for being racist, it's funny that she got hit in the face? Just making sure of why TMZ included that second video in this current story. I don't condone her actions, but TMZ is awfully immature as well. Thank goodness the TMZ Washington DC thing seems to have died. Immature TMZ covering politics...right.

483 days ago

Tim Sullivan    

Many white people have grown up surrounded by racism. I am one. I have used the N-Word many times early in my life. I have changed. I have many black friends, and I tell them straight up, I grew up among racists, and I was one. But, I have changed. They know me well enough now, and no one cares about that. I am who I am and I have taken responsibility for that.

If Paula Deen is the same as me, then I applaud her honesty. And so Smithfield is nothing but a silly money hungry corporation that doesn't care about people or honesty. They only want to appease all of the other idiots who would persecute the rest of us idiots who have innocently made mistakes. We are all idiots at one time or another.

Why would you try to persecute a person who has honestly taken responsibility for mistakes that she has made in the past?

Maybe you could be an idiot too. I'd bet my paycheck that you could, and have done so in the past. Would you take responsibility for that as Paula Deen has?

I'll boycott Smithfield also. I do not condone this.

483 days ago
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